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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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KIBBS: Drool...continue

Oblivious to the unforeseeable trouble ahead of them, unaware of the sleeping enemy that might strike back out of vengeance…they are living in the moment of their life…


Times up

Three days go really fast.

On the last day, the kids’ dad came to pick his children; they are going to school at the following Monday…their Uncle Jethro sees them flinch at the thought of school.

After loading the kids’ belongings, their dad goes to see his baby nephew, asleep  in the middle of the bed; the whether is hot so Robert was mad when Kate puts his clothes on, so after her husband convinced her; she lets him nap…just with his pampers, he is getting used to only using his swimming trunk with no top on.

“Hi Robert…” Jeremy whispers to the boy; he slowly picks him up and carries him in his arms. The boy looks like his mother, with dark brown hair, sharp nose; all cute and cuddly.

Sure, he can see his father’s attribute in him, but what?...he couldn’t put his finger on it, he decides to have a little bit of fun on Gibbs’ expense, after all he married his sister.

“Hey Jethro…you sure this is yours Jethro?” he asks him

“He doesn’t look like you at all” he is still looking at the boy’s face.

“In fact…he looks like…our mail man...no…oh…yeah, he looks like the guy Kate used to date from the Secret Service…” he laughs and sees Gibbs walking towards them.

Suddenly Jeremy shuts his big mouth!

Robert opens his drowsy eyes looking at his uncle; that’s Jethro’s eyes and then Jeremy sees the nine months old boy frowns, annoyed by his voice that wakes him up; that’s his father’s frown all right!

“I take it back Jethro…he is definitely yours” he laughs, looking at his nephew scowling at him…wow, a nine months old that scowl?...he must be Jethro Gibbs’. Then the boy sees his father’s face, he squeals in joy, so his dad picks him up and perched him on his hip.



His eyes

Gibbs is used to people voicing their doubt that Robert is his son (joking or not…), but they all shut up and change their minds by the time they see his eyes, because he has his father’s eyes.

Gibbs recalled when Robert was just two days old; he was holding his precious in his arms, he can’t stop looking at him; Kate was sound asleep, it was early morning in the hospital, he stayed the night and by sun up he asked the nurse whether he could see his son again.


They took pity at him and brought the boy to his parents just in time to be fed.

He was looking at his wife breastfeeding his son, the sight is foreign to the new dad, he was hypnotized by his woman feeding his son…so human and special to his eyes, his baby was sated from his mother’s milk; with full stomach he fall asleep again, while his dad rocked him gently.

Holding his son in his arm…he noticed one of his agents arrived with his gaily smiles; Dinozzo arrived and went over to him, he didn’t get to hold the boy yesterday because Ducky was there, monopolizing the baby, only Abby got to hold him…and not for long.

“Wow boss, he is an angel” as Dinozzo gazed at him for a very long time.

Then, he opened his big mouth.

“Are you sure…he is yours boss? He is so cute and sweet and pretty like Kate, boss…not like you…” Dinozzo realized what did he just said to the new father who is in love with his infant.

Gibbs would have slapped him hard but he didn’t, since he was holding his baby; he has to admit that the boy looks nothing like him.

The baby has soft brown hair with Kate’s sweet features…then Dinozzo changed his mind.

“Ah…Boss…” Dinozzo called his boss to look at the boy.

And Gibbs saw his eyes opened for the first time in his life, they gaze at him…clear soft blue eyes…just like his…such a strange phenomena…looking at his own eyes, staring back at him.

“He is definitely yours Boss” Dinozzo exclaimed excitedly and tickled the baby.

The baby scowled at Dinozzo…the baby scowled…not happy with being tickled by him. “Boss…he got your scowl too!” Dinozzo laughed out loud.



Dividing time

On the journey back home; Gibbs receives a call on his mobile from Ducky wanting Robert to be drop at his place. He misses his grandson.

So they decide to drop him on their way home; Kate never worries to place the boy in Ducky’s care, the man is fully equipped to take care and feeds the boy and above that, he loves him to pieces.


His mobile rings again, “Gibbs” not too loud as his boy is asleep in his seat.

