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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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 Introducing Robert Jethro Gibbs (Bobby)

Two weeks before the due date. His son bested him.

His usually full house is now empty, even Ducky went back home; they wanted to give them some privacy before the baby arrives. The three stooges, Abby and Ducky said that they’ll camp on his ground on Kate’s due date.

The parents to be are in bed by nine, reading books and Gibbs is working on his case.

Since he married Kate, there is a laptop he can use to finish his work; he was amazed on how convenient it is…until it pissed him off…but fortunately she is always there to help him before he trashes the thing. By ten, Kate is uncomfortably asleep, he noticed and he follows her to the dreamland.



He is jars awake by his wife at two in the morning; he sees her sitting up, breathing long and hard.

“Nightmare Katie?” he asks groggily and looks at the time and closed his eyes again.

“No Jethro…your son is coming” she said in between her breathing.

“Where?” he is still snoozing into Kate’s pillow, smelling her fresh soft fragrance that he’d learnt and love by heart.

“Jethro…my water just broke” she is nervous as hell.

“Are you thirsty?...you want cold water?” he asks his thirsty wife.

“JETHRO!!!” she screams, swallowing her pain, her husband is acting like an idiot.

“I’m in labor” she panics!

He jumps put of the bed, awake from his snoozed, switches on the light and flip the blanket, she was already soaked, and her PJ is wet.

“Oh God” he whispers…“its ok Kate! Don’t worry Kate!” he said to her as he scrambles to find his jeans and runs down stairs.

“OUCH” she hears him bangs into something and howls and cursed, “I’m ok!” Kate shakes her head, rolls her eyes.



Her labor is intense and short, only five hours before their son is born; “five hours” is short labor? Gibbs recalled his terrifying experience.

She was screaming in pain, she told him that she loves him very much.

Then she changed her mind and she hated him.

She said that if he ever looks at another woman, she’ll shoot him.

She also said that she is the luckiest woman on earth to be married to him.

Next contraction comes; she said that if he ever got her pregnant again, she’ll kill him with her bare hands. When she calmed down, she said she can’t wait to have more kids with him.

In between contractions she threatened him;

He wants to answers his wailing wife, but the nurse and Dr. Strebel shake their heads, signaling him to just shut up and nod along.

At last, she asked him the question: what would he do if she has gotten fat?

Gibbs said he’d eat more so they’ll be fat together.

He must have given the right answer because the nurse was looking at him fondly and Kate stopped hating him. Thank God, he thought.



The last few minutes before his son was born, he finally understood the real meaning of hero; she is his hero, she is fighting for her life to give birth to his child, their child.

Robert Jethro Gibbs is born a healthy baby boy with his first cry in of air at eight fifteen in the morning. He has strong lusty cries, his dad cuts his umbilical cord and holds him before he is cleaned, he doesn’t care with all the gooey things on him; he almost lost him, he almost lost his wife, he almost lost his soul.

Gibbs looks at his son, he is already sucking his thumb, eyes closed and he is bawling; Gibbs laughs and sees Kate is already asleep after she kissed him, exhausted from the ordeal.

It’s so weird and wonderful to hold him in his arms for the first time, amazed by his presence; he is smiling and laughing to himself, admiring the little life in his arms, he said to the screaming boy, “I’ll protect you with my life son, I promised you that”

He regretfully let the nurse takes his boy to be clean and examine by a pediatrician; he asks when can he sees him again.

“As soon as your son is bathe, dried, clothed, wrapped and checked by the Doctor…sir!” the nurse teases him and Gibbs scowls at her.

He doesn’t know whether the nurse is intimidated by his scowl or she actually feels sorry for him, she said “I’ll bring him right back to you…as soon he is ready…” she assures him.

“Thanks” he mumbles. For the nurse the thanks she got from him is nothing, but if his agents hear him say thanks, they would flip and die on the spot.



Spread the words

Gibbs makes the call.

“Ducky…” he is cut off by his talkative ME, “Good morning Jethro… how are you doing? And how’s my Caitlyn doing?...better I hope, tell her it will be over in two more weeks…she’ll be fine, I know it must be getting harder for her…but soon…” Ducky keeps going for about a minute, before Gibbs cuts him off.

“Ducky! Robert is borne few minutes ago…” he states proudly.

“What?” Ducky couldn’t believe his ears

“I am on my way” Ducky hangs up and struggles to get ready to go to the hospital.

In between his mad dash to exit his house, he makes few phone calls.

“Tony, Jethro’s son is borne” he makes another call.

“Abby, Jethro’s son is borne” he makes another call as he exits his room.

