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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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KIBBS: Trouble & Problem 3


It is almost 5pm, she hasn’t finish her report, damn it! She swears quietly.

 ”Tony, I got to go and do grocery or the scmucks would starved, I don’t think I can finish today”...“You should go Kate. In fact, I need to do my grocery too. It’s been weeks since I did mine, I’m sure boss wouldn’t mind, he wouldn’t want his kids to starve” Tony mocks his boss, so they tidy up and get ready to go.

Abby’s Lab

They arrive in Abby’s lab.

“Aunt Katie…we miss you” the kids greet her cheerfully, genuinely glad to see her. All Kate’s tiredness and ache disappears, this is why parents keep their kids, she decides.

“Let’s go, sweetie…we got some shopping to do” she picks them...“Yeah!!!, c’mon…lets go” they jumps. “Abby, C’mon” the kids pull her.

“Let’s go Abby” Tony pushes her towards the door, helps by the kids.

“Yeah…why not” she replies. “Aunt Katie…what about Jethro” Jaclyn wonders.

”Oh…Jaclyn, he is busy, he has work to do and he can’t be with you…all…the time…” she tries to explain to sad Jaclyn. Kate is cuts by Gibbs’ cheers, coming from outside the lab. “C’mon…let’s go…I’ll race you guys…” he stood near the door. Trouble and Problem make a mad dash towards him and Gibbs runs away from them towards the elevator.

“Be careful…” Kate tries, nobody listen. So Tony and Abby carries Joshua’s and Jaclyn’s backpack, and they walk to their own separate cars.

Funny, Tony thought. Four cars to the same destination; of course the kids want to sit in Gibbs’ car. Abby can hear their happy cheers and laughter from her car, boss man can really entertain kids, she thought. Kate makes a quick call to Ducky to invite him from dinner which he gladly accepted.


Kate pushes her own cart, while Abby and Tony shared. Gibbs pushes his own cart with the kids inside going around the isles having fun and doing some grocery. Kate can hear them from the other side; they are happy with him.

Soon, Abby is done and she comes over to help Kate. She is glad with the help. Abby is surprisingly good in organizing and deciding between good and bad food, Kate is impressed. Abby tells her she takes care of her family needs including her younger brothers.

So the two ladies decided to get both yummy and healthy food, the list goes on and on: bread, milk, eggs, pancake mix, yogurt, cereals, pop tarts, pasta, lasagna, potatoes, vegetables, cookies, chicken, variety of sauces, frozen pies and many more…including toilet paper, bounce, kid’s shampoo, soaps, juices, ice cream…

Kate doesn’t know when their parents are picking them up, her guys have been sharing food with her and she wants to do the same. It’s kind of fun anyway. It took them almost more than one and a half hour to finish. She never buys that much.

Abby and Tony pay the end of the register. While Kate and Gibbs queue up at the other end; she sees Gibbs’ cart is fill with cookies, marsh mallow, chips and many more that the kids and he loves, with some basic needs for his home.

 Kate is not paying attention to Jaclyn and Gibbs, as Joshua is harassing her to get him some candy that he really really wants near the cash register…impulse buying.

There is an old lady walking with a cane buying cat food, behind them. Gibbs lets her pass before them, “You can go on mam” he lets her through. “Oh, thank you young man” he guess compares to her, he is young, Gibbs thought. Jaclyn is eying her cat food, telling Gibbs that she loves cat too...“Doing grocery with your wife and kids? How nice…what a sweet girl you have…she looks like your wife…” she said, while pinching Jaclyn’s cheek lovingly. Before Gibbs answers, she speaks again.

“Not many people do that…nowadays, too busy with their own hectic life” she goes on complaining as she pays for her stuff. Gibbs decides to keep quiet; Jaclyn is quiet too in his arms, smiling at the sweet old lady with the cat food.

Kate’s apartment

Her usually quiet apartment change drastically. It is now full of people. Abby thinks her place is big and it rocks.

The place is full of laughter and noise. Gone, are all the fear and doubt she had, her friends are there to help her every step of the way and she didn’t even ask them.

 Abby and Tony are monkeying around with Joshua and Jaclyn. Gibbs is helping Kate prepares dinner, cooking risotto and salad.

