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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Title              : Cursed and blessed

Fiction          : KIBBS, Romance, angst,

Rating          : Teen, young adult.                  

Spoiler          : Bete Noire; Reveille

Disclaimer    : NCIS…definitely not mine

Kibbs series…Trouble & Problem ~ Marital Bliss ~ Imagine ~ Cursed & Blessed ~ Drool ~ All I have ~ Immortality (end)



Kate is pissed, she is furious, she is mad. Is there any other way to express how she feels right now? Everything was fine for about a month, it was more than fine, and it was heavenly. Last month she told her husband that she was pregnant. He was happy beyond measure. He was spoiling her, doing everything possible for the both of them, including some errands and even grocery; he’s gone domestic. He always treats her good, but being doubled bodied has its advantage.


He even joined her first doctor’s appointment; she thought he’d be uncomfortable and awkward, imagining an ex-marine in clinic full of pregnant ladies; she laughed and insisted that he didn’t have to and she understood.

But he was set from the beginning that he wanted to be involved with her pregnancy as much as he could; he was excited but nervous too. She noticed that he didn’t sleep that well since then. He always said that they are pregnant instead of she is pregnant. He’s been married four times but this is going to be his first child.


Her OB-GYN is a nice old M.D. recommended by Dr. Mallard; Kate feels comfortable with him. To Gibbs his wife is young, she is 33, but to the M.D she is not that young to be having her first child. The M.D insisted that Kate visits him once a week, if time permits for the first trimester, then twice a month for the second trimester and he’d decide later for her last trimester.


Kate was bombarded with various vitamins and supplement for her fetus; A Complete Blood Count test was done to make sure she no low Platelets count and to make sure that she was not anemic; her Doctor was not impressed with her diet which consists of protein bar, pizza, Chinese take away and the occasional salads.

“I am going to be as big as a Panda” she murmured to herself when she read the planned nutritional intake; she reads milk…euwww, she hates milk. “It’s going to be ok Kate” Her husband said to her when he saw her


For a week or so, everything was hunky dory. Even though he was getting nervous by the day; he sleeps less, forcing her to sleep earlier. Now, he always double checked the door and all windows. Kate thought, it is just the first pregnancy jitter and he’d be all right after few weeks.


No way! He was getting worse.

Especially after her second visit to the OB-GYN; Kate arrived with excited Abby, Gibbs was away on a case.

When they are about to start on the Ultra sound, He arrived in a hurries. Abby shake her head, looking at him. Dr. Strebel, the OB-GYN whispered to Abby “Ducky warns me about Special Agent Gibbs, the father to be”.


Kate and Abby are anxious about the result but they were not as nervous as Gibbs, they looked at him weird. Dr.Strebel mostly talked about the fragile first trimester; He was also expecting Kate to increase her weight slowly and follow the nutritional regiment, there is about 50% change miscarriage in the first trimester, and apart from that everything else looks normal, basically he gave her plenty of advices and suggestion for a successful pregnancy.


Gibbs blanched when he heard all the facts and suggestion, which were nothing for Kate. They are Federal Agents, their work is dangerous, there is no doubt about it, he can not think straight when the life of his child and wife are at stake.

After the appointment, Abby and Kate decided to have lunch near the clinic. Gibbs refused; he said he needs to go back to his case. He kissed her brow before he left, she noticed he looked tired. “Jethro…it’s going to be fine, ok? I love you” and she left with dear Abby.



Today, all hell broke lose. This morning as Kate arrives at her bullpen, as she gets ready to go with James, her partner to process a crime scene, James looks at her weird.

“What’s wrong James?” she looks at him fondly. He is nervous when he speaks, “Kate, O’Brien said that you are on desk duty, unless requested on the field…” He explains to her.

“What???” Kate is shocked, “I didn’t request any…” she realizes what her beloved husband did yesterday. “Sorry Kate” James said.


