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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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KIBBS: Trouble and problem 2

Autopsy room

Gibbs answers his mobile “Gibbs”...“No…Jethro…” Jaclyn tries to be funny, Gibbs beams at her and kiss the top of his head; Kate rolls her eyes, annoyed...Kate takes Jaclyn out of his arms, “C’mon baby, you got to nap”

“Do I have to Aunt Katie?” Joshua looks at her expectantly...“yes Joshua, C’mon” she pulls him, looking at the boy’s eyes, as if Joshua understand the need, for him to behave, he listens and follow his aunt obediently.

Abby left with Kate, “Kate…my lab…” she signals her

 Abby’s Lab

They make a makeshift futon on the floor at the corner, behind Abby’s extra desk.

“Guys, I have to work…stayed with Abby and take your nap, ok?” they nod...“Don’t worry Kate, I love having them, and compare to my brothers…they are very well behaved…I can take care of them” Abby assures her. And Kate left.



Kate goes to her bullpen; get her stuff and runs to the truck where the guys are already waiting.

It is an hour drive to the scene. Thank God, it is a clear case, but after a few hours they haven’t close it yet. After collecting the evidences and taking photograph, they go back to the HQ for victim’s information and witness info for follow up.


Abby’s Lab

Kate excuses herself to check on Trouble and Problem. It is almost 5. She is surprise to find them all fresh and cleaned.

Abby has outdone herself, “Thank you Abby…thank you” Kate thanks her Goth friend. She feels a presence behind her, she doesn’t have to turn, and she recognized his fragrance, coffee!

“Only Joshua is a little bit uncooperative” Abby said cheerfully...Joshua is standing a bit further from Abby, both his arms across his chest, he looks annoyed, and “Abby took me to the ladies room”...“Yeah…you are a girl Joshua” Jaclyn is enjoying herself, while Abby is working on her hair, combing her hair, Abby’s style…Oh my God.

“I don’t want to use the ladies room!” Joshua insists

“Joshua… you’ll adjust and do what’s needed ok?” she kneels in front of him, stroke his head, calming the pissed boy down, his pride is hurt and Kate whispers to his ears, ”Please…Joshua…for me” she begs. He doesn’t answer, he pouts.

“I’ll take you when you need to go…” Gibbs said from behind, “OK” Joshua replies.

“Gibbs!” Kate is shocks. “It’s Ok Kate” he cuts her...“All right little miss Kate” Abby address Jaclyn “You are done” Her hair is all tied up like Abby. Jaclyn grins.

“I’ll pick you guys up, when I am done, ok?” Kate left with Gibbs



“Gibbs, I’ll find a sitter…” She explains to him

“They won’t bother us like this, in the office, everyday”

“Kate…” Gibbs tries to cut in with no success

“And its Thanksgiving soon, public holiday…I’ll might take some of my awaited days off” she continues, more to herself than her boss, she looks confused, he noticed...“It’s going to be all right Kate” he hold her arm, “We all love having them here…have you seen Tony not chase skirt for a day, he’s been quiet well behaved…” Gibbs jokes.

“Why don’t you go Kate” he asks...“No, I got some paperwork” she tries to pull away from his grip.

“Kate…”, “No Gibbs” she insists.

“Kate…they are young, they don’t have the stomach and strength like us, they fall sick easily” he explains. She looks up to him. Gibbs is right; she can’t compare them to her. Damn, he is always right, and he knows more about kids than her, shame on her...“Go home…” and he left her. He adds ‘I’ll might come by to check on them…later” did she hears right?

She quickly grab her files, back and stuff, oh dear… the kids bag, then she sees a helping hand, Tony’s hand, he grabs their bag and tells her to go to her car while he picks the kids up...Yeah right, they ended up playing tag before she calls him and sees them running full speed, yes…including Tony holding their hands, running to her car.


Kate’s apartment

It is 6pm when they reach her apartment; when she opens her door, the 2 smucks rush inside, marking their territory.

“This is my chair”

“This is my towel”

“This is my table”

“This is my pillow”

“No…that’s mine”

“I’m sleeping on this side”

“Aunt KATIIIEEE…”.....Kate has learned from their mother to block their bickering, they rarely fight. So she lets them bicker and have fun swarming her apartment.