Gibbs is the anchor and guardian for the two monkeys. When they can’t handle Tony and Abby anymore; they’ll run to him in the kitchen for protection, hiding behind his legs, sticking their tongues out at the older monkeys; because they know he is the boss among all of them and nobody crosses his path.

Then Ducky arrives with bread and a wine, joining the fun while Abby fixes the table.


”OK…dinner’s ready” and they all sit and tuck in hungrily. The table is too small for all of them, but she hears no complaint, they are all busy making yummy noises, sitting very close to each other. Gibbs sits very close with her, almost touching. They are enjoying the closeness and the guys don’t seem to notice or they just ignore it.

They are all eating and having conversation, when suddenly Tony burped.

“EUWW…” Jaclyn complaints and close her mouth...“Ha…ha…ha” Joshua laughs and burp too.

After dinner, Kate serves yesterday’s marshmallow with hot milk, there are still plenty of them.

She can see that they all love it. Tony’s eyes are twinkling when he sees the sweet treat.

They are all quiet, savoring the sweetness in their mouth. Jaclyn spoon feed Gibbs and she wants a sip of his milk coffee.

Abby is astonished “Gibbs adds milk in his coffee?” she whispers to Tony...“Yep” he nods, slurping his sticky marshmallow, too busy to make more comment since he is content and full.

It was 9 at night when they finish and clear the table and kitchen. They excuse themselves to go home; when suddenly the sleep induced miss nosy asks,” Can we all have the nice Thanksgiving celebration together? Since my mommy and daddy are not here Jethro? Aunt Katie” she asks pitifully.

“Kate…since your place is small…” he replies “We can have it in my house”, shouts of hoorays are heard from the kids, Abby and Tony; two more days till the holiday, life is great.

 They all go home right away, except Gibbs. The kids make him stay to help them change to their sleeping attire, while Kate puts away her grocery and plans tomorrow breakfast for the gang. Cereal, she decides, after days of unhealthy food.

Her boss is putting her niece and nephew to bed, he totally spoils them. Where is discipline he instills with his agents? All she hears is “Ok and of course” from him. It is almost 10 when he is out of her bedroom; the monkeys are asleep, no more noise.

“Kate…” he calls her, taps her shoulder, she is doing their laundry.

“Thanks Gibbs, really appreciate it” she answers him, and she feels him hugging her from behind, she exhales; she doesn’t want to be hurt again, she is not foolish.

“Gibbs…please, don’t…I don’t want to be hurt again, please…don’t do that” she begs softly, prying his hand from her.

“Kate…I was a fool…please…listen to me” he tries to make her understand.

“Gibbs…we work together…you were right…it’s hard” she is still prying his lock hands on her.

“Kate…give me a chance…I was afraid, confused and now…I know what I want and what I deserved…please…I want you in my life” He insists

“Let me prove it to you Kate…give me the chance to prove it to you” as he turns her around, she looks broken.

He kisses her passionately; hungry for affection and she returns the kiss with the same urgency. They can hear their own breathing and heartbeats, along with their soft moans.

Out of the blue, they hear giggles and “EUWW…gross” Joshua comments...“It’s not gross Joshua!...it’s sweet” she scolds her brother. They are in their flannel PJ, peeking out from her room.

“Hmm…Gibbs?...asleep?” she asks him incredulously, laughing at him.

“Next time…I’ll make sure…I’ll double check…” and he suddenly lunge at the kids, making them scream and run to the bedroom.

Another half an hour to put them to bed again; Kate is all clean and fuzzy with her sleep shirt. She finds her boss asleep in the middle of the kids, each on his side. Jaclyn is hugging Gibbs’ arm while sucking her thumb; Joshua’s tubby leg is on top of his thigh. The three of them are sprawled peacefully on her bed.

She crawls carefully, not to wake them up, kiss his nose, and he is awoken. He wants to kiss her, hugs her and does all kind of things to her but he can’t because the munchkins are asleep in her bed.

Kate pulls him up, she kisses him. “Goodnight Gibbs…see you tomorrow” she whispers in her kiss. “Stay over with the kids tomorrow…in my place” he asks..“Gibbs…are you sure? These are unleashed monsters; they’ll destroy your house, your boat, your bed and mark their territory…trust me” she said

“No they won’t Kate…” he laughs, “although…Jaclyn is going to be worse than you…she got your gene” he teases her.

