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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Title                              : Drool

Fiction                          : KIBBS, Humor, romance

Spoiler                         : None

Rating                           : Teen/PG13

Sequel                          : from Cursed and Blessed

Disclaimer                    : NCIS…definitely, not mine

Trouble and Problem >>> Marital Bliss >>> Imagine >>> Cursed and Blessed >>> Drool >>> All I have >>> Immortality (end)

Summer time

It is the best summer vacation.

Along the hot beach; the heated sands start to roast beautifully under the cooler wind, marking the beginning of summer.

The sun is shining over the seashore; under its rays, apart from the other beach goers; there is one particular family that is having the time of their life; for people that are passing by, they look like a regular next door family on holiday with their kids; no idea of their turbulence past and dangerous profession.


Kate is under the shade of a huge sun umbrella, laying down huge beach blanket for her family, organizing their picnic box and other stuff for the whole noon, her son is crawling around the blanket, looking at his surrounding eagerly, every times he reaches the edge of the blanket, his mother would pick him up and place him in the center…again! Kate can hear the kids bickering from afar.

“Me first…”

“No, me first…”

“I am the one who brought it here…”

“Ducky said it’s ours, not yours!”

“I am the youngest”

“No you are NOT!”

“Yes, I am!”

“No you are not Jaclyn!…Bobby is!” Joshua stuck his tongue out to his sister. They are Kate’s niece and nephew.

About three years ago, they visited their Aunt Katie in D.C, and met her boss Gibbs; Uncle Tony the skirt chaser; tattooed Aunt Abby and sweet old Ducky; it was a blast, even though they almost lost their family to a divorced. Fortunately, their sweet caffeine addict Jethro managed to convince their mom and dad to give it another try…Joshua has a fantasy that Jethro threatened his parents that he’ll shoot them if they were going to get a divorced…that’s the story he told his classmates anyway! And Jaclyn told her classmates that Special Agent Jethro has a gun, he is hers and…related to her…thank God, Aunt Katie and boss Gibbs are married…they are really related!


“Jethroooooo…” Jaclyn wails at his uncle, who is standing about two meters away from the racket, watching them.

“Guys…c’mon…share!” he walks nearer to the bickering kids.

Their uncle lifts the girl to the swimming board, and then he lifts the boy up too, so the both of them are perched on each side, their feet are under water, splashing around, half of Jethro’s body is submerged in the sea.

“See…without each other…you won’t balance…” he looks at the two schmucks in satisfaction, as they stop bickering…but it doesn’t last long.

“I don’t like you Joshua”

“I don’t like you too, Jaclyn”

Jaclyn stuck out her tongue at him.

“You have cooties, you are a girl” Joshua flinches horribly at his sister.

“No, I don’t!” Jaclyn is really pissed; “I’m going to tell Aunt Katie…”she threatens.

“Tater tells!!!” Joshua comes back at her.

“Why do I have a sister, Jethro? I prefer a brother…” Joshua complaints to his uncle, who is shaking his head looking at the two of them bickering…non stop.

“Guys…” Gibbs tries to stop their squabble.

“I like Bobby, he’s a boy!” the five and a half years old exclaims

“Bobby doesn’t like you, he drools all over you…” Jaclyn said to her brother.

“Bobby is a baby JACLYN!...he drools on everybody!!!...girls…stupid…hopeless” Joshua has enough of his chatty sister.

“May be you got switch at the hospital Jaclyn!...ha ha ha…” Joshua laughs, thinking about the sweet possibilities.

“I did NOT!...Jethro” she whines.


Their non stop quarrel is cut short by the sudden arrival of…

“BOBBYYYYY…” they yell in unison excitedly at their baby cousin.

A chubby baby gurgles at them, waving his arms, kicking his legs eagerly wanting to join the merriment and into the rippling water.

The boy squeals gleefully as his mother dips him in shallow water.

“Aunt Katie…I want to hold Bobby!”

