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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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At home

From the hospital Kate goes home right away, she informs O’Brien about her condition and apologizes to him, but she needs to rest for a few days. He said he already knows from Gibbs, and he said she should rest and let him know how things are. He also asks whether she wants him to send her his wife to talk to her. Kate refuses the extremely kind gesture, but she said she is fine.

That night, Gibbs makes Ducky and James stayed with her; Kate is so sorry for them and she is embarrass and feels incompetent, but decides it is not a good time to voice her opinion to her very pissed off, furious Jethro.

Apparently, the case got hot again and the airport issues a no fly zone for 24 hours. He called her every few hours to check on her, until Ducky stops him and tell him that I need my sleep; and to worry because he is here with me.

I stroked my still small belly and talk to my baby, “Please…please don’t be hard on me ok, baby?”, but he or she must not understand yet, because that night I throw up a couple of time.


Kate POV

That morning, she couldn’t get out of bed because her morning sickness is so bad, she informs James and Ducky to go ahead to HQ and she is going to stay in bed. After they leave, she throws up again, she feels so weak.

She can hear her mobile rings from the bathroom; but by the time she reaches it, it stops, she reads the caller ID “husband”, oh dear…She calls him from the bed, after she feels a little bit better.

“Katie…are you ok?” he asks her, she can hear that he is still pissed about not being able to go back home right away. “Ya honey, I am ok, and I am still home, not going to work today…” she answers him. “I am so sorry Kate” he doesn’t know what to say.

“Don’t worry Jethro…I am going to stay in bed and sleep anyway, when you are home, you’ll find a giant Panda” she jokes. Gibbs laughs, he feels better even though he knows that she must feels really awful, for her to decides to take days off, he knows her very well. “When are you coming home by the way” she misses him

‘Soon, I promised…I miss you” He answers gruffly…“Miss you too…”


Months later

Time goes really fast when things are good, Kate is five months pregnant now. After the “Dalmatian spotting” incident, Gibbs has been crazy. Her belly has swollen to the sized of basket ball and he just love stroking it.

Nothing serious happens if she doesn’t count her crazy husband acting overtly protective; it’s been getting on her nerves. Anyway, Kate has a plan…before she is getting way to big to move.


He hasn’t touched her for months; she is counting to four months, since she told him that she is pregnant. Damn! Four long months, usually they never go more than a week, and that’s extreme, like when one of them is out of town on a case.

It’s been four months since he makes love to her; she is staring to get anxious and tense. She sees her husband sleeping beside her, she slowly moves nearer to him. Kate kisses his nose, eyes and finally his lips; she feels him stirs; she continues to kiss his jaws, earlobes and neck. She snakes her hands underneath his shirt, stroking his masculine stomach and chest.

“Kate…what are you doing” he wakes up in a daze. “What do you think I am doing sweetheart?” she keeps kissing him. “Kate…” he tries to ignores the delicious touch

“Shhh…just let me make love to you…” she goes on. “Kate, are you sure?” he sounds weird. “Why?...you don’t find me attractive anymore...because I am pregnant…and getting bigger by the day?” she feels like crying, and she doesn’t know why she is mad at him, damn hormones.

“God…No Kate, it’s not like that…I just don’t want to risk hurting you or the baby…please” He is shocked to hear that she thought he doesn’t touch her because of her body. Too late, she is already crying. “Katie…” he wipes her tears with his thumbs. “You have no idea how I feel all this long months…” he admits to her

“Please, baby, don’t cry…” he said to her sadly, she looks so forlorn. “Really? You are not turned off with my body?” she asks him. “Hell…” he laughs as he guides her hand to his groin to let her finds out herself…“Show me how much you want your pregnant wife…” she orders him smugly.

That night, they make love like they never made love before; it was passionate but sweet and longing. And they both sleeps like babies until late morning.

He looks at his wife fondly and laughs when he recalled that she demands that they make love every single day; she said it helps her sleep better. He thought what the missus want, missus gets.



Life is beautiful, but hormone is a bitch.

Kate is back at work but after plenty of heated argument, the husband and wife decides that Kate takes the desk job.


Yesterday, Tony made her cry.

She was visiting Gibbs in the evening after a long day on the desk, her back was killing her; so she decided to look for him first, and she missed the guys anyway. Tony made a funny remark when she entered the bullpen.

