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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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KIBBS: Drool...(final)

It took Gibbs quite a while to calm Robert down...but the miserable tot was still looking for his mother with tears falling down his round ruddy cheeks, he refused to eat anything, he only drank his water from his bottle; he latched on to his dad and refused Abby when she went to pick him up...Gibbs was frustrated, but he couldn't rip his tiny fists off his shirt, no way...and Robert looked at him in tears, begging him to stay with him, twice he called for his mother again...rubbing his wet face against his daddy's shirt, he found comfort in his smells.

Kate was away for a case, she's been gone for two days and they were supposed to be back this morning. Last night Gibbs called Kate on her mobile, to let her son listen to her voice, because he was looking for his usually present mommy who was not there to feed, clean or tuck him in; but it was a mistake...a very big mistake!

Gibbs recalled sadly; Robert ended up crying, yearning and screaming for his mother, not her voice. The angry boy snapped the mobile and threw it to the floor...and to make things worse, Kate ended up crying too; so they both cried on the phone, he could only hang up and console the boy in his arms, since then he was quite fussy...not his usual self, he didn’t want to be left alone and quiet...

Gibbs can't wait for tomorrow...when Kate is supposed to be back, and Robert can not wait for his mommy to come back to him, instead of her voice...he misses her so much he cried again...and Gibbs misses his wife too. It was a rough night for the two of them...missing their beloved caretaker, but Gibbs has no idea of what is to come...

So, after calming his son down but not being able to let him go without him crying furiously; he tries to trick the boy, by lying to him that he is going to the head and leaving him with Abby, but the impish angry boy sees his dad walking towards the elevator, the cold box that makes that “ding” sound  and brings him up and down...which means...his daddy is going away...again!...and his mommy is not even there!...and Robert screams...a piercing cry, struggling, kicking blindly to escape from the tattooed arms that are holding him close to Abby, she tries to soothe him by kissing him and trying to grab Balboa's gun to distract the boy but the boy already has his dad's stubborn streak and absolute focus, Abby thought.

Gibbs hardens his broken heart, he needs to go to his guys in the field, and he continues his stride to the elevator, presses the button furiously...he has to work, and he is a professional...not a...

Suddenly he hears a wretched sound coming from his son, Bobby screams so loudly that he chokes and pukes all over Abby, while he cries. Gibbs stops in his tracks, turns back to Robert who is still crying furiously, his hands flying around, waiting for him to pick him up, " Sorry, Abby..." as he picks his boy up from the sad looking Abby, the techie said, it’s OK and she hastily runs down for Ducky, she really wishes that Kate is there; Abby admitted to Kate that she is her rock, keeping her steady and calm, Kate doesn't panic easily, Abby does!

"Damn..." she walks back to Gibbs in a few minutes, telling him that Ducky is not there, he is out of DC for a conference and he will be back tonight. By the time Abby returned to the bullpen, Robert has stopped bawling, stuffing his sorry face on his dad chest, his arms encircling Gibbs' neck; Abby hears him call for his mother, she feels like crying herself. The Goth tells him that his mommy is coming home tonight...he understands and he nods. Abby tries to clean him but he says "no" so softly that she doesn't have the heart to force him out of Gibbs’ arms.

After checking on his guys, he informs them that he is going home with Robert; Dinozzo said that he should, because McGee and him are kicking ass and they'll be fine.

That evening, he tries everything to make his son eat, but he only drinks...his mobile rings, "Kate" he calls her desperately, he recognized the ID, "I'll be home soon, ok? How is he?", " not so great, Kate, he wants you...but we'll be fine...I miss you too, hurry home..." he said to her.

“Miss you too, baby…let me talk to him..." she said "Hi Bobby...mommy is coming home...soon, OK? Now...OK? Mommy will see you soon..." Gibbs can hear her voice while she is talking to the boy. Robert just nods and calls "mommy" over and over again before he cries again; "oh God...I'll be home soon Jethro... I promise..." she sounds terribly morose, "we'll be fine Kate, don't worry...drive carefully...I’ve got to hang up...he is angry again..." Kate can hear her baby’s angry cries calling for her as her husband hang up.