“Me too, me too!!!!!”

“No…don’t give Bobby to her, he might caught her cooties!...euuww” Joshua winches.

“Hey…..I DON”T HAVE COOTIES!!!…” Jaclyn is angry.

Kate looks at her niece and nephew fondly, her husband is holding their floating board, and he is standing right behind them.

“Later…ok guys?…play nice! Ok, don’t fight…you guys promised!” she reminds them.

 Kate is standing at the shore; she lowers him to the sand, holding her son in front of her, Bobby is wearing a “red swimming trunk with a white skull and cross bones on his bum”, a gift from Abby, she thought it would be perfect for the little boss man; both Kate and Jethro tilt their heads to have a closer look when Abby whipped out the red minute trunk in front of their bewildered faces…they grinned and thanked her.

Gibbs sees Bobby cautiously place his feet on the warm wet sand, feeling the strange texture underneath his feet; his son looks back to his mother for assurance and grins before placing both of his chubby feet down, he is looking at the sand and his feet, concentrating on the new experience, twigging his stubby toes, he doesn’t realize his father there in front of him, behind his noisy cousins.


“Robert…” Gibbs calls out to him.

Robert is taken aback to hear his voice; Gibbs sees his head snap up, searching for him; when the boy finds his dad, his blue eyes lit up, his arms struggles to set himself free from his mother’s grip, he wants to walk or crawl or swim, whatever it takes to go to his sweet old dad.

Kate lifts him up to his dad, Gibbs hold his son and walks back into the seaside a few steps to be close to the two kids under his watch.

“Bobby…come here!!!” Joshua bellows

Kate is walking behind her husband towards the kids, when suddenly as they reach the floating board; Gibbs throws Bobby up in the air, Bobby lets out a joyous screams as he is being thrown up and goes down, ends up in his dad arms over and over again as his dad catches his falling body.

“Jethro…” Kate looks at her husband, a little bit worried as he throws their boy up and down the air.

“He loves it Kate!!!” Gibbs said excitedly, matching his son’s exhilaration, cheered by Trouble and Problem, clapping their hands.

After Gibbs feels that his son has enough excitement for the day, in his arm; he blows raspberry to his fat tummy. Robert giggles and grabs his dad’s ear.

Not wanting to miss the fun; his cousins jumps in the sea to join the fun, they take turn playing with the little boy.

Robert is being submerged under water, in his father arms; the kid has no fear of water, especially with all the people around him; not to forget his dad is making sure he is within his reach at all time, he feels safe.

The kids shout, sing, swim and dance at the beach, even Jaclyn gets to show off her ballet recital to her audience…while Joshua makes funny faces, mocking her, until his uncle smacks his head accordingly and he rubs his smacked head and grins.

Anyway, to summarize the activity… they make lots of noises…and Robert just follows his bliss…

 Trouble and Problem

Kate is in her white tankini, looking at her family, she laughs and plays together with them, and she is happy and content among them.

Robert is almost nine month old, her niece is four and a half and Joshua is five and a half, but the boy often claims to be six years old, if his sister is not around to comment on his real age.

What really happened was that, about two weeks ago; Trouble and Problem pleaded, bugged and annoyed the hell out of their parents to let them visit their “bestest, coolest aunt, uncle and cousin, of course!” in the whole world; Joshua was especially good and begs his mother while Jaclyn…the girl was using her deathly skills…her puppy eyes and her honeyed smiles…to her daddy…that she “looooves sooooo much…”

After three days of annoying pleads and noise their parents admit defeat and Jeremy made the call to his brother in law, asking his permission whether they mind two boisterous kids coming along their way to mess their house; he knows that they have hectic jobs with no fix hours and with the latest addition to their family, they might be overwhelmed with the arrival of another two trouble makers.

Gibbs said yes on the spot!