“Ok…be there in an hour” he answers

“New case?” Kate looks at him; he nods quietly. He is very disappointed; when Ducky called, asking for Robert, he thought he could finally spend some private time with his wife; he plans to make love and snuggles with her until tomorrow.

They are spending less and less time together since Robert was borne; they were busy before he was borne, then when Robert arrived, their life was hectic.

He misses spending time with his wife, it is ridiculous, she is his wife and he should be able to spend time as much as he wants with her.


“Jethro…” he is back at the present, Kate touches his wrist when he was lost in his thought.

“Yeah Kate” he acknowledge her.

“You are tired…I could drop you at HQ, and then I drop Bobby at Ducky, ok? C’mon, let’s switch…” she tugs his elbow softly.

He doesn’t answer her; he just shakes his head, refusing her offer and sighs. Kate looks at his disappointed face, she loves him so much, and she’d do anything for him.


Kate makes a call to Tony.

“Tony…hi sweetie…it’s me, he’ll be there in three hours, so, do what you need to do…I miss you too, knuckle head, ok, love you too” she hangs up. Her husband is smiling to himself.

“We drop Bobby at Ducky, then we’ll go home…make love…have a quick meal and then you can meet Tony, ok” she decides for them, she kisses his stubbly cheek.

His face is lift up with happiness and expectation. Within half an hour they arrive in Ducky’s doorstep; Ducky is already waiting for Robert, sitting at his front porch; the boy loves being with the dotty ME.

Kate and Gibbs excuse themselves quickly after kissing their son in Ducky’s arms. Then they walk in hand back to their car, they stop in their track when they hear the voice.

“Da...di” Robert screams loudly to his parents.

They turn and run to the giggling boy, kiss him again. He repeats, “Daa..di” along with his drool that Gibbs knows by heart.

Dinozzo once mentioned that usually his boss smells of sawdust, coffee and gunpowder; now his boss smells of drools, milk and powder.

“Guys…don’t you need…to go?” Ducky asks the couple who are cuddling their kid. They look at him, “oh…ok, Ducky…bye bobby…see you tomorrow, be good” and they pace back to the car.

Ducky waits for them to leave his lot, “the stories I can tell you about your mommy and daddy would make you giddy, Robert” Ducky talks to him as they enter his house, Bobby grins and eats Ducky’s nose, his chubby fingers grab his glasses and drool all over him.



Alone time

He drives like a maniac with a purpose, Kate hasn’t experience his driving since she lasts worked for him and on the day she went into labor; he drives differently when he is with Robert.

“Wow” she exclaims, when they arrive, screeching in front of their home.

“Wait Katie…you’ll say a lot more after I am done with you” he grins at her before he swiftly attacks her sweet lips ravenously…they are still in the car. He cups her face in awe, locking lips, her fingers are tangled in his silver hair; they groan huskily in each other’s mouth, they miss being intimate with each other like crazy.

“I was going mad Kate…” he confesses in between their locks.

“I am so sorry baby…forgives me?”

“Hell no…” he groans in frustration as their passionate embrace is heating up by the second.


Abruptly Kate breaks their kiss, pushes him by his shoulder; he is surprised by her reaction, he looks at her weird, cocks his head as she grins at him cheekily with her flushed lips from his attacks.

“Race you!” and she makes a mad dash to their home…

Gibbs chuckles insanely as he sees her purse still in her seat, he leisurely picks it up and exits the car, just a little bit uncomfortable because of his hard on, he is amused with her antics.

Then he hears her cursed, “Shit…” she is standing by the door and realizes that their front door is locked, “very smart Kate” she said to herself.

Unwillingly she turns and watches her husband grinning like a maniac, swinging her purse with his fingers.

Then he stalks her like a prey, locking their eyes, he is damn sexy, Kate shivers.

He stops right in front of her, back pressed against the door, he whispers to her mouth, “Forget the key? Kate?” he tries so hard to not laugh at her, she looks mortified.