“Wow, Kate…you do walk like a penguin…you waddle” Tony looked at her and laughed. Usually Kate would throw something at his face or replied his stupid remarks with far worse statements, but this time she didn’t. Suddenly, she was offended by his remark, so she cried and waddled to the head. Abby was there, she gasped at Tony, kicked him real hard in on his shin and run after Kate to the head. McGee was shaking his head, glaring at Tony; McGee has pregnant sister, he knew how bad it was.


Gibbs was sitting in his chair, couldn’t believe the incident, he couldn’t believe his ears and he glared at Tony, and Tony wished he shut his mouth. Tony ducked in fear when Gibbs walked past him to wait for Kate near the head, he feared that he might slap him, ohh, he didn’t…TWACK…TWACK…yes, he did, twice, real hard. When Abby come back to the Bullpen, Tony was clearing his stuff, without warning Abby kicked him again at his other shin and picked McGee up to go home.

That night, Tony arrived in Kate’s house with Hagen Dazs, chocolate and flower as his weapon of choice, he profusely apologize to the huge pregnant lady with his boss standing behind her, watching him; and Tony was greeted by her sweetest smile and was invited to join their dinner.


Once in a while Kate was so bored and miserable at desk; she joined James to the field, without O’Brien and Gibbs knowing. But soon they find out; O’Brien just advised her not to, the old man is a gentle giant and a gloried grandfather.

Gibbs on the other hand, is very different.

One afternoon, he came back to the HQ to interview a witness; he visited his wife on his way to the interrogation room and found her desk empty. It was not Agent Balboa lucky day; he was passing by the bullpen with stacks of files.

“Balboa, did you see Kate?” he asks him. “Oh…I think she left few hours a go with James, they…” Then Balboa remembers, but it was too late, he closed his eyes in regret with his big mouth.

“What? She lefts with James?...to the field?” Gibbs hisses in anger. “And you know about her condition, you know about it and you didn’t stop her?” he is pissed beyond help; Balboa got an earful before Gibbs is called to the interrogation room.


It was not James Xavier lucky day too. Kate and James were entering their bullpen, unaware of his knowledge. They were chatting about the day, James enjoyed his company, and he missed his partner. Kate was enjoying herself too; she missed the work, her partner and her gun.

They stop in track when they saw Gibbs sitting in her chair, unbelievably quiet. Kate was not prepared for him; he didn’t call her or gave her sign that he knew where she was.

He shouted at James like a mad man, Kate was shocked and placed herself in between the two. James is used to Gibbs this time around and accepted his faith; anyway, it is his fault too. Kate tried to talk to him but he ignored her nags. That night he regretted shouting at Balboa and James, he also regretted ignoring his wife. Kate was so mad, she didn’t talk to him for 2 days, she didn’t let him touch her for one week and she didn’t let him touch her belly for one week, she kept slapping his hands away.


Gibbs recalled, last week, he almost has a cardiac arrest when James called him on his mobile, he told him that he drove Kate to the hospital because  she was in terrible pain.

He drove like a maniac to the hospital.

Thank God, she was all right. “It is Braxton Hicks…sorry” she was embarrassed…Gibbs hugged her, he said its ok, and he was glad it’s just a Braxton hicks.

Later on, he found out that Kate was on the field when it happened, but he didn’t shout at her or James anymore; he did saw James fidgeting at the corner, waiting for his wrath, which he didn’t get that day.

She didn’t lie to him, she admitted to him that she was in the field and she was expecting his wrath, she deserved it. But instead, he pleaded to her, “Please Kate, please don’t do this to me, please don’t do this to us” he hugged her, that was the last time she went to the field. She was seven months pregnant.


It’s a boy

Today they find out the sex of the baby from the Ultra Sound, it is a boy! He can actually see the shape of his son, amazing he thought. Kate picks a name for him, it’s Robert Jethro Gibbs and No she said, he doesn’t have a say in his name, since he got to add his last name on his son.

That night, back from the HQ; they find one of the back door glasses is broken; he is worried and starts dusting for prints. Kate pulls him away, calling him paranoid, “C’mon Jethro…it’s probably the neighborhood kids…C’mon”…But after she’d fallen asleep, he dusts for print for Tony to run it.


As Kate gets bigger by the day, it is getting harder for her to climbs their stairs; she would perches her hands on her back and climbs, her back is killing her; her old back injuries are coming back to haunt her, but she never complaint, she just does things slower. Her husband often stands behind her when she climbs the stairs; he is worried that she’d fall. He suggests that they sleep in downstairs’ spare bedroom, Kate said no and she needs the exercise, Dr. Strebel said so.