He recalled the great time he has with them; he loves them to pieces, and looking forward to have them loiter around his home, even Ducky and Abby were excited as they overheard the news, they both of them left quickly to “get” stuff for them while talking about how much fun its going to be; and he is sure that Kate would love to have them.

On the D-Day, their father dropped them at NCIS HQ; Gibbs was waiting for them at the entrance, Kate was away on a case with her boss, O’Brien; Robert was asleep in his cot at the corner of Abby’s lab.

Gibbs witnessed his niece and nephew…they are really related now; dashing madly towards him, screaming his name on top of their lungs…forgetting their luggage; their father was laughing when he saw them lunged at the man, at the same time!…knocking him down.

His brother in law joked,” With this, I hand over my children to you, and you have my full permission to spank their ass when it’s needed”

But of course, they know that their beloved coffee addicted Uncle Jethro would never ever spank their sorry asses; after they kissed their daddy goodbye, they fidgeted, waiting to go in the HQ.


So the kids stayed with them for a week, it was fun, it was great, and it was crazy!

Their house is full of noise, laughter, bickers and gurgles. Abby spent the night whenever she could, she loved it there; Abby is amazingly great with kids and she took great care of them too.

Almost every morning Tony come to have breakfast with them, he brought all kind of “sugary breakfast” for the tots; he helped managed Trouble, Problem and Drool, too.

Kate thought it was fun doing grocery with an infant and two kids, she witness how Jethro handled them; he did…fairly well.

But deep down, even he knows that the kids are not that bad, they played freely with him but they know when to stop and listen to their aunt and uncle; even Joshua can help look after  Bobby when the boy’s parents are way too busy.

Ducky comes over every single day…he baby sat them, lost among the laughter and jokes…while the adults ran errands and…mountain of laundry.

Kate and Jethro were in their bedroom…

“You did great daddy…” Kate kissed him hard, as he lay down on their bed, it was almost 11 at night, before they managed to sort of “sedate” Trouble, Problem and Drool (Joshua calls Bobby “drool”, because he drools all the time).

“Kate…help me…they drain my energy…” he said to his wife, he was plopped on their bed after his shower.

“Yeah? I think I can help you…recharge your battery sweetie…” as she went on top of him, kissing him all over, until they were both dazed. When they broke their kiss to breathe, Gibbs jumped to lock their door and leaped back to his wife on the bed and they made love.

In the middle of the night she felt him moved, she saw him exited their room to check on the kids, then returned to their bed.

“I love you Jethro…” she surprised him, he thought she was asleep.

“I love you too Kate…” and they slept until the morning greeted them to start the day.



Few days later, the Gibbs finds out that they could afford few days off for a short trip; after arranging their parents to pick them up after the trip, they are off the next morning.

It was crazy, the preparation was frantic, but they had fun doing it. You can not imagine the racket they made before taking off, of course after Joshua and Jaclyn promised to be good trouble and problem, as always.

After they strapped the kids down, they took off…”to the beach”; Trouble and problem sang for a few hours, while Drool just shrieked gaily, following his cousins’ excitement and of course…drool all over himself and whoever were seating beside him…


The Journey

They had a great time! Starting from the journey…

The kids’ parents check on them, they talked over Aunt Katie’s mobile on the way to the beach and Jaclyn explained that Uncle Jethro’s friend has a small place, near the beach and he lends his place to them for the vacation…and of course she and her brother were invited; Kate tried really hard to contain her laughter…but she glared at Joshua when he heard him said that he is going to drown his sister in the sea.

Robert is strapped to his baby chair at the backseat, in the middle of his noisy cousins; they were forever kissing his wet face, giving him attention and playing with him. The nine month old is teething and he drools like a lake, Joshua said.


After an hour stop at the gas station and Denny’s restaurant, finally…they didn’t talk much anymore; they’ve sang, screamed and talked all the way, the adults just shake their head listening to their antics, soon after their tummies are filled…the trio slept peacefully at the back seat.