She pouts, not looking at his eyes, then she let out a yelp of surprise and she giggles like a maniac as he tickles her side and tummy; she makes an attempt to stops and block his arms, but he is too strong for her, her puny hands are no match to his.

“Stop it…Jethro…stop it…the key…” she speaks in between her laughter and gasping breath, she is begging and he slows down to have mercy on her.

She snakes her hand to his trouser’ pocket for the key and unintentionally grazes his erection. Managed to snatch the key she turns around and tries to unlock the blasted locked door.

He is spooning her from behind, she feels him grinds against her, gripping her hips, at the same time attacking her neck and rubbing his three days old stubbles on her.

Kate tries desperately to open the door but she is distracted by the delicious touch on her neck, Gibbs sees that his wife is about to cry in frustration and he decides that he has tortured her enough for the time being.

He grabs the key from her already weak grasp and unlocks the door, still spooning her; he pushes her inside with his hard body.


He is about to kick the door shut,

“Don’t you want to grab our staff from the car?” she asks him sweetly

“NOPE” he replies stiffly

“Please?...” she begs him

“Nope” he starts his invasion to her, kissing her neck, grabbing her hips and shut the door with his feet.

“Please Jethro…please…give me a few minutes to prepare…” she begs again, trying to remain cool headed in their heated touch.

“Kate, you don’t have to prepare or do a bloody thing to make me want you…”he groans and kisses her; he is desperate for her.

“You won’t be sorry…I promised…” she entices him, “Please…” Her ultimate weapon is begging; as mad as he is, as grumpy as he is or as desperate as he is, somehow, he hardly refuses her wish when she begs.

Gibbs rolls his eyes in annoyance, “OK, OK…go” he agreed half heartedly, and unlocked his hold on her waist. She smiles and swiftly goes to their bedroom…and he hears her lock the door.


He laughs as he knows the exact reasons why his wife locks the door.

Kate learns it the hard way.

Sometimes, actually many times he sneaked in on her, while she was changing or “preparing” herself; he would stalked quietly and pound on her with no mercy, she would surrenders to his caress and lovemaking anyway; and after the third time he sneaks on her, she locked the door…and he cursed under his breath the first time he encountered the locked door and heard his wife laughing from inside their room.


After he recalls couple of autopsy, he manages to walk with less discomfort, but it is still uncomfortable with his erection.

Gibbs goes back to his car to unload their belongings…damn…he walks funny too.

He eases Kate’s household burden by dumping their dirty clothes in the washing machine, he smiles and touches his son’s minute clothes compare to his; he is still captivated by his presence in his life.

He might not be a romantic, he might not be a flower person, he might not remember their anniversary, but he is a considerate man; he helps as much as he can, whenever he can to help her run their household.

Kate has to juggle housework, their baby and work, she is amazing; but he noticed that she is been losing weight since Bobby was borne, she is thinner than ever.

Sometimes she is just too tired to eat, she chooses to sleep rather than eat; many time Gibbs stop his son crawling to his mommy who was asleep on the couch, “shh…Bobby, mommy asleep…” and he would take him to the basement and play with him there.


Back to his present moment, in his laundry room, he glances at the time…its been almost ten minutes since Kate has “excuse” herself from him…he grins slyly…he is going to make her scream her little head off…and he stalks up to his room…to his wife…

He knocks on the door…”Kate”

No reply, he opens the door and peek inside….



He peeks inside their room…he regrets not coming sooner…

The bedroom is lit by candles; he smells a pleasant fragrance starting to creep to his nose…Kate is perched on their bed, on top of the bed cover. She is lying on her stomach, facing the door, her head is braced by her hands and her legs bend almost touching her bum, waiting for him…

“Hi…” she smiles to her husband as she greets him…he just grins at her…she looks ravishing. He enters the room, closed the door and walks to the…no…his Venus, on his bed in his home…life is worth living.

His gaze is lock on her form…she is wearing, dear God, a lingerie, that he often saw in one of Dinozzo’s “health” magazines or catalogues…just swallowing the vision is enough to makes him hard. In his eyes, she is perfect, just the way she is…She beckons him with curling her index finger slyly...“Come here…” she murmurs to him, looking into his eyes, Kate notices that her husband is looking at her in awe, the man adores her, he loves her.

