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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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KIBBS: Trouble & Problem 4

Seating arrangements

Gibbs decides to take control of the situation, Kate is about to faint.

“Joshua…a Marine would let the lady sit in front”

“Jethro, I am not a Marine yet and she is no lady”

“But you want to be a Marine, right?”, “Yeah…” he pouts

“Ok…ok…ok” Joshua moves to the back seat, he doesn’t look to happy though.
”I hate girls! I hate them! I hate cooties!”

“I don’t have cooties” Jaclyn snaps

“Guys…please…” Gibbs begs them, he is so afraid that Kate will really spank them right there, right now.

“Kate…” he looks at her.

She exhales, “Gibbs…just go straight to your place…I’ll go and pack their stuff…can you handle them? You are too soft Gibbs! Is it ok?” she looks at him, she is kneading her head.

“Sure Kate…I can handle them” and he fasten their seat belts and drives off. Nobody has ever told him that he is too soft. He looks at the kids, sitting peacefully.

Kate is glad when she reached her apartment. She quickly straightens her place as best as she could. Within half an hour it’s almost up to her standard. She then packs the kids stuff and hers.


Gibbs’ house

It is almost four by the time she reaches his home.

She tries to open his door which is usually unlocked, but it doesn’t open. Strange, she thought as she knocks and calls his name.

Within seconds, she hears stomping tiny footsteps and their bickering.

“I want to open”, “ you are too short”, “No I am not”, “Yes you are” and then…”Jethro...” and Joshua’s face peeks at her “I Aunt Katie…come in” he said.

“Guys…having fun?” she smiles at them.

They jump up and down excitedly, talking at the same time, telling her this, telling her that, she can see that they are happy.

She sees the owner of the house walking towards them smiling. Then the kids show off the surprise present Gibbs gave them, a gun for Joshua and a Teddy bear for Jaclyn.

“Kate, now that you are here, we can start” Gibbs leads her towards the kitchen.


It is very domestic and fun. The stuffed Turkey is already in the oven before Gibbs and Ducky joined them for lunch.

He lets the kids running around; free to roam about, except to go outside his house. They run down to the basement, up the stairs, into his bedroom, his bathroom, and then they go down again. She bets they can keep it up for hours.

Gibbs sees them stop once in a while to sniff the air, “Yummy” they said and continue playing.

“Gibbs, are you sure about them running around your place? They are nosy you know” Kate asks him.

“Yes Kate, I don’t mind, they are not that bad, they know the limit” he said



Kate finds it embarrassing as she finds out that Gibbs is a much better cook than her. He is organized, efficient and good at it. She is impressed.

“What’s with the smile Kate” he asks, “You! Cooking! The domestic Gibbs!” she replies

“There is a lot of me you don’t know Kate” Gibbs looks at her

“There is a lot of me you don’t know too Gibbs” she replies smugly

She gasps when he suddenly moves behind her and closing in on her, she is stirring the thick cranberry sauce in the pot.

“Now, I know where Jaclyn got her attitude and sweetness” he whispers to her and kisses her temple gently.

She turns, facing him, his lips gently grazes hers, then they kissed, all sweet and passionate, oblivious to the boiling sauce and two monkeys perched on the kitchen’s island looking at them, covering their mouth to suppress their giggles. After a while…

“Why do you keep kissing Aunt Katie, Jethro?” Joshua asks Gibbs

“Because he loves her, Joshua” Jaclyn is looking at her brother incredulously

“Do you love my Aunt Katie? Jethro?” Gibbs thought he looks very serious, all business, protecting his aunt, his father would be very proud of him.

“Of course he does, Joshua” Jaclyn and her love.

“Yes, I do Joshua” Gibbs looks at him, very seriously too; respecting his pride.

“See…I told you…boys…stupid…” she haughtily tells her brother.

Joshua ignores his sister, “Ok…you have my permission to date my aunt” he replies, puffing his chest a bit.

“Me too Jethro” Jaclyn adds, giving Gibbs her sweetest smile, the one that usually makes her father gives her anything she wants.

“Ehh…guys…” Joshua points at a boiling pot, reminding them

“Oh yah!” Kate saves the sauce.


Gibb’s living room and dining table.