“I’ll ask them tomorrow…” she replies

“Let me asks them about it, ok?” he kisses her again, like there is no tomorrow...Gibbs stumble towards the door “Goodnight Kate” and he goes home…in a funny walk. 


Early morning, everything goes smooth, Kate is doing better. They reach HQ before 8.30, aided with Cereal and cold milk.

It has become a ritual for them to have breakfast in the bullpen together since the babies are there.

“Aunt Kate…cereal? Why?” Joshua complaints, looking at the cereal boxes sadly. C’mon guys…once in a while…healthier food Joshua…and it’s Coco Crunch, you love Coco Crunch” she answers the boy...“Uuuuhhh…Coco Crunch…yum” Tony snatches the box from Joshua, ripping the box off, searching for toys.

Joshua laughs at Tony and joins the fun. By the time Gibbs arrives, naturally with his milk coffee; joins the breakfast along with Abby and Ducky. Jaclyn sets herself on Gibbs as usual, “I want to feed you Jethro”

Kate shakes her head, God! They spoon feed each other their breakfast.

“Abby, look at them…” Ducky said to her.

 It was an easy day, mostly finishing paper work from yesterday. Their usually grumpy boss is teaching Joshua how to salute properly with his sister still perch in his lap. Kate wonders, do all kids find him irresistible?

Kate is about to finish her work, when suddenly “Aunt Katie…Aunt Katie…is it true? We’ll spend the night at Jethro’s home?” Jaclyn whispers to her excitedly, grabbing Kate’s arm...“Only if you want to Jaclyn” she smiles at the girl.

“Yes I want to, do you know he has a boat?” and she runs back to him. Then, it is Joshua’s turn, but before he asks, Kate said “Yes! Joshua, if you want to…” and the boy jumps up and down.

“Hey…what’s going on?” Tony asks as he picks Joshua up and places him on his shoulders...“Thanks giving, in my place Dinozzo, be there early to help Dinozzo or you don’t get to eat” Gibbs said...“Yes boss!” Tony salutes him.

 Gibbs count, that’s 5 adults 2 kids. He’ll prepare dinner for them, he always loves to cook but since he lives alone, he doesn’t bother, he either eats in the HQ or Chinese take out at home.

He makes a quick call to Ducky.

Then Kate hears “Can I come Jethro?”, “Better not sweetie, it’s going to be a surprise, ok?” “Surprise? For me?”, “Yes for you and your brother, so…you guys wait here with your aunt, ok? I’ll be back soon to pick you guys up” he pats her head...“Promise?” she asks him dotingly, “I never break my promise” he said


Kate has enough of Jaclyn behavior.

“C’mon Jaclyn” she walks to her and grab her hand...“No…I want to stay here” she won’t budge from Gibbs’ seat...“Jaclyn…no” Kate pulls her harder...“I want to sit in Jethro’s chair” she whines, her two and a half years old niece has gone insane.

“It’s ok Kate” Gibbs said to Kate. Kate glares at Jaclyn but she dares not look at her angry aunt.

“Jethro…she is mad at me” she complaints to her bloody savior, tugging his pants

“No…she is not mad” Gibbs said to her...“Oh…yes! She is mad” Kate snaps, she glares at her.

“Jaclyn, Gibbs is going away, you are staying with me, understand” she explains to the annoying little girl. Jaclyn quickly hides behind his legs.

“Kate…” Gibbs calms her down, but actually making it worse...“What Gibbs?” she glares at him.

“Give me a few minutes with her, ok?” he asks her calmly, he has learn a lot these couple of days.


Tony and Joshua are looking at them intensely; they are sitting behind Tony’s desk.

“Jaclyn is in so much trouble, Uncle Tony” Joshua whispers to Tony...“I don’t know…I’m not sure…your aunt versus boss, hard to say Joshua” Tony whispers back at the boy. They hide their bodies behind the screen, but looking at the scene. “She’ll get the spanking of her life” Joshua answers Tony

“Ouch” Tony winch.

Tony sees the boss talking to the little kid in his cubicles, she nods and shakes her head a couple of time. Kate is fuming mad, sitting in her chair...Few minutes later; Gibbs tugs Jaclyn along to Kate, holding her puny hand.

“Oh…Jaclyn…you are in sooooo much trouble” Tony can’t help himself, grinning at her, but he shuts up when Gibbs and Kate glare at him in unison.