She is preparing dinner, she realizes it’s a lot of work compare to hers. She has to pay greater attention to the nutritional value. She could live on protein bars, fruits and the occasional junk food, but not the little tots...She asks them to put their stuff away, they oblige, they are actually quiet independent, and their parents make sure of that.

Kate is making lasagna tonight; she is preparing the pasta leaves, making a mental note to herself, she has grocery to do. She hears knocks at the door.

“I GET IT” Joshua bellows...“ME TOO” Jaclyn follows

“GUYS…peek first…” Kate bellows. Too late, Joshua has opened the door...She is about to walk to the door and chance her mind, she heard him.

 “JETHRO…” Jaclyn screams and jumps to him...“Hi Jethro…come in” Joshua invites him in, as if it is his place.

“What’s in the bag Jethro?” Joshua asks him, while he peeks at the brown paper bag.

“Open it” Gibbs touches the boys head; he gives permission to the boy who dares not touch the bag, just peeking at it anxiously.

He is very well behaved for his age, Gibbs looks at him fondly.

“Hi Kate” he greets the woman who actually owns the place, carrying Jaclyn in his arms; he sees her struggling to cook for the kids.

“Hi Gibbs” not looking at him “has your dinner yet…?”

“Actually no” He answers,..“Ok, have dinner with us then, I’ll be ready soon”

She hears Joshua and Jaclyn wail when Joshua opens the bag, “Marshmallow!”

“Can we Aunt Katie?” They ask her...“After dinner ok?” she replies, looking at their happy eyes...‘And now?” Joshua insists

“Josh…I think we should all wait, ok? Don’t want to spoil your appetite” Gibbs intervenes.


The three musketeers help set the table. And the duo bickers, wanting to sit next to Gibbs. At the end, Kate glares at them and they settle. So, it’s Gibbs, Jaclyn, Kate and Joshua.

Gibbs is having the time of his life, eating and listening to their questions, probing him, especially Jaclyn. She wants to know everything, like his age, where he lives; who does he lives with, whether he owns a dog...While Joshua complaints “Girls…they talk too much”

Jaclyn refuses to be spoon feed by Kate. Both sassy ladies strikes a deal, she can eat on her own at home but not in the office. Gibbs thought Kate looks overwhelmed but happy.


After dinner, Gibbs and the munchkins clean up. Kate is taking out 2 small cups and 2 large cups when her phone rings, she picks it up.

After a few minutes “Joshua, Jaclyn…it’s your mommy and daddy” and Gibbs hears them screams and run to the phone, “MOMMY…DADDY”

Kate goes back to her kitchen, heating the milk in the saucepan for the marshmallow. Milk for the three of them, and Coffee + milk for Gibbs.

“Kate, are you ok?” he asks the quiet Kate...“Yeah” she steals a look at her niece and nephew talking on the phone with their parents.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to them Gibbs. My brother and his wife are going away for while to fix their problem, but there is no guarantee, isn’t it? She looks at him. Who knows what will happen by then, Gibbs” she said quietly.


“Yes, mommy, we are good, I promised”

“Ok, dad, bye dad, I’ll be good”

”yah…I know dad…she can kick my bum dad” Joshua laughs

“We are eating marshmallow…yeah Jethro got them for us…Aunt’s Katie boss dad…”...“Bye…bye…”


Finally they sit in the living room, holding each their own cup and dipping the marshmallow in it, including Gibbs.

“Hey Gibbs...these are good” Kate said

“Yaa...jethoo…ihts…daa…besss...“ Joshua speaks with his mouth full of sticky marshmallow. “Thaanng… kyuuu… jethooo” he continues and TWACK got a slap from his aunt, he swallows and grins at her.

“EUWW…” Jaclyn wails. Gibbs laughed out loud. He loves it.

Usually, it was Gibbs who is worried that Kate got too attached to their victims. This time it is Kate who is worried. She sees how he adores them and little Jaclyn has Gibbs wraps by her fingers.

Kate got a feeling that he’ll do anything she asked. She is sitting in his lap again, letting him feed her…hei…!?

Gibbs loves the boy too. He pays great attention to him, his eyes shines when he listens to him talks.