“He crosses the line” as Kate makes a call to O’Brien, trying to explain to him the misunderstanding. But her boss said that the paperwork has been filed to the Director; he tells her that she shouldn’t worry about it and it is just temporary, he’ll get her when it is necessary.

“Leroy Jethro Gibbs, I am going to kill you” she hisses as she enters the elevator to find him


Gibbs is not in the bullpen. “What’s wrong Kate?” McGee asks

“Do you want to sit down?” Tony asks, pissed off Kate…”I am not invalid Tony, I am just pregnant” She snaps…“Ouch…hormones…yikes” Tony replies

“Where’s Gibbs?” She snaps again…“Ducky, Autopsy” McGee quickly answers.


Autopsy Lab

“Jethro…WHAT did you do? What did you say to O’Brien? Why didn’t you tell me about it first? This is my career I am talking about, not yours!” she bombards him; she is getting angrier by the seconds.

Her husband is looking over corpse with Ducky. Ducky is not looking at her, he is concentrating very hard on the corpse, he knows that Jethro is in trouble, a little bit too hard Kate noticed. “There is nothing to talk about Kate” He said calmly but detached, like he didn’t think that it was a big deal.

“What???” she is shocked with his reply and attitude, he is not looking at her, he is still looking at the corpse, and she couldn’t believe her ears.

Hormones takes over, she is frustrated. She cries on the spot. Ducky is not surprised, he looks at Kate crying. Gibbs is shocked, he is not excepting her to cry; he drops his “Devil may care” attitude and swiftly goes to her and hugs her. “hei hei...Kate... I am sorry, we talk about it at home...ok?...please?” he begs her.

She is not satisfied, she complaints to Ducky, “Ducky, he…” she is cut by Ducky. “Caitlyn, I know what he did sweetheart, his method and communication skills might be very poor, that I admit…but what he did is not bad at all…it has the best intention for you…”

“Oh God…you guys gang up on me” she pushes her husband away….“Kate…no” Gibbs tries to pull her.

“No Caitlyn, no…” Oh dear Ducky thought, its hormones, nothing they say will convinced her.

“I would never do anything to hurt you Kate…” Gibbs latches on to his wife.

”We’ll talk about it at home…ok? Baby?” he promises her

“You know how much I hate pushing papers Jet, you should address the matter with me first!” frustrated beyond believe, she goes out of the Autopsy, leaving her husband and Ducky looking at her.


James POV

She goes back to her bullpen; James is still there, about to leave to the crime scene. He sees his angry partner red eyes; he tries to calm her down, big mistake.

“Kate, I think Gibbs was doing the right thing…I mean” he said to her softly.

“You mean WHAT?” Kate snaps at James as she is about to sit down.

“I mean, he did what he did…because he cares about you…Kate” He stutters…“Do I look invalid to you James?” her tone, dangerous. “No…no Kate, that’s not it” he replies hastily, he is treading on dangerous water.


Kate exhales loudly, calming herself down.

“Let’s go” she grabs the car keys from his table.

“Eh? Kate’ James is confused.

“Let’s go James!” she shouts at him…My God, I am trap between a hormonal pregnant lady and her temperamental crazy husband who used to be a Gunnery Sergeant. I am doomed, he thought as he follows the hormonal angry lady.


It is supposed to be an easy process, but the crime scene has been terribly contaminated because of its location and the officers; it takes them a lot longer than they thought.

He disregards her mobile, knowing who it might be, she sees the time, damn, it is almost 5pm. She sees “husband” on the caller ID, blinking at her repeatedly, and 6 missed calls; soon she’ll have to change the ID to “bastard”.

Then James mobile rings, it say “Gibbs” on the ID caller.

“Kate…it’s Gibbs” he tells her, “Ignore it James” she said so.

“Kate…I don’t have a dead wish” and he answers the call, “Xavier” and he wishes he didn’t.