They go to bed after he bathes him, he eats half a biscuit and that's it...so, Gibbs puts him to bed and the exhausted boy is sleeping fitfully; his dad keeps kissing him, says to his boy, he is so sorry that he couldn't provide him with a better life where his mother doesn't have to work, it breaks his old heart to see him miserable that way and he promised that he'll do his best.

Gibbs works on Kate's laptop while Robert is asleep on their bed; He couldn't concentrate; he recalled last month, he was home early which he seldom is, found Kate reading pamphlets and talking on the phone with her old friend, he sat beside her, kissed her lips...and he noticed the conversation and pamphlets, about an administrative job, a blasted boring desk job with the FBI?...oh God; his wife has let go of her career, her ego and her pride and she was looking for a job that she hates so much, so that they can afford the family and take care of their kid.

"Kate...are you sure?...but..." Gibbs sighed, Kate cut him..."It's not that bad Jethro…and it pays very well and it’s a 9 to 5 job...and I am getting old anyway..." she joked with him, she knows his pride too well; before he can answer her..."Robert is looking for you...he is upstairs...go...go see him" she distracted him with their son. -------------------------------------
Gibbs slams the laptop down and covers his face with his hand, he is angry with himself, he should be able to afford his family with no complication...Damn alimonies, why? Why did he marry the damned women in his life, why hasn't he prepared for his future... it’s his fault no matter how he put it; he gave up a long time ago, no hope for another wife, let alone a family with a boy...that's why he never saved up or did anything, he figured he'd die young on the job anyway...until he met Kate, married her and...they had Robert.

Gibbs smiles in between his barracking of himself, he is thankful for his life now, he wouldn't have it otherwise; he is not complaining, just... regrets! bloody hell...there is no point in regretting, he has to do his best to solve the problem, with his loved ones on his side, he can do anything he put his mind to, anything...

He is jarred back to the present as he sees that Robert moves restlessly, Gibbs switches  off the light and joins his baby, patting him back to sleep, this time he tells him that he is not going to be sorry that his daddy is Jethro Gibbs, because Jethro Gibbs doesn't give up easily, not until he is buried six feet under...and he promises his son that everything will be all right, he'll take care of his every need and he sleeps with the tot in his hold.

It is past midnight when Special Agent Gibbs has the shock of his life. He feels his son is tossing in his sleep, he hears him calling him weakly for a couple of times, dadiiii" very softly. He swiftly turns the light on and pulls his son to his chest, he has fever...the boy has a freaking high temperature; he calls Ducky, he should be back..."Damn it" he curses under his breath, controlling his frustration, taking care not to shout, he doesn't want to upset the sick boy  even further.

He panics, he decides to bring him to the hospital, he truly wishes his wife was here, because she is always here when any of them was sick, she knows what to do and where to go if necessary. Robert is not bawling or crying, the kid just latches on to him and sobs piteously, his face is wet and flushed; he has to take him to the Emergency Room right now.

He grabs his jeans, grabs the boy and dashes down to his car...Robert perches his head on hid daddy's shoulder. It is raining cats and dogs...he calms himself down, walks back to his room, snatches a towel and bundles his son in the towel, he is so glad that the boy just lets him do whatever without putting out a fight.

He runs with a bundled up ten month old boy through the biting rain, he doesn't bother to strap him to his baby seat, the hell with it; his son is not moving, he looks down, he is napping with tears down his face, limp in his hold; Gibbs kisses the top of his head, "I am so sorry, Bobby…it’s going to be OK, daddy is here...", Gibbs fastens the seat belt on them, and he drives very carefully to the hospital with his right hand, while his left holds his boy close to him.

He reached Bethesda within an hour, the heavy rain and driving with one hand really takes the toll on the man; he stops a couple of times to make sure Robert is all right.