“Aunt Kate…I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you, it won’t happen again” she looks at her aunt sadly. At the corner of Kate’s eyes, she can see Gibbs is worried, still holding her hand, ready to pull her if she grabs and spank her.

“Ok! Jaclyn! No more funny business, you hear?! Or…you’ll get the spanking of your life, understand?!” she speaks to her sternly and Jaclyn nods. Tony sees his boss kneels to her level, whispers something to her which definitely cheer her up, and she kisses his cheeks. Tony wonders whether Gibbs asks her to kiss his cheeks or she kisses him voluntarily, Gibbs is definitely popular with girls.

“He is spoiling her Uncle Tony, just like dad…” Joshua whispers to him.

“C’mon Jaclyn” Kate calls her and she comes to her as Gibbs left to find Ducky.

“Play with Uncle Tony, you can ask everything and you can tease him” Kate tells her.

 Jaclyn starts her attack.

”Where is your girlfriend, Uncle Tony?”

“How old is she?”

“Does she wear skirt?”

“Is that why you chase skirts?”

She stands in front of Tony’s table, oh dear Tony thought, he meet his match, she is worse than her aunt. And Kate tries to wrap up her work.


“Hi guys!” Abby jumps at them.

“Abby!!!” they jump at her, they treat Abby like their age, they didn’t call her Aunt Abby, she is way too cool.

“I’ll see you two monkeys at my lab for lunch, OK?” Abby carries Jaclyn and Joshua at the same time. “After cereal…we need something else…OK?” she whispers to them, looking at them fondly.” They nod, agreeing with Abby.

“What are eating Abby?” Joshua asks.

“It’s a surprise!” Abby said, “Thanks Abby” Kate looks at her Goth technician, thinking that one should never judges others by their looks.

The kids remember their manner, “Thank you Abby” Joshua cups her face and kiss Abby’s nose, “Ya Abby, thank you” Jaclyn, pulls Abby’s face to her side and kiss both her cheeks. “Auwwww…you guys…” Abby feels like she is in heaven.

“Hey…what about me?” Tony is upset with the competition. They both laugh and shake their heads, covering their mouth.


Tony with a concentration span a of five years old decides to take the kids to the pantry and around the HQ, so they follow him, one at each hand.

“Women dig guys with kids Kate” he winks at her, and “Proof read for me Kate” as usual he dumps his report at her...“Don’t lose them Tony” she warns him

Her phone rang, “Todd”

“Hey guys, your monkeys just left with my friend” talking to her brother

“They are fine, don’t worry” she said

“Ok…ok…why?” Kate is talking to the phone.

Five minutes later she hangs up. Her brother and wife are back in Nashville; they are hoping for Kate to take their kids for the holiday, Kate is very happy to have them but she wonders about the impending divorce, they sound bad, he said he’ll see them in a few days.



Ducky and Gibbs are at the supermarket. Gibbs seldom step foot there, just once or twice a month. So he takes Ducky to help him out.

He looks at his cart: Seasoned Stuffed Turkey, Cranberry sauce, sugar, juices, potatoes, can foods and many more, the list goes on. He bets they look funny, two old men buying grocery, pushing cart load of food; they also pass by Chips and Cookies isle and load on them. Finished doing their grocery, they left and he drives them to Wall Mart.


Wall Mart

Gibbs goes straight to Children’s areas. Ducky is just following him.

Then in the Toy’s section; Gibbs is searching toys for the kids, Ducky is standing further away, letting him enjoy his time, choosing something he never buys before. He sees Gibbs smiling to himself a lot, sometimes, ruffling his hair out of confusion.

 Soon, he feels that he is being watch, he doesn’t have to turn to see, and he knows Ducky is watching him.

“Don’t say it Ducky” he warns his friend.

“I haven’t said anything…yet, Jethro” he can feel Jethro is not comfortable.

“Jethro…I think” he starts

“Ducky…” he warns him again

“Jethro, I think you should move on with your life…and strive for what you want and what you deserved Jethro…” Ducky continues, ignoring his warning...“Ducky…” he warns him again.

“I am not finish yet Jethro” Ducky doesn’t care; he is not going to cut him off this time, its way to important, for his own good.

“You are a good man, you’ll make a father and husband” Ducky said

“You should…go for it Jethro…yeah…go for it” He tries to convince the stubborn man who is squatting in front of toys, searching.