Gibbs sometimes look back through his mirror, checking on them…actually there was nothing to be check on, they were fast asleep…but he just like looking at them.

Then he looked to his side and saw his wife concentrating on the map.

“Kate…” he called her.

“Hmm?” she was still reading the map, ignoring him.

“Kate…” he smiled and tried again.

“Ya?...” still reading the map.

“Katie…” he grabbed her wrist and she finally looked at him

“I don’t need you reading the map Kate…I got it, they told me exactly how to get there…” he convinced his worn-out wife. She smiled and folded the map.


“Why don’t you rest Kate?...take a nap like the trio back there…look at them” he pointed at them cheekily.

“You didn’t sleep much last night” he knew that she prepared for the whole trip while he snoozed with the kids around him.

Kate looked at the backseat…they are asleep like angels. She smiled at the trio, Bobby was strapped in the middle of his niece and nephew, and he was drooling in his sleep.

“I am not sleepy Jet…” she yawned and gave him a quick peck on his cheek; she thought he looked so sexy in his white shirt and his old BDU pants.

“Humor me Katie…please” he looked at her for a while before he concentrated on driving again.


As he drove by, he noticed that his Katie was napping within minutes; snuggled on her seat, lift her feet up, in fetal position facing him.

He recalled their conversation before they left the house, when the kids were ready inside the car. He let her know what he felt, just as she was about to entered the car. Kate was in her black short and tank top, just right for his eyes but too little clothing for his taste to be share with other people…in public.

When he said so, she just rolled her eyes, ignored him and entered their car; they’ve been married for over three years and he is still as possessive as ever.

He also realized that since she has given birth; she often worries about her appearance, scrutinizing her body because it is not what it used to be; what ever she calls it, but he thinks she is still damn hot and loves her even more, the mother to his only son.

He recalled incident months ago; after work, he was too tired to join her to do a quick grocery for Bobby and she made him stay in the car as she took Bobby with her to shop;

He was really bothered with the look that guys gave her as she exited the store, even with Bobby perched to her hip, she was turning head in her regular shorts, top and sandals; that was the last time he let her go alone.



The Beach

So…now…they are playing at the beach, splashing water, building sand castle, burying Uncle Jethro in the sand and of course playing with Bobby.

It was pass noon when Kate lefts the four of them, back to their small make shift quarter, few meters away from the shore to prepare their lunch; she is familiar their appetite, especially after all day of physical activities…and vocal!

The lodging is not too far from the beach, but they thought it would be fun to spend the rest of the day on the beach without having going back on forth to the apartment.


Then Gibbs feels her arms around his waist from behind, she kisses his shoulder

“Hungry?” she asks him, looking at Robert crawling with Jaclyn.

“Yes, Kate…but not for food…” he steals a sudden deep kiss at her

“Very funny Jethro…” and Kate yells for the kids telling them that its lunch time, and picks Robert up from the sand.

=============================================================== The two munchkins and their uncle run to their designated area, they are starving! “WOW” the trio exclaims in unison when they see the food in front of them.

There are all sorts of sandwiches stack high on the plates; there are meat, cheese and peanut butter jelly sandwiches, potatoes salad, juices and coffee of course.

They eat in gusto while Kate sits Bobby on her lap, feeding him very small portion of mash potatoes salad and his bottled formula.

“Jaclyn, Joshua…Jethro…chew!” Kate reminds them as she looks up and sees them eat like a train…

“And no jumping and running after the meal…ok?” they just nod, their mouths are full.

“We’ll take short nap afterwards ok, guys?” Gibbs tells them.

They nod in unison, grinning at him with their mouth full.

“Isss weely goouth aunn katii…” Joshua speaks with his mouth full and still chewing.

“He said, its really good Aunt Katie” Ms. Nosy translates for her brother.

“Yeah Kate…its good…thanks” Jethro said while chewing, he wonders when did she prepares all these meals.

