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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Pontianak, West Borneo

It was great to visit my mom's place of birth. Even though I am not used to the different wheather and environment. It was awesome !!!
The Airport is OLD!

Baggage handling are done manually, which means men's labor. so, everthing is slow. And... the wheather is not helping. Its hot and HUMID.
One thing I can assure you is GREAT food.

Such as:
-sweet fried noodles (sounds yucky...but taste good)
-Vegetable dumpling (oily but yummy)
-Fried Rice noodles (oily but yummy)
-Sticky mochi with peanuts (yummy dessert)
-vegetables prawns salad (asian styles)
-Lobsters, crabs and

all we do is EAT EAT EAT !!!

God have mercy on my body fat. If you can't make me thin, PLEASE make my friends PHAT... (joking !)


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I suppose that's your picture?You are cute!:D *hugs*
"all we do is EAT EAT EAT !!!"
Welcome to the club!:D

shame on my...my 1st time...takes me 10 mins to figure out how to reply to you...shame on me...
anyway..thanks..for the sweetreply..and thanks for supporting my writings...I never know that I could do such things.

next, time, you'll have to teach me stuff in Livejournal. I've been reseaching for my next story...cross my fingers at the navy forum. they've been very helpful

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