“McGee, Jethro’s son is borne” he makes another call as he goes down his stairs.

“O’Brien, Jethro’s son is borne” he makes another call as he exits his house.

“Director Morrow, Jethro’s son is borne” and Ducky makes the last call as he enters his car.

“James…oh dear…oh dear, I can’t do this anymore…just call Tony or McGee or Abby!” he exclaims to his mobile, and drives to the hospital.



Ducky arrives in the hospital; he is standing at the door, he sees Jethro with his son in his arms while Kate is lying down, looking at them fondly, they are unaware of the outside world.

Ducky is beyond happy to see his friend, at last with his family where he belongs, finally he finds peace in himself and with the people that he love.

He remembers the years of pain, anguish and humiliation Jethro went through; the only way the man could survived is by building solid walls around his soul, until the day Caitlyn comes into his life and digs her way through little by little to touch his broken soul. She almost gave up on him; thank God the daft man realized his mistake before it was too late. The stubborn bastard is truly cursed and blessed.



“Hi grandpa…what are thinking about?” Kate greets Ducky weakly who is lost in his thought, leaning by the door.

Ducky smiles so sweetly at her, he quickly walks them, he kisses her temple “Congratulation my child…I am so happy… you did great…”

Then he switches his attention to Jethro who is sitting on her bed with the infant in his arm, sleeping peacefully.

Ducky gazes at his “grandson” in his dad’s arm. He has a tag attaches to his minute wrist that’s written “Robert Jethro Gibbs”, his miniature fingers are all curled up in tiny fists; Ducky whispers the boy’s name to himself.

Without asking, Gibbs hands Robert to him and Ducky cautiously takes him in his protective arms.

And Ducky whispers to him…lost in his own world, oblivious to his surrounding, “Oh…Robert, I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time…I am an old man, I was worried that my time is up before I see you, but I guess God decides otherwise…welcome to the world boy…We all promise that we’ll take good care of you…” Ducky is almost in tears when he finishes his sentence.

But as Ducky always does, he continues, ”You can not imagine what we all went though for you...the stories I could tell you Robert, will rock your world…and you are a lucky boy, because…”.

This time Gibbs doesn’t cut him off, but the sudden noise by the closed door surprised Ducky. He hears multiple bumps of noise by the door, disturbing his peace with his grandson.



Ducky knows the noise is unmistakably done by the three stooges and Abby!

True! The goofy adults open the door and peek.

“SHHHH…”Ducky shushes them fiercely, annoyed with their racket.

Abby squeals in delight, holding her arms out she tip toes to Ducky, wanting to hold the boy, but not that easy!

Gibbs notices Tony behinds Abby, McGee behinds Tony and James tip toeing behind McGee, Gibbs thought they look like ducklings following their mama duck, Abby.

“Abigail…are you clean?” Ducky questions her cautiously.

“Ducky!!!” she wails at the ME, “Of course I am cleaned, I’ve just showered!”

“Just checking Abigail…I don’t want you holding an infant after you are just back from one of your PHAT party…” he frowns at the Goth Techie. “Oh…come on…Ducky…let me hold him” Abby whines to Ducky, holding her arms out.



Abby is holding Robert in her tattooed arms, she gives him the sweetest smiles she has, and then grins at the proud parents and nosy old ME who claims the boy his grandson.

“Hi ya Bobby!...I am your cool aunt Abby”, she whispers to him while the three stooges gather around her to take a look at the baby Gibbs.

“I’ll take you to your first tattoo…I promised…I’ll make sure yours matches your mommy’s…” Ducky and Gibbs flinch and Kate grin at her.

Abby looks at the three stooges and said to Robert again.

“This is your Uncle Tony the bozo, he’ll tell you all you need to know, to chase skirts, although…with your mommy’s looks and your daddy’s charms…you are unstoppable!”

“And that’s McGee, he is a geek and he knows all the stuff that your daddy can’t teach you!...and that’s James and…he is hopeless”.

“I am going to call you…little boss man!” Abby kisses Bobby’s head softly.

She wants to passes him along to the three stooges but Ducky is already standing right in front of her, waiting…to have the boy, back in his arms, so she grumpily gives him back to the ME slash grandpa and let him decides to which of the stooges get to hold him. Gibbs is looking at them, he is looking at his family, he has a family, he loves saying it, and it feels good in his heart. He is truly blessed.

Over the course of two days Kate and her baby are in the hospital, Gibbs hardly left their side, he hardly left the hospital…if Abby didn’t pinch her nose and told him that he smells and he needs to go home for a shower, her boss wouldn’t leave the baby’s side…and actually Abby just wants to get rid of him, so that she can carry little boss man in her arms, as long as she wants…until…bloody hell…Ducky is there…AGAIN!