“Special Agent James Xavier, drive back to the HQ, RIGHT NOW!, you hear me Xavier? RIGHT NOW! Or a pink slip will be waiting at your desk; you know her condition, YOU’VE DISOBEYED A DIRECT ORDER…” Gibbs shouts at her partner.


Kate snatches his mobile, “Honey…you are not his boss and YOU better no better not threaten him again or I’ll kick your sorry ass” and she hangs up. James just keeps quiet; they are on their way to the HQ anyway.

‘Uhh…Baskin Robbins” Kate looks longingly at the Ice cream shop, yummy; she stops her partner and enters the shop, she comes out juggling her 2 ice cream cones, 1 small cup and 1 big tub of Baskin Robbins. They eat quietly on their way back, Kate bought Jethro 1 cup to cool his blasting temper and the big tub is for her at home.


It is almost 6pm when they arrive in the lot; Mrs. Caitlyn Gibbs sees her husband stalks towards them; she smiles sweetly at him, after the ice cream she is not mad at him anymore.

Did she smiles at him? Gibbs couldn’t believe his eyes. His wife is walking towards him, licking her last small cone of ice cream and she hands him his cup and spoon feed him a taste of his ice cream in front of Xavier.

“Isn’t it yummy Jet?” she asks him and he nods like a fool. “We stopped on our way to get them” she goes on, “Jethro…I am hungry, are you hungry?...do you remember the restaurant we …” she talks as she pulls him towards the entrance.


James smiles like an idiot; he sees her talking non stop while Gibbs eats his ice cream, walking beside her quietly, nodding his head, he doesn’t look mad at all. “Wow, she is good!” he praises his partner, but he knows that it is also because Gibbs loves to pieces, because no ice cream in the world can calms him down that way; as he walks towards the HQ, thinking he should visit the Goth chick at her lab, while Gibbs is busy, so that he doesn’t shooed him away from Abby, he kind of like the weird chick.


Gibbs’ house

That evening, Ducky stops by Gibbs house to check on them. He is surprised when a good mood Jethro welcomes and invites him to their special take away dinner.

“So? How’s the expecting mother doing this evening?” he greets her fondly.

“Good Ducky” she kisses his temple and whispers to him “please don’t mention anything particular about…” she points at her still small belly, “Ok Caitlyn, duly noted” he whispers back to her and kisses her temple.

“He is worse than me” she whispers back.

“Hey! What are you two whispering about?” Gibbs caught them…“Nothing!” they answer in unison.


After dinner, Jethro cleans up while Kate and Ducky are eating Ice cream from the tub at the couch in the living room.

Then Ducky whispers, “Caitlyn may I have a look at the Ultra sound pictures?” she nods “sure” as she rummages through her back.

“Honestly, I can’t see anything Ducky” she admits.

“Hmm…” Ducky nods, looking at the pictures, about to comment when Kate warns him, “Ducky!” and she changes the subject “Dr. Strebel is really nice…I like him, but I love you more Ducky” she yawns.


“Hey sleepy head, you should sleep already…” Gibbs rubs her head and he said to Ducky, “Take the guest room Ducky, it’s yours”. “I believe I’ll take your offer tonight Jethro”.

That night Ducky spends the night, Kate was in bed already reading her book, while they are still talking downstairs. She notices that he sleeps better that night as she pays attention to his tired face and kisses him tenderly and spoons him to sleep.


Gibbs is jarred awake by a racket in the bathroom and he notices Kate is missing from his side; it must be her in the bathroom.

“Kate…” he calls as he opens the door, he sees her bracing herself over the toilet seat; he rubs her back trying to sooth her. When she is done, her face is flushed; rinsed her mouth “eeuuw” she said, “Oh thanks” as he hands her a glass of cold water and in stupor she walks back to her bed feeling much better.

“You ok Kate?” he looks at her “You want Ducky?”

“No!” she is shocked by his proposal of waking their M.E.

