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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Recipe: Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice


Garlic                        1 whole clove or more

Ginger                       1 whole piece or more

Chicken                     1 whole chicken

Water                       about 1-2 liters



1.      Boil water in a medium/large pot

2.    Add minced garlic

3.    Add cleaned, peeled, cut into few big pieces of ginger

4.    Add salt and pepper to taste

5.    Wait until the water is boiled…about 5 minutes, to make sure the aroma and taste from garlic and ginger are present.

6.    Add whole chicken (which has been marinated with Soya sauce and salt for left for one hour)…until tender…maybe about 15minutes? Who knows…?

7.    Take the cooked Chicken out of the soup…drain and leave it to cool down.



1.      Make boiled rice

2.    Instead of water…used the “soup” which was used to cook the chicken…Take out the ginger (coz it looks ugly).

3.    Used the soup, measured to your regular amount of water to make rice (as usual). If you want softer rice, add a bit more soup…but please remember…we are not making porridge. Right???

4.    It will smells damn nice and yummy


Cooked Chicken

There are 2 ways to present the chicken.

1.      If you are lazy like me…just served it whole and let your guests rip it off!!! Just joking.

2.    OK>>> the best way is just to cut the chicken into pieces as you prefer.

3.    You can even fillet the chicken (boneless chicken) I am way too lazy for that.



1.      Blended or finely chopped garlic ( if you like garlic)

2.    Soya sauce

3.    Sweet Soya sauce

4.    Chili sauce or freshly chopped chili added to the Soya sauce



Serve with a bowl of flavored boiled rice, condiments and soup…if you have left over…



To have stronger aroma, play with your quantity of garlic and ginger.

To have stronger taste, add chicken seasoning to the soup, while cooking the chicken. Or marinate the chicken longer.

I am not sure whether white fish can replace the chicken…my only worry is that the fish would fall apart too quickly…but I guess it is possible.

Please, enjoy your trial and error, remember to be flexible in adding and emitting stuff…go with your gut feeling, I mean your “tongue feeling”…

It’s a perfect “cold remedies”…during rainy season…………………..