Since the infant is borne, he stayed in his mommy’s room for the WHOLE entire time…which is not supposed to happen.

The nurse from the baby’s care station comes to pick Robert Jethro Gibbs back to the nursery, but his dad and grandfather stated that it was not necessary for the boy to sleep in the nursery…

The nurse frowned and told the “crazy” dad and grand dad that it is hospital policy for all babies to be returned back to the nursery, safe and locked for their own safety.

When they asked her why? She grumpily said to prevent kidnapping; and the man with the silver hair said he’ll bloody shoot whoever is kidnapping his son, so she doesn’t have to worry; the man also decides that she can bathe and do other things to him, but he’ll sleep in the room with his parents…the nurse left and never comes back.


Two days later, he takes them home; he never feels that proud in his life.

The three of them exits the hospital by noon, Kate is holding their baby in her arms while he is carrying her bag; He walks slowly beside her with his hand behind her back.

When they reach home, they are surprised with the welcome they received from their friends. Gibbs reads the banner, “Welcome home, baby boy Gibbs” in huge bold print…”+ Kate” in minute scribble…they forgot about Kate…she scowls at them half heartedly.



Months later

People are borne and people died; that is the circle of life that is how nature maintains the balance.

One month after Bobby was borne, Ducky losses his mother peacefully at the hospital.

Ducky was sad but he was not surprised with her passing.

After the funeral and other arrangement are done; Gibbs and Kate practically force him to move in with them. Kate excuses is that she needs help to raise her infant; she acts terribly incompetent when Ducky is around.

But when Ducky is out of ear shot, she whispers to her boy, “don’t worry Bobby, I am not that bad…I just want Ducky to stay with us…I don’t want him to be alone...you’ll love him”…“You could win an Oscar Katie” her husband sneaks on her.

Aunt Abby is so happy and excited, she comes to Robert’s house, every single day…until Ducky takes over…and they both bicker, Kate noticed.


Abby has already blown up a picture of him and hangs it on her lab, her screen savers are pictures of “Robert’s naked”, “Robert’s eyes”, “Robert’s drool”, “Robert’s smile”, “Robert sleep” and many more…

Once, Gibbs went to his bullpen to gather some documents, paperwork and check on the guys’ work, he switched on his computer and was shocked when he saw his NEW wallpaper…he cocked his head, his eyes are playing tricks on him…looking at…a smooth… tiny… butt…”Robert’s butt” Abby said and grinned in front of him, she said she has a whole collection of it.


Consequently, Ducky decides to stay with the Gibbs, “to take care of Bobby, his grandson”, he preached to whoever is listening around the HQ for a couple of days.

The three stooges and Abby help Ducky set up his room and move his stuff.
”Guys, I’ll be staying for one month…why so many luggage?” he looks his belongings to be move to Gibbs’ house. They practically emptied his room and half of his library to his comfortable cozy space in Gibbs’.

Dinozzo calls it operation “Move Duck to nest”.

Bobby’s presence cheered Ducky from his recent lost.

As a result, Ducky’s rambling goes on like a live show in Gibbs’ house and he has learned not to cut him off anymore.

So, Ducky lived with the Gibbs for one month; then two…then three months. He ended up living with the Gibbs for five long glorious months; if not because his niece is coming to life with him to attend university, he would have lived with Jethro, Kate and Bobby for a lot much longer.

Kate and Gibbs were already talking about Ducky living with them permanently; since Kate went back to work when Robert was three months old, having Ducky around is a blessing she said to him as Ducky gleamed at her.

During the five months, apart from his wife; Gibbs suddenly has a son and a father living with him. He loves coming back from work; he still loves his job, but he looks forwards coming home to his family.

Looking back, he wonders how did he live without them.



This story is co-written with Dolphinsiren, helps me a great deal especially in medical part of the story; I always try to write my fiction as realistic as possible (if possible) and I am glad that Dolphinsiren is an M.D…Talk about coincidence!…but Gibbs doesn’t believe in coincidence.

Special thanks to Dani, snake666, shanagan, dolphinsiren (Marcela Junin) alli Cameron, kibbs_lover, mathhhh, Tv lovin hottie and many more reviewers/friends.

You guys keep me going! Thanks for the support and encouragement!

Kibbs series: Trouble & Problem ~ Marital Bliss ~ Imagine ~ Cursed & Blessed ~ Drool ~ All I have ~ Immortality (end)