Their little incident is distracted by the arrival of Ducky, which is later followed by Abby and Tony. Gibbs is looking over his noisy house; it is warm, cozy and full kids’ antics and laughter; the fire place is lit, he brought the TV up to the living room; he feels content and happy, he could get use to this.

Abby brought a large chocolate mud cake and pies; Tony brought lasagna and beers; Ducky brought salads, savory meats and wines.

By 7, the table is fully set, everybody help even Joshua; now they are just waiting for the Turkey; Abby and Kate are pouring beverages.

“Wow” Gibbs exclaimed, looking at his dining table and living room which has been idle for years.


He goes up to his bathroom inside his room to freshen up and change, he stops in his track when he sees a little girl asleep peacefully on his bed, Jaclyn is plopped in the middle of his bed; he never imagine that in his entire old sorry life. He looks the scene for a very long time, trying to comprehend his feeling.

He then lifts her up and slips her under the cover. She wakes up and snuggles to him sleepily, “I’m hungry” she said.

“Soon Sweetheart, I’ll get you when it’s ready ok?” he speaks to her gently

“Ok” she nods and sleeps again.

Ducky is standing by his door, looking at the scene in front of him; not wanting to disturb his friend, Ducky left quietly to join the merriment downstairs.


Thanksgiving dinner

The dinner starts by 7.30. Abby said it was a bash. Gibbs goes down the stairs with Jaclyn stuck to his hips (Tony calls Jaclyn “Gibb’s shadow”), and of course, she sits right next to him.

The seating arrangement is perfect, it is a large oval table fit for 10 people; so at each end sit Ducky and Gibbs; Jaclyn and Joshua are each on his side, Kate and Abby sit next to each other beside Jaclyn; facing Tony, sitting next to Joshua.

Jaclyn is wearing her new pink pinafore with bows on her chest. Her teddy bear from Gibbs is in her arm.

“Wow boss, we could get use to this” Tony is salivating in front of the feast.

“Wait…what about saying grace?” Jaclyn asks around

“Why don’t you lead Jaclyn” Ducky gives her the permission

She starts saying grace “Thank you lord for the nice meal, thank you lord for our new friends, thank you lord for the big house, thank you lord for the presents, thank you lord for the big boat in the basement…” and she goes on, Abby, Tony and Kate are trying to contain their laughter, amuse with her antics.

She finished by saying “…and I hope our mommy and daddy won’t fight anymore” and she opens her eyes.

Kate is shocked, she knew her parents are fighting, she feels guilty for laughing at her graces, and she is serious about it. Everybody else is looking at Ms. Nosy and Joshua, feeling sad, the kids are about to suffer because of their parents doing. Gibbs hates divorces, ironic he thought; God is reminding him through the kids.


“I am hungry” Joshua said impatiently as his slips his toy gun from Gibbs in his pants, waiting for the quiet adults to starts, he know he is not starts before he is told.

He breaks the sadness and they start getting the food. Gibbs sees that Kate’s eyes are red.


Ducky carves the Turkey, and they rest help each other gets food; they concentrate on the kids before they fill their plates.

The kids’ chatters, laughter and antics really brighten the evening. Even though Jaclyn is nosy and rather spoilt; Joshua always bicker, they are considerably very good, and their table manners are impeccable for their age of course, their parents did a great job Gibbs thought.

They sit properly, eat properly; poor Jaclyn can’t handle her cutlery well yet, and it’s too big for her, so she lets both Kate and Gibbs cut for her. Kate tucks napkin on Jaclyn’s chin; and Tony does the same to Joshua, “Thanks Uncle Tony” he said, still concentrating on his food.

Ducky is so happy with the gathering, he beams all night; he feels that he is getting 10 years younger. Tony whispers to Joshua and Gibbs that it must be the wine, he said.

They never feel that full their entire life. The amount and variety of food is impressive for single federal agents and an M.E.

Apart from the Turkey and cranberry sauce, there are pies, Caesar salad, savory meats, lasagna, potatoes salad with gravy, and creamed peas and croissant.

For dessert there are chocolate mud cake, ice cream and apricot pies.


At the end of dinner, Tony is rubbing his stomach, Ducky is content, not moving. Jaclyn and Joshua are very obedient when desserts are served with coffee of course.