“You have too much clothes…Jethro” she cocks her head up at him. “That…can be arranged Kate…” he quickly tries to undress himself, but she stops him, she grasps his wrist, he is standing right in front of her. “Please…let me…I want to…” she asks for the privilege; he has no power to answers her request, he just nod slightly. Kate raises herself to her knees, to have better access undressing the willing man within her reach.

Purposely, she starts by slowly unbuttoning his top; when done she rains butterfly kisses all over his hard chest and nubs; she continues her mission as she unbuckles his belt, unbutton his jeans, pulls down the zipper…and she feels him quiver voluntarily from the anticipation…she loves to drives him wild; she hears him groans when she slips her hands underneath his boxer…to graze his clenched bum, she ignores him and she slips them down…and then she admires the man that she loved…her savior, her knight, her man. “Kate…” he calls out to her in desperation…”shh…” she calms him down, looking at him with love in her heart, “I love you Jethro”, “I love you too Katie…” he replies before he infiltrates her body to her core, just as she likes it; the woman has…God, he whispers under his breath, when he realized that she is not wearing panties, just fish net stockings…he is going insane; his brain is whipped and melting through his nose.


“Do you like that you see?” she moans against his ears, nip him. “Yes Kate!” that’s all he could muster before he topples her to the bed and make love to his wife, their love making is long and loving this time, she sets the rhythm and he follows her into oblivion, he came deep and hard against her writhing body, calling her name…


Calming down from the aftermath, he continues his routine of cleaning her wetness and his come on her; she often dozes off as he does it, after he is satisfied that she will be comfortable, he slips from the bed…off to work.

“Jethro…are you going now?” she looks at to him expectantly. “Yeah, baby, I have too…” he regrets not being able to spends more time with her. “Five minutes…just five minutes…I won’t ask for more, I promised” she begs him. How could he refuse such request? He slips his still heated naked body next to hers, they lie on their side and…they sleep for an hour or so.

When Gibbs is awake, he feels so much better…his spirit is better, he is happy with their recent vacation…he notices Kate’s side of the bed is empty, places his hand on the sheet, its already cold. He grabs his boxer short and quickly goes down, he hears some noise, it must be her…yeah, and there she is in the kitchen…busy, busy with what?

“Kate?” he calls her “Hi…you sleep well…” she kisses his stubbly cheeks. “Go on…get ready…eat something, then off you go to Tony…” she continues her activities; she is preparing meal for him and coffee is already brewing, its aroma is assaulting his nose.

So, half an hour later, Jethro Gibbs left his home with a full stomach, coffee in his hand, and sexually satisfied…life is wonderful, as he drives out his place, making sure Kate drives out before him, she needs to do some errands and grocery she said; waiting until he can’t see her car anymore then he contacts Tony for his location.



Dinozzo’s team

“Did you get the information, McGee???” Tony asked him smugly, he loves being in charge…his boss is not there. “No…the person is fairly uncooperative…” McGee sighs, “We should wait for boss right Tony? And…”

“No, McGee…we are not going to wait…” and Dinozzo shoves confused McGee to the witness’ house, McGee stumbles through the stairs, straighten his suit, looking nervously at grinning Tony…and knocks at the door, again!


Gibbs meets his agents at the crime scene; he exits his car…“BOSS…” Tony calls out to him excitedly, with McGee on his side…looks beat!

“Dinozzo, McGee…” he acknowledges his agents. “Wow…Boss, the sun, the heat…they do you good…you look good boss…” Tony, being himself…

“Dinozzo…” he shuts him up. “Oh…it’s all done here boss…” and Dinozzo briefs him on the case while McGee states the fact…Gibbs is listening to the both of them…“OK…What’s next Dinozzo?...”he asks the man

Two hours later, they are at the HQ for follow up and handing in evidences to Abby; Gibbs is sitting in his chair, Dinozzo is out for further investigation and McGee is working on his computer and enquiring information over the phone, which is usually Kate’s job.