Gibbs admits that his wife is a terrific home taker, even though she has a full time job with a son. She manages to take care of them very well, more than he can take care of himself; he swears that he never feels healthier; with a more comfortable life than before.

Sure, he often cooks and does errands, and feed his son; but her dedication amazed him, but he looks at her now, feeding her son, she looks thinner than ever.

“Kate…let me have Bobby…you should eat…” He raises his hand to his son.

“Don’t worry…he is almost done Jethro” she insists.



Nap time

After lunch; Gibbs makes sure that Jaclyn and Robert are really asleep; he knows that they often fake their sleep…by experience.

But he guesses they are really tired from playing, they fall asleep within minutes and they don’t even bicker.

He turns his back and sees his wife rocks his son to sleep, but the little boy sees his father and screams, raises his chubby hands to him; Gibbs picks him up, nuzzles him to his chest and slowly pats his bottom to make him sleep.

The boy still wishes to play with his dad’s ears and hair, but soon his dad’s rocking him and patting his bum has proved to be to good to resist and he falls asleep.

Kate tidies the kids’ mess and she finally eats, she relaxes for a while and rests her eyes.


The kids are sleeping at the edge; Gibbs places his boy in the middle of his mom and his cousins.

He lies beside Kate and spoons her; she is awake by his sudden presence.

“It’s ok Kate…sleep…” he assures her when he sees her awake.

“Ok” She answers meekly, feels him kiss her shoulder lightly…but the soft gesture kisses, becomes less friendly as he kisses her neck too.

Kate turns her body to face the kisser and kiss him passionately until they are both moaning and breathless when they break their locks to breathe.


She feels his palms roaming on her back and chest.

“Jethro…” she warns him half heartedly.

“What Kate?” he pretends

“Did you see the tots behind me? She points him where the kids lay.

“Yes…and they are very asleep!” he answers smartly and grins at her.

He kisses her again before she has the chance to answer his remarks.

Seconds later he hears her moans in his mouth; his hand is all over her body, she bits his lips naughtily; he is so glad that she is in her swimwear; so his hands can have easy access to her body and touch her skin.

He hears himself groans too; he pulls her closer to him grinding his groin to her, he slips his fingers into her bottoms, grazing her ass, she quivers under his touch.

Suddenly Gibbs sees shadows coming to their direction; he assesses the intruders to his makeshift quarter and decides that they are harmless, and he concentrates on his deed with his willing wife.


Then, Kate hears…”NICE GOING MAN!” and she freeze, notices her husband chuckles and said thanks to whoever was praising him.

She pinches his lower stomach lightly, she is so embarrass, as he yelps and laughs, they can still hear the guy saying to his girlfriend that no wonders they have three kids…

He struggles to escape from her attack; she accidentally feels his hardening groin.

“You are UNBELIEVABLE” she exclaims

“Thanks Kate…I take it as a compliment” and he yelps again, this time…louder.



Time off

It was the best vacation ever, Jaclyn and Joshua vote.

Gibbs thinks so too, spending three days together with his wife, kid, niece and nephew. For the first time in his life, he is not keen on the prospect of going back to work, which never happens before. His work used to be his life, his dedication.

Kate and he tried really hard to have vacation together since Robert is borne; but they work at different team with different case and schedules, it is so hard to get the same days off together apart from the weekends.

So when they finally got it, they were out the door faster than the speeding bullet with their bundle of joy, Trouble and Problem.


Just two months ago, Robert started crawling; Kate was forever following him to make sure he didn’t bang his head to furniture, but still the 6 months old boy bested the 33yrs old mom.

He managed to get hurt and cried his lungs out; he is nine month old, last week he started standing and learning to balance himself…actually he waddles.

Kate placed him in a box when she was busy, but his dad felt sorry when he saw his son looking up at him with his sad puppy eyes, arms stretched out, asking his dad to pick him up and play.

Just two months ago, they bought 2 boxes for him, one in their house and another in his or hers’ bullpen.