Gibbs arrives in horror, he begs the on duty nurse to take a look at Robert...but Robert refuses for anybody to touch him, let alone take him from his warm safe haven. The nurse calls the MD, he takes a look at the boy, touches his head with his palm, grabs his hands, but Robert pulls his hand away from the MD, he prefers his Ducky, and he looks at his dad and starts screaming.

The MD said they'll take the boy into the examination room but Gibbs has to wait outside, because the kid wouldn't let the staff take a look at him if his dad is around...No sound comes out from his throat...he has to let them take him, for his own good...no choice.

His anguish starts as the nurse pulls Robert away from him, the kid might be small and sick but he can latch on like a koala and screams like an angry chimp; the nurse just  ignores his protests and tantrum, Gibbs wants to kill the people that are pulling the tiny boy from him...they make quite a scene.

At the end, two of the nurses grab Robert Jethro from his dad by prying his fisted hand from him, he kicks and bawls desperately calling “DADIII...DADDIIIIII" over and over again, thrashing in the nurse's harsh lock, he screams and kicks "No...No...No...dadiiii" repeatedly...until Gibbs can't see his son but can still hear his distressing cry.

He hardens his broken heart, walks away with his eyes hot from tears he is holding in, he runs out to call his Katie...desperate for help and conformation of whether he is doing the right thing...

"Todd" she answers, she is driving back home. "Katie..." he sounds terrible, Call it mother instinct, call it whatever...she knows something is horribly wrong the moment she hears his rasping gruff voice.”Jethro...what's wrong?...where are you? I am on my way home" she worries.

"Bobby is sick, I brought him to Bethesda..." he tries to speak as clearly as possible, while holding his snuffle, there is no need for him to hide his feelings and vulnerability from her; but he doesn't want her to worry.

"Oh my God...I am coming..." Kate hangs up and drives like a female Gibbs to the hospital with tears running down her face...but that's life and she has to face it, they are both struggling to keep up with their job...and their son is suffering. ------------------------------
Jethro Gibbs wipes his tears furiously, blaming himself for the situation...he needs coffee...no, no coffee...he has to wait outside the exam room, What if they mistreat Robert and he is not there to protect him?

He quickly returns to the heartbreaking noise; he stands right in front of the exam room where he can see Robert but the boy can't see him, blocked by a screen. He just needs to make sure he is not hurt...he is being held by two nurses, while the MD checks his mouth, his eyes, takes his temperature and everything else, he is still sobbing but he is not thrashing anymore.

Gibbs feels like someone has ripped out his heart and cut it in pieces as he hears the weakened continuous calls for him…”dadiiiii”; the boy's nose is stuffy from the crying, it is getting harder for him to breathe...Bobby vomits from his nose and mouth; he is agitated and uncomfortable.

The MD barks to his staff to get him...something for the boy's respiratory system, to help him breathe and clear his airways; Gibbs couldn't comprehend...then the ailing Bobby sees his dad again, and he bawls harder, wanting him...Gibbs is about to walk into the room to get to Robert when another of the hospital’s staff members rushes in with something in her hand..."Sir...please...you have to wait outside...so we can do our job"...and closes the door on him.

He irately places his forehead on the closed door..."You are a horrible father Jethro, couldn't keep your marriages, couldn't take care of your wife and kid's needs...look at your son...he is miserable, your son is sick!" his subconscious voice is disturb by her voice...he is saved, everything is going to be all right...he hears her voice.

Kate is drenched from head to toe, she is soaked to her bone; she runs to the Emergency entrance, looks around in horror...then she sees him, with his head on a door..."Oh no..." she whispers to herself in fear...she manages to croak his name from her throat, "Jethro", he hears her; he snaps back to reality, walks and greets her in his arms.

She looks exhausted with fear and questions in her eyes; her eyes are red with dark circles under them; she sobs in his hold, he finds comfort in her presence.

"What happened? Where is he?" she looks up to him."Calm down Kate, he is still inside...they don't let me in because he refused to be treated when I am with him..." he mumbles as he kisses her wet hair as she sobs in his chest.