She craves funny things, but she hardly makes him get it for her. She is fairly efficient and independent. If she happens to want things at night, which she doesn’t have, she would wait till morning as they leave for work, she’ll make him stop at a grocery store and get what she wants.


Gibbs is definitely enjoying his diet of ice cream, pasta, steak, peanut butter sandwiches and plenty of chocolate; the problem is, three or four bites of food are enough to satisfy her needs. So Gibbs ends up finishing her left over, he slowly but surely gain weight; his pants were always too loose without his belt; now he doesn’t need his belt anymore.

Kate said he looks healthy, his friends said he looks younger, he feels great, pregnancy agrees with him. Consequently, Gibbs nights are filled with finishing her pizza, ham sandwiches and more; she was a herbivore, but now she becomes a full pledge Carnivore; he is absolutely loving it, but he draws the line and pinches his nose when she drinks apple vinegar with honey and water, Euwww.


A pair of dark eyes has been watching the happy couple for over a month; living in peace and unaware of his presence; the man looks with such hatred at them, he fix his eyes on the woman, he estimates she has less than a month to her due date. All of this happens while they are oblivious to their near future, awaits them.


The villain

Tony is with Abby in her lab; both quiet, staring at her plasma, deafening silence, “run it again Abby” Tony said for the third time. The Goth techie doesn’t complain, she runs it again for the third time. The beep shows the same result for the third time. The inevitable has to happens, Tony calls his boss.

Gibbs and McGee are on a case, “Gibbs” he answers; McGee can see the not subtle difference in Gibbs’ face, from flushed to pale blanched, he is clenches his jaws, listening to the phone.

McGee sees a definite fear in his angry eyes, then he makes a call, “O’Brien, its Gibbs” and McGee feels a sudden coldness seeps through his bones as he listens to his mentor.


Gibbs decided for Kate not to know what’s going on ; with her delicate condition, its better that way, he doesn’t want her to worry that way. Of course her team mate and his agents know all about the problem.

He is so glad that she is on full desk duty, just one more month to go, Gibbs closed his eyes; she is so fragile and weak right now, Oh God, he tries to clears his mind but couldn’t shake the fear from his soul.

“Boss…its going to be all right Boss” McGee speaks; “Why do you think is that McGee?” Gibbs looks at his agent. “Because, its you!...and all of us, against that son of a bitch boss” McGee said

“He got her twice, McGee…” Gibbs whispers to himself, McGee doesn’t answers his boos; he keeps driving to the NCIS HQ. “Ari Haswari” Gibbs hisses his name with hatred and fear.



“Hi sweetie…I am in the HQ of course…ok, ok, sure” Kate is filing reports, rubbing her aching back, that’s weird she thought, why on earth is he checking on her; and she sounds pissed. The elevator doors open, a flower delivery man asks for Special Agent Caitlyn Todd. It is a dozen of yellow and red rose, with no name on the card. Her husband has gone crazy but sweet, as she smells the flowers, love and jealousy, why on earth is he jealous? She is so heavy with his son and she does waddle when she walks now; jealous? Unbelievable.

Her daydream is disturbed by Tony’s arrival. The man looks anxious, “Bad date Tony?” Kate is in one of her mood, he doesn’t reply.

“Bad break up Ton?” she keeps pushing him. “Eh?...ya Kate, bad break up” he said vaguely. “Oh, Tony…you shouldn’t chase too many skirt Tony, I don’t want you to get burn” she is worried about him, he looks lost.

“Wow, nice flower Kate” Tony notices the flowers on her desk. “I know…I have the best husband Tony” she said happily…“Never know Gibbs as a flower man…” Tony murmurs. “Yes, I know…” Kate replies, smelling the beautiful bouquet


That evening, Kate accompanies her husband working on his boat in the basement; he’s been very quiet through out the day, he skips dinner and stays with his boat. I decide to gives him some times alone with his thought, he’s been so stress lately, I am glad that he is back to his boat.

He looks at his wife, sleeping in her couch in the basement, wrapped in her fleece throw; she looked so peaceful. Suddenly, she straightens up, and said: “Jethro…thank you for the roses, I love them, and they are beautiful” she said to him.

He doesn’t say anything; instead he stops working and decides that we should go to bed, “Let’s go to bed Katie…” as he pulls me towards our bedroom.