But two weeks later, Ducky couldn’t help himself and bought another box for his grandson and of course, he put it in the Autopsy room…”so he has one here when he naps with me…”Ducky explains to Kate, showing her the fully stock pen “just for Robert”; then one week later Abby couldn’t help herself, perhaps she was annoyed that her favorite boy spends more time with Ducky than with her, SO the Goth decided to buy a new  box for bobby and of course it is placed in her lab…”so you don’t have to move yours around from the bullpen Gibbs…its easier like this” Abby explained excitedly, showing him the cool box.

So, Robert has a total of 4 boxes just for himself; one in his home, one in the bullpen, one is Abby’s lab and another one in Ducky’s Autopsy room; not to mention the amount of toys he got from his fellow sitters around NCIS; he is more popular than his dad because he is all cute and sweet, a very friendly boy…unlike his beloved daddy, Special Agent Gibbs...not very sweet and friendly.


Even Fornell was taken by him.

The first time Agent Fornell laid eyes on Bobby, he was asleep in his bullpen’s box; the place was empty, just some administrative staffs passing by occasionally; his mom and dad are away, working.

Fornell was looking for Special Agent Gibbs, to proposed a shared investigation on the recent case, his colleagues dumped the duty of going to NCIS to him because they said he knows Gibbs…very well, Fornell just smirked and headed to NCIS.

He arrived in an unusually quiet bullpen…when the presence of a child pen at a corner caught his interest; the “thing” is out of place…a cot in the middle of Federal Office HQ? He walked cautiously to the box, raising his brow and the FBI Agent found a sleeping baby boy in the cot.

Fornell looked at him for a very long time, lost in his gaze, he guessed it must be Gibbs’ as he guiltily recalled the ghastly incident with Haswari, but…the boy looked like a cherub, he is too angelic to be his, he thought as he has tasted Gibbs’ wraths too many times, then the boy opened his clear blue eyes, stared at the new person and smiled his toothless grin at the old man who was looking at him…yeah, its Gibbs’ all right.

Fornell smiled and said softly to him “Hellooo…you must be Gibbs’, you have his eyes…but I am hoping that you do not possess his temper…” and he picked the boy up from him pen, perched him on his chest, Bobby drooled all over him and grab his nose, but Fornell didn’t mind.

“Find what you are looking for Agent Fornell?” He heard Gibbs’ voice behind him.

“Special Agent Gibbs, I assumed the boy belongs to you…” Fornell is not looking at Gibbs.

“Hell ya Fornell…” The father of the baby answered his question, he wanted to grab his boy, but noticed the look of delight in Fornell’s eyes and changed his mind; instead he sits in his chair, looking at them.

Fornell walked to Gibbs’ table…still talking nonsense to the infant, he looked around for an empty seat, he took McGee’s chair, placed Robert on his lap and pulled out a chocolate from his trench coat; for a while the FBI agent forgot why he was there…until...

“So…what do you want Fornell?” Gibbs asked him, couldn’t help himself not to take him son, he walked to Fornell and picked Robert from his lap.

“Oh…yes…I am send here, to ask for a joined investigation…” Fornell was embarrassed and left to the Director’s office, to discuss something entirely different…gravely important, after Gibbs violently said NO to his proposal…

Fornell couldn’t help feeling guilt and regrets, knowing that Gibbs and his family are far from being safe and it is partly his damn fault. Unfortunately, his superior’s decision would follow him to his grave, with regret and despair Fornell looked at the thick sealed file on his hand, to be delivered to the NCIS Director…the “Mossad” case is not over yet; it’s out of his hand now, for once Fornell wishes that Gibbs has killed that son of a bitch…and he walked into Morrow’s office.

The director looks at him in his eyes…the man suddenly looks older than he really is, eyes the file in his hand and exhales with his deepest regret and anger, “So Agent Fornell…your boss is about to abandon the Mossad case to my lap?...”