Tony smiles when Jaclyn spoon feed Gibbs. Kate makes her spoon feed Ducky and everybody else and she does it happily, going around her table at the same time showing off her new dress.

She has the audacity to ask Tony whether he likes her new dress and Tony said it is the most beautiful dress he’s ever seen on a lady, she is so happy she kisses Tony on both cheek, then he understands why Gibbs is melting in the kids’ hands.

Abby thought she never see Tony beams at somebody that way before and Kate just realized that since the kids arrives never once he made any stupid sexist remarks.

They all love the attention from the little girl.


When she finished going around the table, she goes back to Gibbs, not her chair; it’s like they’ve done it for years instead of a couple of days.

He doesn’t have to see her to know that she is coming to him, he automatically lifts her up to his lap, and she doesn’t ask permission anymore, she just does it and they are both comfortable with the arrangement.

“Do you think I am a good girl Jethro? Jaclyn asks Gibbs as she is sitting in his lap.

“Of course you are, the best ever” he answers her, looking at her adorable puppy’s eyes.

“I think you are a good boy too Jethro…and I am glad that we are related” she whispers the last part. “I am glad you think so” he kisses her head

Tony and Abby never known Gibbs this way, never see him show such affection to another human being. He is very patient and gentle with the kids, more than Kate actually. That’s why they are ogling him.


It is past midnight when everything is cleared off the table.

“Sorry, I can’t help guys” Gibbs said to them when they are clearing the table and kitchen. Kate is busy rationing leftover food to be brought home for Abby, Tony and Ducky, there are so many left over for Gibbs that would last him a week.

“Good excuse boss” Tony replies, eying his sleepy boss who is sitting on his couch with Joshua’s head on his thigh and Jaclyn asleep in his arms against his chest.

He yawns and answers Tony, “…I can’t move Dinozzo”. Abby doesn’t say anything, she is happy to see Gibbs so content, she hardly sees him at peace.


After they left, Kate picks Joshua’s up, she is carrying the sleeping boy to the guest bedroom.
”Kate” Gibbs whispers to her, calling her. She acknowledge him

”Why don’t we all sleep in my room” Gibbs asks her.

“Oh no Gibbs, you won’t be able to sleep, you are not use to have them” she whispers back to him.

“Kate, I don’t mind” he stands up with Jaclyn in his arm, her head on his shoulder.

“These little guys take a lot of space” she refuses.

“Kate, C’mon” he doesn’t care and pushes her upstairs. She sighs, “Ok, your place, your wish” she said.



Gibbs showered while she changed the kids into their PJ; she is laying them down on the bed when he comes out from his bathroom, all cleaned in his boxer short and shirt.

She collects all their dirty clothes to the laundry room to starts the cycle before she showers. She can hear Gibbs footsteps walking the house, locking doors and checking on windows.

After she is done, she enters his room; they are all asleep. Joshua and Jaclyn in the middle with Gibbs on the side of the bed, she has to admit his bed is spacious and she slips under the cover and falls asleep within minutes.

The man of the house is so comfortable he doesn’t want to open his eyes. Last night before she puts them to bed, she changed his sheet and cover. He loves the clean sheet and smells against his skin, usually he doesn’t bother changing his sheet too often, he hardly sleeps there, and he sleeps more in the basement.

Anyway, all around him is soft and nice but he feels some movement and he opens his eyes, he sees the kids are sleeping in the middle of him and Kate.

Jaclyn is hugging Mr. Fuzzy Jethro and he can see Joshua’s gun peeking under his pillow, like his aunt thought him. Kate is sleeping at the other end of his bed, holding small Jaclyn.


Gibbs minds starts to wonder; is it all right to wish for a family for a failure like him, Is it too much to imagine sleeping with his kids and wife? But his wishful thinking is disturbed as Kate is awake.

She raises her head to check on the kids and looks at the time, she looks shocked. She raises her body with her elbow, looking at her niece and nephew, Gibbs pretends to be asleep. Kate is kissing Jaclyn’s head, stroking her arm; then she reaches for Joshua to kiss his cheek, looking at him fondly and she flicks his button nose softly for fun.

She is about to leave the bed, “No kiss for me Kate?” Gibbs asks her.