Joshua yawns; Kate sees the time. It’s 9.30. Early for her, but late for the tots.

‘Ok guys…C’mon it’s late, brush your teeth and change” she hustles them. Kate is greeted by many unhappy moans and groans from the duo. “C’mon guys…go on” Gibbs guides them to her room and disappear.


Kate makes a quick phone call to her neighbors, in case she has to leave for a case in the middle of the night. They’ll have somebody to check on them. She is truly glad that they are fairly independent.

She hears noise from her room; her bathroom is inside her room. She hears mostly Trouble and Problem’s voice; with Gibbs very patient tone at the background. Patient? Yeah right, Kate thought.

They are making him choose their PJ. Unbelievable Kate rolls her eyes and Gibbs goes along with it. Oh…my…God, Jaclyn is making him brush her teeth, Kate exhales.


When she enters her room, they are both clean and shiny. All changed to their PJ, showing them off to Gibbs.

“What do you sleep in Jethro?” again, Jaclyn the nosy asked him

Gibbs smiles at Kate cheekily “Ask your Aunt Katie…she knows” and he walks out her room.

Jaclyn looks at her aunt curiously, “How did you know what Jethro sleep in Aunt Katie?”

“Jaclyn…you are nosy” Joshua saves Kate’s face. Gibbs is laughing in the living room, Kate can hear him. But, oh no, Joshua continues.

“That’s because they slept together…Jaclyn” he said innocently

Jaclyn is eying both Kate and Joshua. “Oh…ok” she replies and smiles. Kate wishes she can disappear into thin air.


Gibbs kisses them goodnight, avoiding Kate’s glares. Then the kids jump to Kate’s bed that Gibbs misses so much. He said goodbye and as he walks out from her room, he finds Kate and kiss her goodnight on her mouth. She is lost in their kiss for a few seconds and…“EUUWW…” The kids’ comment on the kissing scene, “Goodnight Katie” and he left her dazed.

As he walks out of her place, close the door. He heard, ‘OK…no more question, enough…sleep…sleep…sleep” Kate is hustling them.

Gibbs smiles and chuckles; Gosh, he is falling for the kids and he is falling for their aunt, too, he thought, as he goes back to his lonely place.

 Her babies fall asleep within minutes as their heads touch their pillows. It’s an exciting day for them. Kate showers before she joins them; kisses them over and over before she falls asleep on the side.


She wakes up at 7. After she gets herself ready for work; she looks at the still sleeping Trouble and Problem. They look like angels, unaware of their near impending future. Kate kisses their chubby cheeks roughly over and over again until they flutters their eyes open, looks up at her and smiles. Their innocence and presence brighten her days.

“Guy… time to wake up and get ready” Kate said

“You don’t want me to be late, don’t you?”...“Ok, Aunt Katie…no problem” Joshua slips down the bed groggily.

Kate is happy, they are self sufficient. Even though they bicker, it is obvious they love each other. Kate sees Joshua lets Jaclyn use the bathroom before him; he takes her toothbrush for her because she is still too short to reach it.

Kate is not use to the extra activity in the morning, she struggles to keep up with her schedule, and she said to herself, she’ll do better tomorrow and she drives to the HQ with two hungry children at the backseat.

“Sorry guys…We’ll get something when we reach there, ok?” and they nod.



They reach the bullpen by 8.45. Excellent, Kate thought, still empty. The kids are still quiet. “Aunt Katie…I’m hungry” Joshua said.

Kate is about to reach for her purse to go to the cafeteria, when…


“HEY…YOU LITTLE SMUCKS… TONY is here!!!” Tony jumps out from the elevator with 3 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts in his hand.

“Anybody hungry?” he purposely fly the donut box in front of the kids. Suddenly the quiet bullpen turns into Disney Land.

“ME…ME…ME…ME…ME” Joshua, Jaclyn and Abby jump up and down, screaming, Abby? Kate noticed her and Ducky just arrives with a jug of cold milk.


Gibbs enters his bullpen and smiles. He can hear the racket while he is in the elevator.

“Morning boss”, “Morning Gibbs”, “Morning boss man”, “Good morning Jethro”, “Hi Jethro” they greet him as he exits the elevator.