Gibbs noticed that Dinozzo has changed…for the better, since Kate left the team, it took them more than a month to get used working without her with the same efficiency. For the past two years, Special Agent Dinozzo is still a knuckle head to the outsiders, but to Gibbs, he has becomes more focus and sober in his job, his methods are definitely not his favorite, but his results are up to his expectation.

 Like today, Dinozzo has exceeded his expectation, with McGee as the “bait” of course, his foolish method works. He is actually impressed with their results; they did everything according to his wish, just as he would do.

The Director had approved the additional agent’s to his team since Kate has been transferred to O’Brien’s; but Gibbs never really bother with it, but last week before his short leave; Morrow called him, asking him to seriously look for another agents for his team, and Gibbs is interviewing people this week.

Gibbs looks at McGee, lost in his job, the man has find his place, “confidence is the key” Gibbs shouts at him months ago as he slapped his head, now the man seems to be doing fine…each day, learning and gaining experience in his own pace.

There is no doubt that McGee is very good in his job, especially the part that Gibbs hates…technology and computer, but he lacks Dinozzo adventurous flair of methods in gaining information…each of them is distinctly different, but they balanced each other’s extremes…Gibbs sighs in satisfaction, its employee appraisal in two month, and he know exactly what he is going to appraised on.



Special Agent Dinozzo and McGee fight over Robert’s attention.

Kate often drops him in their bullpen when she, the receptionists and operators are swamped; then Abby or Ducky would fight over for him after the team leaves the HQ.

Last week, Kate was back early for an interrogation, she searched high and low for her son, almost in tears…everybody is out, it was a busy week, she dare not call her husband because he would freaked out…worse than her, fifteen minute of hell…with the help from frightened Ducky; the horrified ME has started looking in the bathrooms, but Robert can’t walk, he talked to himself; then she heard his peachy squeal and mumbles. Kate looked up…MTAC? And dashed to the MTAC, and she found her Director Morrow and Fornell were conversing, with Robert in the middle seat, making a hell of racket, she quickly apologized and took his son, but they said they don’t mind the company.

Her parents said they would love to have their grandson for good if they are swamped with their job, her mother never like her job; saying that Gibbs and she can see their son on weekends; Gibbs almost chased them out the house, if not for Kate’s death glare over him.

They are both not willing to be separated from their baby, not ever; Gibbs scowled for the whole night, he started working on his boat…then after she guessed that he has calmed down, with Bobby in her arms, she went down to the basement…the first sentence he said as he saw her down the basement was…

“Damn it! Over my dead body Kate…there is no way in damnation your parents are keeping my child…” he said furiously, while sanding the wood…poor woods, Kate flinched

“Jethro…” she tries…but he cuts him off. “You should quit your job Kate…I don’t mind, actually I never mind…I can afford all of us…nothing fancy or luxury, but I can…it is not a problem, we are not poor…” the man is frustrated, his voice is getting louder by each second, Kate is used to it, but not the ten months old boy in her arms...Robert started to quiver in his mommy’s arms and he bawled…loudly, he thought his daddy was mad at him, he heard him shouted before, yes, but not shout in anger like now.

Gibbs stopped shouting within the second, dropped his tool and take Robert from her arms; calming him down, apologizing and shushing him; Kate is thankful for Robert’s presence in times like this…and she left them alone…as she left the basement, her husband is swaying the boy, whispering to his ears…loving the boy.

That night after their boy was tucked between them; she calmed him down, told him that there is no way in hell she was going to let her parents took Robert away from them, even though they have five of him, they’ll keep them all, then they’ll choose the smartest one and he got to go to college…and he laughed.

She told him that their small family needed her income, for Robert’s future and savings…she loves doing it, she is used to working anyway…“discussion closed” as she kissed him goodnight.

That night Gibbs didn’t sleep, he prayed that his ex-wives got married…soon! So that he can stop paying the damn alimony! He makes good income, but the Alimonies are really affecting his family now. He wishes he could afford all of them well enough, so his wife could quit her job and stay at home, or hire some help…


But life is far from being easy! Yes they are very happy, but they are struggling to keep up with their job and son.