"I am his mother" that's what Gibbs hears from her, before she lets go of him and stalks to the nurse’s station; the woman demands to be with her sick son...wow! She is fierce; she knows what she wants...she is going to get it! The nurses call their senior for conformation, within minutes, they let her in, "just the mother...please" the stern witchy-looking head nurse looks at Gibbs...and Kate nods at him and she follows the nurse to the exam room...while he waits outside...

Seconds later he hears his baby's voice again...not crying, but still in anguish..."mommiiiiii", he hears Kate's soft voice calming him down...he guesses she must be holding their baby right now...and he feels better...and he breathes out, releasing the tension. He waited until he hears no more of Robert's call, then he walks slowly to get coffee...lots of coffee.

An hour later, he is sitting in the waiting room...looking at the heavy rain and wind...it looks just like what he is feeling in his heart; "Jethro..." Kate calls him as she walks towards him, he stands to reach her and they sit holding each other, "He is OK...it's OK, Jethro...he'll be all right...he cried so much his nose and throat are blocked with phlegm..." she exhales and explains to her worried husband; "We can take him home soon...he is sleeping inside...they are keeping him for another hour or so...to make sure he is OK...with his fever and all, then we can take him home..."

"I can take you home first Kate..." he looks at her damp clothes and body, "You are wet and cold...", but she refuses point blank, glares and scowls at him; he is so happy his wife is back, he kisses her angry face all over.

It is almost dawn when they take their baby boy home; he is butt-naked! Bundled in a thick towel in his mother's care; the sick boy was already cleaned and medicated; his pajamas are soiled...so Robert Jethro Gibbs is all naked and fuzzy in his mommy's arms, feeling good, safe and warm.

On their way home, Kate keeps looking at the sleeping boy..."Jethro...I think he is just teething...the fever and all..." Kate smiles to herself, glances at her poor husband.

Gibbs is looking at the sleeping boy snuggling closer to Kate's breasts, sees his son opens his blue eyes, said "mommii" and falls asleep with a smile on his face...for the first time in week, Jethro Gibbs smiles from his heart.

This Chapter of DROOL is BETA’ed by Alix33…THANK YOU!!!!!


It is six in the morning...Instead of still snuggling with his wife and his boy in between the two of them, Gibbs has to calm Ducky down, he is afraid the old man is going to have a cardiac arrest...he doesn't feel like driving to the hospital again.

Half an hour ago when they arrived home, Kate dressed and placed their baby on their huge bed, after making sure he is all tucked in and comfortable, she showered then she slipped under the covers with Robert...both of them lost in their dreams.

After locking the door, Gibbs joins his family in their warm soft nest, just for a few minutes...when someone frantically bangs on their door. He couldn't ignore the pounding because he doesn't want his Katie and Robert to be disturbed by it. He remorsefully slips out his arm from beneath Robert's head and tiptoes down the stairs.

Gibbs finds Ducky drenched from the rain, his glasses are fogging under his hat, the old ME lets himself in, "What happened? You left me a very unclear message Jethro!!! What is wrong with Robert? Why are you taking him to the hospital??? Why didn’t you call me again and wait for me???...where is he now?...How could you sleep at a time like this?" his voice is getting louder by the second...if not for his love and respect for the man, he would have chased him out...

"Yes I was asleep, Robert had a fever...Brought him to Bethesda...it was awful...Kate is back...sleep..." he answers the frantic old man at his door...

"No...no...I am not asleep...Hi Ducky, come here...come! Up here...take a look at Robert...come..." Kate beckons the man, she is leaning down...looking at them...

"Caitlyn, you are back! So sorry to barge in like this, my child..." Ducky is embarrassed.
"Ducky...this is your home...you know that, you refused to keep our key...remember?...come on" she calls him again as he is hesitant.

"Mommiiii...dadiiii..." Robert calls out sleepily "C'mon Ducky...he would love to see you, he refused to be looked at by different Doctors at the hospital...because he has you..." Kate grabs his elbow to their room. Ducky finds his beloved grandson sitting in the middle of his parents' bed, rubbing his eyes...