“You…are awake” she eyes him and he nods.

“It’s almost 10 Gibbs” she changes the subject and slip down his bed.

“Kate…I am still waiting for my kiss…just like them” Gibbs persists, lying back with both hands under his head, waiting.


She walks to his side, he notices her short silk blue PJ as she gives him a sweet kiss, just like the kids, she kisses his forehead and his cheeks. As she is about to stand, he pulls her to him and kiss her lips, it is beautiful Gibbs thought, he is kissing Kate on his bed with kids on his bed, he definitely has something to be thankful for this year.

One more wishes Gibbs’ thought, “Kate…stay one more night”

“Ok…” she whispers to his lips. Their sweet embrace is disturbed by the kids’ movement, snuggling deeper to their pillows.


Gibbs’s living area

So the adults fix their pillows and blanket before they exit to starts the day.

It is a very domestic scene. Kate is doing the next round of laundry; she helps him change the guest bedrooms sheet too. He is taking the thrash out and cleans his basement because he promised the kids; they can play there, when he is satisfied with the condition of his basement, also making sure there are no loose nails around, he walks up to his living room.


He is stunned, the place is clean, it smells different too, it feels lived in; even his kitchen feels different. Not that he is a dirty person, he is not, he is fairly clean and dislikes clutters, but he guess a woman’s touch is different, something that he really miss.

“Kate…” he calls out to her, no replies, he calls her a couple of time, looking for her around the house, until he catch her shadow outside his backyard; she is hanging their clothes, it looks funny, there are his, hers and the kids; he never has a child before; so it is strange for him a see a tiny shirt, overalls and dress. He thought his backyard look wonderful today.

He never bother to hang his clothes, he just throws them in a dryer. He is absorbing the new theme in his backyard; he doesn’t notice Kate comes in.

“Gibbs…Gibbs” she calls him a couple of time, cooks her head at him.

“You Ok?” she asks, he nods and he hears pitter pat of footsteps, the kids are up; Trouble and Problem are coming down.


It is a fine day for all of them, after they are bathed and changed; they join Gibbs in his basement, while Kate tidy Gibbs’s room and make lunch for all of them.

They greet her homemade lunch excitedly, looking at the tray of sandwiches, cut apples and juices; they ravish the food in the basement.

At three in the afternoon, Gibbs takes them out to the mall and they decides to watch “Ice Age 2”, Joshua and Jaclyn laugh till their tummy hurt; then Kate buys them all ice cream.

She eyed Jaclyn who is whispering to Gibbs, “This is the bestest-funnest-holiday ever in my entire life” she said seriously. Kate laughed; she is only two and half years old.


Chucky Cheese

They have late dinner at Chucky Cheese, after much bickering among Kate, Joshua and Jaclyn. Kate makes them promise, not to play and go straight home after they have their meal, and they shook on it.

So, they let the duo play while they wait in the booth for the cheesy meals.

Gibbs is curious, “Why can’t they play again after their dinner Kate? It’s still early, I don’t mind” he asks her, sitting very close to her.

“You want to know why?” she looks at him cheekily “Wait…” she said,

Soon he understands…

He is enjoying their closeness, he places his hand behind her back, looking at his duo, not letting them out of his eye sight when suddenly; a boy a little bit bigger than Joshua huddles past their booth, stops in his track and he pukes all over the floor and himself, then he bawls for his mommy. His mother quickly picks him up, at the same time, scolding him.

The Chucky Cheese cleaning teams spot the hazard and quickly clean it up.

Gibbs laughs, ‘I see…ok then, I get it” he looks at her.

“See, me and my brother learn it the hard way Gibbs” she shakes her head, trying to erase the memory out of her head.

“We are hungry…” they are puffing, sweating and gasping for air, smiles on their faces. Kate takes them by the hands to go wash up before dinner. Joshua refuses,” I’m not going to the girls’ wash room…euuww…cooties” he says

“Girls don’t have cooties!!!” Jaclyn shouts and kicks his shin. Gibbs stands up and takes Joshua to the boy’s room. Problem solved.


The kids and Gibbs are in the middle of their pizza frenzy, Kate looks at them eat and she feels full; a little boy with glasses about Joshua’s age comes over to talk to them.