Gibbs sees Tony opens all of the Krispy Kreme boxes on his table. Joshua and Jaclyn are both salivating in front of the box, eyeing them eagerly, waiting…

“Dig in!” Tony said and each of them takes two donuts, one in each hand.

“What do say guys?” Kate reminds them, “Thanks Tony” they thank him in harmony.

Ducky pours milk for them; over 2 little cups which he said are theirs, Power Puff girls for Jaclyn and Batman for Joshua.

Thanks Dr. Ducky” they said happily, turning their cups to see the pictures.

The kids are sitting in Kate’s chair obediently; they both fit in there, lost in paradise with their Krispy Kreme and milk in new cups.

“Wow…donut, milk, new cups…I don’t want to go home Aunt Katie” Joshua declares.

“Donuts boss?” Tony remembers his boss; Tony is up to his 4th donut and 2nd cup of milk

“Thanks Dinozzo” He grabs 2 donuts.

For a while Kate is busy pouring milk over the bottomless cups around her. Abby is up to her 3rd donuts. When she turns her back, to check on her niece and nephew, she finds Gibbs is now sitting on her chair with them on his lap.

“Did you sleep well guys?” he asks them...“Yeah we did Jethro” Jaclyn replies, she gives Gibbs a bite of her donut. “Yeah, Aunt Katie’s bed is all soft, big and smells nice too” Joshua said, offering his donut to Gibbs, too.

He takes their offer and bites small bites on their donut. Kate gives the kids 2 more donuts each and tells them that’s enough.

“Hey Tony, have you seen boss man like this before?” Abby gulps her milk and asks Tony. Gibbs is talking with the kids, not realizing that his guys are talking about him, which is highly unusual...Tony shakes his head quickly, not able to talk with his mouth full of milk.


Gibbs is drinking his coffee slowly, Ducky offers him another donuts; Jaclyn intercept, “I want to feed Jethro…” she takes the donut for him.

“Ok…feed Jethro then…” Ducky said to the small lady...Kate almost chokes on her milk, but pretend nothing happens; Gibbs must mortified she thought, she needs too talk to the girl. But that is unnecessary, Gibbs is not embarrassed, he enjoys it, eating glazed donut from her hand.

Joshua and Jaclyn want to try his coffee, so Gibbs adds milk in his black coffee, so it’s not too strong for them; he said when he notices that Ducky is ogling him for adding milk in his coffee. Oh dear Ducky thought, the kids nailed him, all right.

When they are done with storing sugar in their blood streams; Ducky and Abby bring them down to the lab, but not before Jaclyn kisses her Jethro good bye on his cheek.

“What about me Jaclyn? Don’t you want to kiss Uncle Tony” Tony eyes her...Jaclyn shakes her head and covers her mouth with her hand, as Gibbs puts her down on the floor.

“She is smart Tony” Abby commends

“Bye guys…” as they left.

It is slow day, but Kate and Tony go out to look for the victim’s relatives. Gibbs has to stay at the HQ for a monthly meeting with other senior agents and the director.


In the car

“Kate, so what’s the deal with your niece and nephew?” Tony asks

“Oh Tony! It’s a long story” Kate exhales

“Well, I’m here…aren’t I…if you need to talk?”

“Tony, their parents are getting a divorce”

“That’s…not good” he is surprises, no wonder Kate has been rather stress out lately.

“Yeah, tell me about it…and the kids, they don’t know anything about it”...“They are still toddlers Tony, Jaclyn is 2 and a half, Joshua is almost 4…” she is lost in her own thought.

 In front of MTAC, 2nd floor of the bullpen

Gibbs hates meeting. It’s time consuming and useless for him, a bit too long for his taste. But he has to do what he got to do, no choice, for two long hours, sometimes more.

It was past 12 when the meeting adjourned. He walks out of the meeting room next to MTAC, about to contacts Kate and Dinozzo, when suddenly…There are two kids running towards him with all their might; he catches them on time and lifts them up and carries them both. He is so glad he is still fit and healthy; he sees Abby running out breath for the kids.

“Gibbs…they…play…hide and seek…and they…disappear”, “I’m going to tell… your aunt” she tries to speak.

“NO…Abby…we are just playing…don’t please” Jaclyn said...“We are hiding and running” Joshua adds as slips down to stand on his own.