“Jethro…I am ok, this is normal, so sorry I wake you, but you should expect more of it…I am fine now” she still try to ease her breathing, looking at Gibbs standing at her side.

She pulls him to bed, “We need to talk Jethro”, “You are a bit paranoid baby, everything is fine…AND you need to talk to me about your decision, ok?” she strokes his silver hair, looking into his blue eyes that she loves. “I am worried…” he admits, ‘I know…but still, we also talk about our work our life, our decision, don’t shut me out on this please…”

“No, no…Katie, I never mean it that way, I would never shut you out” he is upset with himself. “I’m sorry”, “its ok baby” she kisses him all over. “AND…I am going to be in the field…until…I…feel that I am unable…ok?” she makes the decision.





“No …” he said, “Yes” she said into his mouth. They giggle and embrace each other, enjoying the closeness; Kate knows exactly how to handle her Jethro, he hardly said no to her.



Gibbs is distressed; his case requires his team to be away from town for at least a couple of days. He is not happy leaving his pregnant wife alone at night in their house.

She laughs at him, telling him it’s ok, after some heated discussion, they both agree for Abby or Ducky to stay with her during the night.


Gibbs is away for almost a week, he calls every single night and she calls him every single morning. He always checks on her and his child; he tells her that he misses her and she misses him too. Then Kate realized that he hasn’t touched her since she told him that she is pregnant, that was more than one and a half month a go.



Kate is so glad that Gibbs is not with her when she visits her OB-GYN, she comes with Ducky. Dr.Strebel is not happy with his patient, she is not eating well enough and she has too many activities; he warns her again, as she is approaching the last week of her first trimester, she nods meekly, as Ducky is glaring at her. He fusses over her as bad as Gibbs, but they strike a promise, she listens and does everything he said and he won’t tell Gibbs a thing.



Kate is in her bullpen, reading her preliminary report; everyone else is in the field. Tony and the gang are of course with Gibbs.

This morning, she felt a fatigue she never feels before; so she opts for a desk job today, James and O’Brien were worried when she told them that she wanted to stay out of field for today, but after convincing them that she is just tired, they left.

It is noon, she is in her chair typing when she feels a cramp on her lower stomach, she breathes calmly and pays closer attention to the sudden pain, then the cramp hits her again, she panics.


She dials for Ducky, no answer; he must be on his lunch break.

Abby, Kate thought, she tries, “Abby, Lab” she answers with zest.

“Abby…I have cramps, it’s pretty bad” Kate doesn’t know exactly what to say.

“Ok…Kate…don’t worry…Abby is coming up” Abby quickly gets off her ass and runs, “Ouch…” she shouts as she bumps her shin to a stool.


Dr. Strebel is not in his clinic, so Abby drives her to the Bethesda ER. Kate is sweating previously, holding her pain and mostly nervous as hell; she is so scared if anything happen to her child. Abby is talking to herself in panic, she looks really pale to Kate, and she doesn’t answer when Kate calls her for several times.

“Abby…Abby…breathe…Abby…breathe…” Kate calms Abby down; she is gripping her steering wheel tightly.


One hour later, Abby is pacing across the exam room, talking to herself, oblivious to the others patients gawking at her. Her mobile rings, “WHAT?!” she answers

“Wow…Abby, What’s with you? Miss me?” Tony teases her.

“NO TONY!” she screams into the mobile.

“Wow, Abby, missing McGee? PMS?” Tony asks his pissed off Techie.

“No…Kate is in the ER, she has pain” Abby snaps at Tony

“What’s wrong with Kate?” Tony is surprised

Gibbs, who is driving the car, has double panics, his stops his screeching car on the side lane, and snatches Tony’s mobile. “Abby, what’s wrong with Kate, where are you? What do they say?” He bombards her with question, his heart is beating fast.

“Kate has pain…at hospital…I don’t know Gibbs!” Abby can’t think and can’t talk anymore, she feels like crying.