As usual, he recheck all the windows and doors, before settling beside his wife, he is lost in his thought, he didn’t send her any flower, it must be Haswari snaking his way in their live; this time he leaves the hallway light on.

 “Baby…come here…” Kate says to him, he looks tense to her as she pulls him to her chest; he lies in her embrace, feeling a slight peace. “One more month, Jethro…than everything would be back to normal…” she thought he is worried about her condition.



He is jarred awake by his mobile, it is 3 in the morning, he picks his mobile and before he said his name, “Special Agent Gibbs, its been too long…so, you are now married…and expecting a child soon…I see” Gibbs froze for a few seconds before he stalks out of his bedroom, to make sure Kate doesn’t hear them.

“Ari…don’t you dare came near…” he is cut off by him, “You take my Caitlyn, Special Agent Gibbs” Haswari hisses to Gibbs. “She should be having my child in her belly, instead of yours…” he says calmly to Gibbs.

“I’ll kill you, you bloody terrorist…” Gibbs hisses. “I am not a terrorist Gibbs…we are actually very similar to each other…” Haswari laughs “We want the same woman…” he continues. “Don’t you dare compare and…” He cuts him off again, this time with a chill to his voice. “It’s you who I want, Gibbs…not Caitlyn”, “I’ll make you suffer Gibbs, I’ll make you suffer, you’d wish you’ve never been born…I’ll make you cry blood, Special Agent Gibbs…I’ll make you cry you own blood, I promise you that”.

“And if I can’t have Caitlyn, no one else can” and Haswari hangs up; he calls Gibbs for a fair game, to let him know that he is coming, not to listen to Gibbs swearing him off. “Damn it!” Gibbs throws his mobile down, out of frustration; he griped the railing, controlling his anger when Kate comes out of their room, confused.


She comes out of the room, finds her husband stressed out, “Jethro…what’s wrong?” Kate is shocked to see her husband in such state, he was shaking and she sees his mobile shattered to pieces on the ground floor; she strokes his tense back; he suddenly turns to face her and hugs her tight.

She knows something is bothering him; wishes he doesn’t close up to her, but she knows she shouldn’t push him. “It’s ok, Jethro…it’s ok…I love you baby, please tell me when you are ready, ok…I’ll be here, and you know where I am…” she whispers in his embrace.


That night, they kiss and made love for hours, not wanting it to end; She lets him do whatever he pleased; he told her how much he loves her and their son, that he can’t life without her; she feels his tears in his face and she kisses them away, hoping she can erase his pain away too.

They declare each other feeling; she comes apart in his arm, he comes long and hard. They don’t let go of their embrace; he realized he was crushing her when his son kicks him, twice; he laughs in happiness and move aside.

The sleep on their side, holding on to each other, stroking her “kicking belly” and kisses it many times, they lay sated until the morning comes; Gibbs realizes that when the sun comes up, he has to deal with the problem and protect what is dear to him.


“I wish the baby is OUT!” she proclaims as she waddles to their car, she doesn’t mean to complain, she just can’t stand it anymore; she hates whining. He smiles, “Soon, Katie soon, just hang on for 1 more month” he kisses her head.


Special Agent James Xavier

It is a terrible day when they all finds out that James Xavier is missing. Kate is really upset, she feels guilty, because he is his partner, she should have been around, and maybe he would be all right.

She wants to help find him, but O’Brien and Gibbs said no! She stays in Abby’s lab, crying and trying to help Abby process the evidence. Kate sees his mobile, wallet and many more of his personal affects, she breaks down. Only Abby, Ducky, Gibbs and her stays in the HQ, the rest of O’Brien’s and Gibbs’s teams are out on the field, searching for James.


That evening, Kate tries to convinced Gibbs that she is a damn good profiler and her knowledge can help search for her partner; she persuades him, he doesn’t budge; she begs him, he doesn’t budge; she screams at him, he doesn’t care; she cries and he still says no. The bastard is back and she doesn’t understand why.

By night fall, James is still missing, it’s been 24 hours. She refused to eat that night, she goes straight to bed, she is very close to James; she is worried sick for his wellbeing, she should have been there.


Gibbs finds his wife, sit in the corner of their bed crying quietly; she keeps pressing the redial button on her mobile, for a desperate attempt to contact James, without success of course.

His mobile rings, Kate head snaps at him, hoping for some good news; Gibbs answers, “Special Agent Gibbs, good evening and how’s my Caitlyn doing? Did she like the flower I sent her?”, “You bastard, I am going to kill you…” Gibbs shouts.