Right away the experienced ME noticed that the boy is having problem with his breathing, Ducky has been taking care of him since he was born, he knows his health like the back of his hand...that's why he was shocked when he heard the answering machine, as he arrived home about an hour ago.

Robert greets his personal ME slash best friend slash grandpa (3 in 1) with a smile.
"Oh Robert!!! Ducky is so sorry you are sick...I shouldn't have left...oohh so sorry Robert..." the man goes on spoiling him; he takes his temperature again, take a look at his tongue, listen to his heartbeat, his breathing and everything; and the boy just let him, resting himself on Ducky's lap...enjoying the attention.

Gibbs slips his hands on his wife's waist, she sleepily leans against his chest...yawns..." did you see that?...why couldn't he do that at the hospital?" she asks herself. They hear Robert's stomach grumbling...the boy looks at his flat tummy, looks at his mother, "momiii"..."yes...I know...you are hungry...Bobby eat, ok?", the boy nods and Kate left them.

The four of them are starving...they tuck in heartily, there are omelets, sausages, bacon, baked beans and some glazed carrots...all of them keep making yummy noises.

"Guys...come on, people are going to think that I never feed you properly...Bobby, please chew..." she is feeding her son at the same time.

"It's been too long Kate...three days are too long, not to add a couple of days I was away for dinner..." Gibbs answers as he is still eating; Ducky rubs his stomach...Robert laughs and rub his stomach too, mimicking Ducky...and he sneezes...all over his mom.

Gibbs left his house by eight thirty in the morning, his son and wife are still asleep, dead to the world...everything is all right, Ducky promised that he will check on them during the day, Kate made him keep their key...the man visits Robert about three times!

It is a busy day at the HQ; Special Agent Gibbs is slammed with work and cases; interviewing, paperwork and joining his agents in the field. It is almost midnight when he arrived home.

He finds his wife sick from the flu, taking care of their sick son...but she is in such good spirits and happy to be home, she doesn't mind her stuffy nose and headache and that she has dark circles under her eyes. He wants her to take days off but Kate doesn't think it is such a good idea, taking time off from work is unnecessary, the stubborn woman refused.

She forces him to eat before they talk, Robert is already in dreamland; three hours ago he kept calling for his dad, so Kate called Gibbs and put the phone next to Robert...he called his daddy to say goodnight and hurry home before he sleeps...that's what Gibbs felt and interpreted he was saying anyway, since the boy only said "dadiii" couple of times and Kate made him kiss the phone; but that was one sweet call that lightened his burden and his tiredness.

That night, they both agreed that Kate will apply for the FBI clerk position and quit her job at NCIS; adjustments have to be made, he feels so guilty that she has to sacrifice her career to make things work; but Kate said that him and Robert are not "things", they are her life, her family...and she'll do what's necessary to make it work.. That night, they make sweet love on their couch...because their son is sleeping in their room.

Big news and changes

The next morning, they left work together. Gibbs straps his son at his baby seat, "You are feeling so much better right Robert...hey...what's that in your hand?" he noticed a flash of a small red thing in Robert chubby fist and tries to pry it open, but the boy quickly stuffs the red thing in his mouth...pretending not to notice his dad, anyway, he is just going to chew on it, "a gummy bear..." Gibbs messes his hair lovingly.

"What's what Jethro?..." Kate approaches them..."Nothing...Kate, let’s go" he lies because he knows Kate will take his gummy away from him, where on earth did he get the gummy?...must be Ducky!

"Kate are you sure about this?" he asks again as he drives to HQ, she is going to talk to O'Brien and hand in her three months notice.

"Yes Jethro...I am sure...it's going to be all right..."She assures him.
Robert is all happy today as he arrived with his BOTH of his parents...this time the sweet boy doesn't mind being passed around as usual, he even plants a kiss...and a sneeze on the security personnel by the entrance...and he wants to go through the x ray machines...with the guns.

When the three of them arrive at the bullpen...they are greeted by a happy yelp from Abby...she takes her favorite boy from his dad...she hugs and kisses him all over...and...He sneezes on her...