“Where’s Ducky?” He asks again, “Not there Gibbs…I can’t think...AAAHHH…” she screams and hangs up on him. “Damn!” he swears, asks Tony to dial her again, as he starts the car and drives, he has to go back.


“KATE…ARE YOU OK?” Abby is so relieved to see Kate walks out of the exam room, instead of being wheels out; Abby does have an active imagination.

“Shh…Abby, calm down…don’t shout” Kate calms her down as she sees lot of people are looking at their direction. “I’m ok! Thanks for taking me here Abby…I was so scared” Kate said…“Me to Kate…” Abby hugs Kate tightly.

“What’s wrong Kate? What do they say?” Abby still hugs Kate, who find it hard to breathe. “Nothing, I am ok, just minor spotting, very minor…its ok. It’s nothing…I just have to rest for a couple of days” she rambles.

“So, let’s go back to HQ, get my stuff and I am going to call it a day” Kate decides

“OH NO…Gibbs” Abby remembers, when her mobile rings again.

“Oh no what Gibbs, Abby?” Kate asks

“Abby” she answers her mobile.

“Oh…no…no…no Gibbs, she is out…she here with me…” Abby explains to panic Gibbs…“I’m coming back Abbs” Gibbs said to her

“He said he is coming back…” Abby whispers to Kate


Kate grabs Abby’s mobile, “Jethro…”

“Kate…what happen? Don’t worry…I am coming back” Gibbs feels slightly better, after hearing her voice.

“No, no, no Jethro…don’t…I am ok…I am good” she hastily explains to him.

“What did the Doctor said?” he wants to know details.

“I am fine…” she repeats…“What did the Doctor said, Kate?” his tone is getting dangerous, he knows she is hiding from him, asking question and spotting liars are his specialties.

“Just cramp Jethro…I panicked, Abby panicked, I am ok…It’s nothing” she said

“Kate, what did the Doctor said?” he repeats his question, but he is not shouting, he doesn’t have the heart, he is just worried. Kate knows him, she better answers, “They say I am ok, just minor spotting…it’s nothing” she sighs, that’s not so bad.

“What’s spotting Kate?” Gibbs doesn’t understand the jargons. Abby who is listening closely, frowns at Kate and whispers, “Just say you look like Dalmatian Kate”, Kate pinches Abby hard, her husband’s hearing is impeccable, “AUW,,,auw…auw…Kate, I was joking” she laughs.

“What Dalmatian spotting Kate???” He hears Abby comments. Kate stares at Abby, warning her, “Sorry…I forgot” Abby whispers back to Kate.

“Its minor spotting Jethro…don’t come back…I am ok” Kate says to him.

“What the hell is spotting Kate?” Gibbs asks again, and McGee stutters, “Boss…I think…I think…my sister was pregnant…I think it is”

“MCGEE…talk!” He shouts at poor McGee.

Kate hears McGee about to squeals, “Abby, your boyfriend slash lover…I am going to kill him!” she said to Abby.

“Its…it’s…if I am not…wrong…boss” he is getting worse. “MCGEE!!!” Gibbs shouts at him. “It’s bleeding Boss” McGee nods at his boss, to conform his answers.

“What?” Gibbs couldn’t believe his ears, that’s why is avoiding his question, shit, this is bad.

“Kate…” he decides to go home and be with her, he shouldn’t have leaved her.

“Jethro…did you hear…the minor part?” she tries again. “Kate…I am coming home” He snaps. “Jethro…don’t…I am ok sweetie, I am taking day off anyway…if you come home I am going to feel guilty…people are going to think that…” she is cuts off by him.

“I don’t care what people think Kate, go home Kate, please, I’ll see you as soon as possible” He hangs up on her.

“So? Are you still going to beat McGee up?” Abby asks her.

“No…I was just mad” Kate feels bad…“Why not? I want to beat him up too, it’s a great foreplay” Abby grins at Kate, and Kate laughs out loud.