Ducky is not prepared for his answers...“Yes, Ducky I know” Gibbs said.

“Oh…ok…ok then” he is shocked, he managed to convince Jethro Gibbs, and very unlikely he thought.

”Let’s go Ducky” He straightens up and walks to the cash register. Ducky follows the man, still confused.


Abby’s Lab

The lab doesn’t look like Lab anymore when Kate enters with Tony behind her, carrying both kids. Oh dear, she is surprised.

Abby is wearing a party head, and she hands more party heads for the kids and my God, she expects them to wear it too.

And what’s for lunch, Tony wonders? It’s TACO BELLS

I’m so sorry brother for I’ve ruin your kids’ taste bud, Kate said to herself.

They are having the time of their life, sitting on the floor, circling the food, sodas and juices.





Kate is in the middle of circus’s freaks, eating her burritos.

Few minutes later Ducky and Gibbs enters the circle, “Nice…Taco Bells” and Gibbs gallops the food while Ducky sniffs it first then eat properly.



“Tony…Joshua” Kate snaps at them



“Jethro!” Jaclyn screams. Then he comes near her and gives her a pat on her head, she is eating on Kate’s lap.

“Hi Katie” he touches her hair and she smiles at him. Jaclyn wants to sit with Jethro.

“No sweetie…waits till he finishes eating ok” Kate said and Jaclyn nods.


“We finish our reports Gibbs, on your table” Tony informs his boss. Gibbs nods to him

“It’s a slow day…you guys can leave, It’s four days off including the weekend” he said while still chewing his food.

Tony and Abby are holding hands, sitting very close, holding their breath.

“Keep you mobile on 24/7, in case…we are needed” still chewing his food, he is hungry...And Abby and Tony jump, shout louder than ever “YIPEEE”

Joshua and Jaclyn are shocked. Ducky almost chokes on his nachos. Kate is laughing, Gibbs continues eating.

Ducky explains to stunned Joshua “They never have the permission to go home early Joshua…poor kids” Ducky said to him

“Really” Joshua asks...“I think Jethro is in a really good mood because you and Jaclyn are here” Ducky explains

So they quickly pack up and decided to be in Gibb’s house by 5 and starts dinner by 7 or 8 and they left to the bullpen to clear their stuff.

NCIS Parking lot

“C’mon” Gibbs carries Jaclyn and holds Joshua’s hand

‘We’ll go to your aunt’s place, get your stuff and go to my place” he said to them

Joshua hops all the way to the bullpen and then the parking lot.

A little embarrassing, or shall Kate say very humiliating incident happens in the parking lot. Trouble and problem wants to be with Gibbs. So they fight, who get to sit in the front sit. “I said shot gun”

“So what?”

“I’m his favorite”

“No, you are not”

“Yes I am”

“No you are not”

‘I don’t care, I said shot gun” Joshua shouts at Jaclyn

“I am sitting in front” Jaclyn screams

“Jethro….” She wails at Gibbs, about to cry. Gibbs is confused, this time he doesn’t know what to do. Kate has a headache.

To make things worse, Director Morrow passes by.

“A little domestic problem? Agent Gibbs? Agent Todd?” He is looking at his senior agent field, his female agent and 2 kids squabbling.

“Oh no Sir” Kate replies hastily, she wants to spank them real hard.

“Nothing we can’t handle sir” Gibbs adds.

Morrow is in one of his mood, decides to rock the water.

“So, you guys are related to Special agent Gibbs right?” he bends down and asks the kids.

“Oh no sir, they are not…they are mine” Kate quickly replies the question; she feels guilty, she doesn’t Gibbs to be in trouble because of her kids.

‘We are related, Aunt Katie” Joshua decides to reminds his aunt.

‘What?” Kate is not getting it, looking at Joshua weird.

“We are related, you guys slept together” Joshua said impatiently, adults are so forgetful.

“Yeah…we are related” Jaclyn adds. Gibbs grinned, Director Morrow is looking at Gibbs and Kate, she looks like she is about to faint. Kate has a migraine.

“Kids!!!” she hisses at them fiercely.

“Stop it now! Or kiss your thanksgiving goodbye!...and I’ll swear to God, I’ll spank the both of you…stop it!” she hissed and the kids are quiet.

“Have a good holiday guys” Morrow left, grinning when his back is turned.

“Bye…Mr. Director” they reply politely.