“I’ll take them down soon Abby” Gibbs signs her.

 As Abby leaves, “Guys…don’t do that again, ok? You might get lost or stuck somewhere, we would all worry…you understand?” He advices them. “Ok…we’re sorry” Joshua said “But it was fun…Abby is funny”

 At that time, Director Morrow just walks out the meeting room. He stops and looks at his agent, Gibbs. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Who’s that? He wonders. Gibbs with kids? His family? The Director knew him pretty well, doesn’t recall him having kids or others. His agent is holding a little girl, with a boy holding Gibbs’ pants.

“So…what do we have here?” The Director asks Gibbs

“Say hello to my boss guys…Director Morrow” He urges the kids

“Hi, Mr. Director” Jaclyn greets the man

“Hi sir” Joshua shakes his hand; Morrow is impress with the boy.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself to my boss” Gibbs urges again, he loves showing them off.

“I’m Jaclyn…I am two and a half”...“I’m Joshua…I am four”

“You are not four Joshua, you are three and a half, he is lying Mr. Director” she adds. Gibbs sees a twinkle in Morrow’s eyes.

“How old are you sir?” nosy Jaclyn asks...“Hmm…60” he clears his throat uncomfortably, did she just ask his age? Did he just answer her? He can see Gibbs is trying hard to contain his laughter.

“WOW! You are old” Joshua is impressed with Morrow’s age. Morrow laughed loudly.

“And how are you related to Gibbs?” he wonders, such good kids.

“No, we are not related Mr. Director, Kate is our aunt” Joshua explains politely.

‘Yes, we are related…Joshua!” Jaclyn look annoyed at her brother, looking down at him, the boy looks confused, Morrow noticed.

“They are sleeping together…remember???” she scolds her brother for forgetting. Gibbs blushed, Morrows coughed.

“Oh… yeah…sorry…then, we are related” Joshua adds innocently.

“They are here to spend Thanksgiving with their aunt” Gibbs tries to change the subject; he doesn’t know what to do, he is glad Kate is not there, or the 2 smucks are so in trouble right now.

“I hope you don’t mind sir…we love your office…I want to be a marine when I grow up” Joshua starts talking, Gibbs is glad he did.

They talks for a while, then “Come and visit me when you have time ok?” Morrow said to them as he enters his office.

Once he is inside he burst out laughing, with tears. Unbelievable he thought. His gut feeling was right. Soon, he has to do something, he is smiling though, happy. Kids, he thought, said the darnest thing.

 Abby’s Lab

It is late when Kate and Tony arrived at the HQ, they’ve report to Gibbs and they are closing the case.

Kate finds them asleep in the corner of Abby’s lab like yesterday, Abby is not there. Kate kneels down to caress their hair and their faces all over, they look so peaceful.

“They’ve been good Kate, according to their age” Gibbs surprises her, standing behind her.

“Oh, hi Gibbs” she replies still looking at the kids.

“They have burritos with us” Gibbs adds.

“I know…I check with Ducky, Thanks Gibbs…” She smiles and stood up.

He holds her close to him, looking into her eyes.
”We close the case, I’ll get the paper work done as soon as possible” she change the conversation. “You look tired Kate” he points out

“I’m fine Gibbs” She walks away, not wanting to feel to close to the man; she has a lot on her mind.

“Kate…” he stops her.

‘I’m fine, I’m just…not used to the additional responsibilities…it’s different, It’s…” she tries to tell him.

“Hey…Kate, It’s ok…”

“I don’t want to screw up, they have needs, and they need three meals per day, clean clothes, play time, education…” she explains

“I’m used to eat…when I have time. There are times we don’t eat over 10 hours when needed. I do my laundry once a week, sleeps when permit, but with the…there’s no way…I’m a terrible aunt” She sighs.

“That’s not true, Kate” he holds her and she cries, she feels like a failure, she is over 30 years old, that’s old and she can’t even take care of her niece and nephew. “I think you are doing great Kate”

“I’m sorry” she wipes her tears, feeling embarrass.

“I have to get going…starts the report, then got to do grocery” she walks away from him. Gibbs sighs and look down at the sleeping kids, sleeping blissfully, unaware of their future.