The Gibbs are extremely grateful with  their friends and colleagues; Special Agent Xavier helps take care of Bobby too; once both O’Brien and Gibbs teams are so busy, it was already 9 at night, Kate and James are not back yet; he was worried about his son, because Abby was sick and Ducky has to be at the crime scene.

He quickly looked for his son at Kate’s bullpen, only to find the boy, asleep…perched on O’Brien’s chest, his colleague. They were both asleep on the chair; Bobby drooled all over the old man’s tie and shirt.


The insanity

But Robert Jethro Gibbs is a growing boy; he is getting bigger and naughtier by the day, his inquisitive nature makes him furious if he is restrained in the small box; toys can’t keep his interest anymore, he wants to move, he wants to walk and look, touch, smells…and sometimes, eat!...Robert’s vocabulary is made out of four words, “Mommy, daddy, yes and NO”

His personal ME/grandpa/Ducky said he is perfect! Just the way an intelligent ten months old should behave…but his beloved parents are struggling to keep up with his activities, he is not a mean cry baby, but…his boxes are not containing anymore, and he is not even one yet, he waddles, he can’t walk yet but hell…he can throws tantrum if he was left in the box, alone. Other agents would feel awfully sorry looking at the big blue eyes and sad chubby face…begging them so set him free.


Just this morning, after Gibbs’ monthly meeting with the director, he almost has a cardiac arrest when he returned to his bullpen to find his box empty, his son was supposed to be sleeping and there was no one around; he searched high and low for the boy, thinking about all the possibilities and…”bad” possibilities, the stairs, elevators, corners, interrogation rooms, calling his name and listening to his call or laughter; in his heart…his fear of losing him, makes him go crazy. Gibbs was about to smash the partitions out of panic and rage, what the hell is he going to do?

When he saw Special Agent Balboa with Robert on his shoulder, walking towards him, the boy was pulling Balboa’s hair furiously, playing with it and Gibbs breathes…and heard his scream, “DA…Diiiii” he gleefully called his old dad…he is happy to be free!!!

Balboa saw Gibbs’ worried face, he quickly explained, the man looked pale, “He was pissed off when I found him Gibbs, he tried to climbed off the box but he falls over, he was about to cry and he was screaming, so I took him…we walked around for a while…” the terrified agent explained to the boy’s pale faced father. “Thanks…Balboa” Gibbs finally speak, Balboa was so surprised he just gaped at him as Gibbs reached out to pick the boy.


Gibbs slumped on is chair with Robert tight in his arms, his feet felt weak…”Did you do that Bobby?” he asks the boy, and he nodded excitedly.

He kissed his boy and walked to his messed up pen,  he has to meet Dinozzo and McGee  at the scene; he  was about to lower him down when Robert frantically struggled to get out from his arms, crying and screaming, “NO…NO...NO…NO…NOOOO” over and over again, he is NOT getting in again, ever! And then, “MOOMMYYYY….” He screamed and cried unhappily.


Morrow’s decision

Director Morrow was coming out from the meeting room, the Director was about to enter his office, talking to his secretary when he heard the very loud cry of a very unhappy boy, must be Robert, he told himself; the man smiled and he changed his direction; instead he walked towards the noise…he has some free time, he could used some laugh with his antics…but he stopped in his track, when he witness the sad scene.

Looking down  to the bullpen, he saw how Jethro Gibbs was torn between taking care of his son and his job; the boy was crying and calling for his mother, expressing himself, not wanting to go back to his prison.

The Director looked at the heartbreaking scene for quite some time. He made a decision perhaps about a year ago…but he waited; to see…to make sure that he was making the right one…and he is finally convinced and ready to make the changes.

That is not the way to live, he knows Jethro Gibbs for a very long time…”its time”, whether he likes it or not, the changes has to take place as soon as possible. And Morrow walked back to his office and called his secretary in for paperwork; he asked for Special Agent Jethro Gibbs and…Caitlyn Todd; His old secretary Mrs. Adams looked at him in shock, but he ignored it…it couldn’t be postponed any longer…