Tony sees...and teases Abby and Robert..."AARGHHH...walking germ...HELP!!!" Abby chases Tony with Robert in her arms, wanting to rub Robert all over Tony's new couture tie...Robert squeals happily, being carried around the bullpen.

Of course after 10 minutes, Abby is running out of breath...and Agent James takes over, and chases the hell out of Tony with Robert in his arms...other agents can listen to the merriment of little Gibbs laughing his head off, chasing Dinozzo...until, McGee trips Tony with his feet...BAAM...he knocks over a chair, which crashes into the partition with a domino affect...paper, files and stationery fly in different direction...everybody claps their hands...including Robert.

Kate is about to walk out to her bullpen, when Gibbs receives a call..."Kate, Morrow wants us in his office, right now...let’s go", he sees fear flicker in her eyes for a second...Tony, Abby and James are suddenly quiet and look at their boss.

"C'mon..." he pulls her hand

"Jethro..." she feels like crying, her husband is going to be fired because of their personal life interfering with his job...or both of them are going to be fired...Oh God, what are they going to do...she could have done better...not brought the boy to work everyday...she should have placed him in a child care centre...all thoughts are running through her mind.

"Let's go Kate...they have Robert...don't worry..." Gibbs calms her down, he can guess it...he is worried about it too; last week was terrible, they were struggling between work and his family...and it's not working. Kate is terrified, he can not show her his doubt and worries, he is the man in the family, and they'll figure something out...its going to be all right, eventually.

Then he hears Robert giggles, being tickle by Abby..."daddiiii....hahahhaha" calling his dad to rescue him from the attack of his tattooed sitter. He smiles at the boy, looks at Kate beside him, his wife, his family; be damn with the job that he's been doing for decades, he paid his dues; it is time to move on, and look at what he has in his life...gone is the fear of losing his job...everything happens for a reason, perhaps it’s time he spent time with what matters...and Jethro Gibbs knows that somehow...they'll be all right.

"It's OK Kate...its OK, we did our best! We really did...No regrets baby..." he looks at her...and she smiles sadly and nods; and they walk in holding hands to face the Director in his office...

The bullpen is quiet...too quiet; only Robert is making a lot of noise...Abby plays with him to distract her mind...she doesn't want to think about it...it is not going to happen...no way, they are not going anywhere...and if  they do, she still can visit them...her eyes and face are hot, her vision is blurred...and she hears a sweet little voice..."a biii", Abby’s head snaps up at the boy, he is looking at her teary face, he looks sad too; Robert is confused, why does his favorite tattooed lady have water in her eyes, he has water in his eyes, too, when he is sad..."Robert!!! You called me...you said ABBY????" she couldn't believe her ears.

"GUYS...little boss man called me...he called my name...abiiii" she shouts excitedly in the bullpen and she kisses the boy all over until he is happy again.

Gibbs and Kate were in the Director's office for more than an hour.
Within the hour, the news spreads...like wildfire; soon people are popping by the bullpen for various unnecessary reasons, hoping to catch the latest news on Special Agents Gibbs and Todd.

Dinozzo and James are snapping at agents from different floors, even though James is actually from a different floor too, but he belongs there, his loyalty is with his new gang. Then O'Brien strides in, he is Kate's and James' boss, a man of Ducky's age...very kind and huge in size...an extremely useful attribute in interrogation and intimidation technique, James boasted.

"Jethro and Kate are with the Director...?" he needs to conform the rumor to the guys and they nod. O'Brien sighs and swiftly walks upstairs to the Director's office...Tony is impressed with his speed...for his size and age...not bad.

Then they all see Gibbs, Kate and Morrow walk out of the office. O'Brien stops in his tracks, looks at the couple’s and Morrow’s faces and the big worried man nods to himself and smiles at them.

"O'Brien..." Morrow acknowledges his senior agent.

"Director, Gibbs, Kate..." he gazes at each of them and retraces his steps.
The guys are so tense, looking up at the scene in front of MTAC and Ducky just arrives...breathless...he heard the news that Jethro and Caitlyn are being fired by the director from Gerald, and he dashed to the bullpen, there must be something he can do, to convince the Director, he is not a foolish man.