“If I were you…I would be very careful, Gibbs, you are not in a position to threaten me, my friend; you are about to lose two instead of one, your precious Caitlyn and your child” he laughs maniacally. “Don’t you dare!...” Haswari hangs up on Gibbs.


Kate is standing in front of him now, tugging his arm, “Jethro…what is it? Who is it? What’s wrong?” she screams in panic. He holds her to calm her down, “Its Ari Haswari” he answers her, and he can’t avoid it anymore.

Kate gasps, “He got James?” she asks him in fear. He suddenly regrets not sharing the news with her sooner, “He might Kate…” and he makes the call to O’Brien; he should have think of that, damn it!


Kate is not mad at him anymore; she stays in his arms throughout the night; it is almost 2am when they are finally asleep. She is awaken by a scream of fright and trashing; she sees her husband caught in his nightmare. She quickly scoots to him, she gently wakes him up, calling his name, kissing his forehead, “its ok baby…shh…Jethro…wake up…hei…wake up baby…it’s just a dream”.

Suddenly Gibbs sits right up, awakes, eyes blazing opens in angst, tears running down his face, his clenched fist on her side, she yelps from the sudden impact and pain, pressing her side. He is fully awake now, he realized what he’s done. She is crouching in pain beside him.

“Oh GOD, Kate, I’m so sorry, Kate!...I am sorry…I didn’t know” he tries to help her. “It’s ok…you were having a nightmare, I tried to wake you up…” she hisses, still trying to hold her pain. “I’ll take you to the hospital, C’mon Kate” he is about to carry her off; she refuses, “No…no…no, Jethro…It’s nothing, its ok” she shakes her head and wipes her tears.

“No…no…Kate, please…NOW!” he insists. “Jethro…please, don’t force me…I’m ok baby, I just want water…please” she begs, breathing long and hard to try to ease the pain on her side. He comes back with her water, she sips it slowly, calming down, holding her belly; her child kicks her many times, she breathes better, he is all right.

“I’m ok, he’s ok Jethro…here…touch” She grabs his hand and press his palm against her belly, letting him feels the strenuous kicks. “I’m sorry Kate…let’s go to Bethesda Kate” he keeps insisting.

“Jethro…I am all right…see…he thought my stomach is a soccer field…feel that?” she calms herself and him down. “Kate, I’m so sorry…” he whispers to her, kiss her stomach…“It’s not your fault…you didn’t do it on purpose, sweetie” she yawns. Kate is soon asleep, he didn’t, he lies beside her till morning; and he sees her bruised belly he feels awful.


On the way to the HQ, he receives a call, “Gibbs”; Kate is looking at him with hope, “on my way” he answers. “Good news Kate! They found James half an hour ago, he is now in Bethesda” he tells her, sees her face lit with happiness.

“I’ll drop you at HQ and I’ll go see him…” he informs her. “What? You drop me at HQ and you go see James? Without me? Are you insane Jethro? He is my partner, what is the matter with you? Have you gone crazy?” Kate shouts out of shock.

“Kate…no discussion Kate” He replies, stiffly. “Jethro…No! No way! I am coming with you!” Kate snaps at him; “Kate…” he is still thinking about his conversation with O’Brien. “No way, I am coming with you, you can’t treat me like this, making snap decision, I won’t take it” she keeps going, she needs to make sure that James is all right.


“KATE! STOP IT! NO DISCUSSION! AND IF YOU DARE, STEPS OUT OF THE HQ ALONE, I’LL BE SO FUCKING PISSED!!! YOU’LL BE SORRY!” He shouts at her. Kate is stunned with his shouting, never in the span of their relationship or as his agent that he shouts at her that way; she just flinches, then she keeps quiet, she doesn’t move, she doesn’t talk back to him anymore, she just sits there, breathing deep to control her emotion.


Afterward, he regrets shouting at her that way; but he is so worried about  her safety, he doesn’t know what to do; he sees her sitting quietly, pissed, looking outside the window, he guesses she is crying but she doesn’t want to show him; she just sits with her arms across her chest, above her bulging stomach.

When they arrive at the parking lot; she quickly unfasten her seat belt, open the door and left; Gibbs calls her “Kate…” and she slams the door at him and walk as fast as she could  towards the entrance.

He wants to follow her, to apologize, but his mind is somewhere else; O’Brien wants him there at Bethesda A.S.A.P, he said it is urgent; so he drives to the hospital to meet them.