Oh no, it's too late, Ducky thought, as he sees Jethro and Caitlyn with the Director as they descend to the bullpen. Abby is speechless...she lets the still excited boy slip down and crawl around their feet.

"Wow...news travels fast" Morrow jokingly comments at he goes down the stairs. He looks at the fear and anger in his agents’ and staff’s faces, he knows that he is making the right decision...he decides to have a little fun at their expense.

"Oh...Robert...I am going to miss your little face...I won't see much of you anymore, little guy..." Morrow said as he picks the boy up from the floor; and he hears distinctive gasps from the people and sees Dr. Mallard striding towards him, he looks mad...

"There will be big changes around here...I am sure you all have been expecting it...since I called Special Agent Gibbs and Todd to my office" he let Robert slip down and quickly picked up by his angry looking ME.

"Special Agent Gibbs will no longer lead his team, he will not be in the field anymore..." he pauses, having fun...but he quickly finished his sentences, they all have guns at ready.

"...because, he'll be shadowing me for two or three months...by then...I hope he can manage to take over my position..." Morrow is now relieved that his agents are not going to pound on him...they look SHOCKED...speechless.

"Unfortunately, Special Agent Todd......Caitlyn aren't you changing your name?" he asks her jokingly. "Oh NO...sir, no..." she states confidently and cut by her husband, "oh yes she will..."

"...OK...that's not for us to hear...Yes...Agent Todd will no longer be with us because of her husband's position...her dedication and skill will be missed by the NCIS...but she'll be requested when we are in dire need of her expertise..." Morrow is about to close his last speech. "...I am going into my long awaited retirement...I'll let my future successor...address some other necessary changes...Gibbs" he calls him.

Damn, public speaking is not his favorite...but he'll do what's necessary, things have to change...for the better; he clears his throat uncomfortably, feeling his wife’s hand squeezing his...

"Special Agent Dinozzo will act as my assistant, while I am shadowing the Director...I’m hoping that he'll be competent by the time I have to take the director’s place..." cheers and slaps are given to the shocked Dinozzo, no way...he thought his boss thought he is a jackass. Robert sees the excitement and joins the cheer, not knowing the reason.

Kate leaves Gibbs' side and hugs Tony tightly, she is crying happy tears, "I am so happy for you Tony..." they hug tightly and sway..."thank you Kate..." he replies almost in tears. Their moment is disturbed by an angry yell from the boy who feels left out, he wants to be hugged too, "mommiiiiiiii" he raises his hands to her, Kate takes her son and sandwiches him between her and Tony and Robert’s laughter spreads...

Gibbs looks at the scene...he looks at the people around him, he looks at his family, his best friends, his colleagues, his agents...people that matter to him...Everything happens for a reason...and he remembered what his father told him on his death bed...that "Fortune favors the bold...audaces fortuna iuvat" and the old man was not lying to his son.

Morrow walks back to his office quietly, he is very satisfied with his decision; for the last three years, his wife has been begging him to quit his job and spend time with his family...

Morrow wants four things from his successor...perseverance, honestly, loyalty and humanity. He favors his senior agent, his loyalty is unquestionable! But his methods and temperament are the things that always stop Morrow from choosing him as his successor, his lacking in patience and tolerance

Morrow was happy when Gibbs married for the fourth time! And for the last he hopes, for the man's sanity...and Gibbs has changed for the better. Yes, still a hardass, ex-marine, but with more patience and stability...then he has a son...Morrow saw the man having more peace in himself...the one thing that is lacking in him, everything else, he can learn on the job; finally he is ready for the new challenge.

Morrow is lost in his thoughts...he has only one worry, he looks at the files on his table...Confidential...brought by the FBI Agent Fornell with his deepest regrets; Morrow only hopes that Gibbs will be strong enough to face his peril and to protect the department and his family...


-End-nova2007…Special thanks to my BETA…ALIX33