“Jaclyn said you both have guns” he asks them anxiously.

“Yes we do, we are cops” Kate answers him; he is not going to understand NCIS.

“WOW! Jaclyn, you have the best mom and dad ever!!!” the boy exclaims, “My mom and dad only have pens to work with” he compares.

“They are not my parents Jimmy” Jaclyn says, “We are just related…because…” Kate closes her mouth with her hand. Gibbs is laughing.

“Enough missy…don’t talk with your mouth full and don’t spread rumors” Kate glares at her. “Hey I think your mom is looking for you” Kate said to Jimmy.

“Bye Jaclyn”, “Bye Jimmy”


“Jaclyn has a boyfriend…eeuuww…” Joshua teases her

“Be quiet Joshua” she said “Jaclyn has a boyfriend…” he laughs at her.

“Ouwww…” he shouts with pain as she kicks him in his shin. Gibbs and Kate laugh as they separate them. Joshua is angry, his shin is forever blue back and in colors, “Daddy said, he’ll shoot her boyfriend…”Joshua said to Gibbs, “No he won’t, Jimmy is a gentleman” Jaclyn replies hastily, ‘What do you know about gentlemen Jaclyn…you are only 2” Kate mocks her niece, she sounds older than herself.

“I am two and a half Aunt Katie…and I know boys” she pouts.



Soon they left for home and they hang out in his basement for an hour or so because Gibbs said it is time for them to sleep and he hustle them to bed while Kate does some ironing; a lot she thought, really different from her one person load, she smiles to herself.

As she is finishing, she sees Gibbs coming down to check on the doors and windows, than he pulls her to go to bed, tickling each other on their way up; they stop when they see 2 pairs of beady eyes looking at them.

So, Kate showers while Gibbs works hard on putting them to bed again; he falls asleep too; as Kate looks at them and she falls asleep beside them.


Late morning, Gibbs opens his eyes, looks at the time and smirks, it’s the second day he wakes up that late, it’s almost 9am, he hardly sleep through that late, even though he doesn’t work.

He notices the 2 kids sprawl in the middle of his bed. Where’s Kate as he realizes her side of the bed is empty.

He slowly lifts their limbs that ended up on top of his body and he exits the room quietly. His nose is greeted by a nice aromatic smells, coffee! He looks down and sees some activity in his kitchen.



Kate is still in her PJ, making pancakes for their brunch.

“Morning Katie”, “Oh hi morning Gibbs” she replies, ‘Coffee” she points to the coffee.

He drinks his coffee and walks to Kate, he is shocked, her eyes and nose are red, she was crying.

‘Katie what’s wrong” he worries. She tries to ignore him, ‘Nothing Gibbs” she goes on making pancakes. “Kate…what is it” he press on for a while.

”my brother and his wife are getting a divorce…they’ve decided, they are going to tell and pick up the kids today”. The silence is deafening.

“I told them where we are, they’ll be here in the afternoon” Kate continues, wiping her tears, He doesn’t know what to say even though he is very familiar with divorce.

“The kids…what happen?” he manages to say it.

“My brother is taking Joshua and of course Jaclyn will be with her mother” she sniffs.


“Jethro…” Jaclyn in standing at the archway, hugging her teddy bear.

“Hi…sweetie…” he greets and picks her up; he kisses her cheek and temple, holding the girl close to him.

Jaclyn enjoys the extra affection he lavishes her. She just smiles at him ‘you sleep like an angel” he said to her, as he feeds her pancakes. “You can play in the basement after you’ve eaten and changed, ok?” and she nods happily.

She grabs his fork from his hand and she feeds him instead, she sniffs him “Coffee” Gibbs feels like crying. He feeds her again while she adds milk to his black coffee so he can share with her.

Kate is trying very hard not to cry, she is facing the stove, busying herself with the pancakes so that she doesn’t have to look at her niece. She really doesn’t want her to know what’s going on, but it’s impossible.

Gibbs feels his heart stops beating when Jaclyn looks up to him, kiss his cheek and said “You are my hero Jethro”

He couldn’t stand it anymore. “Your parents are coming Jaclyn”

“Really?” she sounds happy. “Are they picking us up Aunt Katie?” Joshua who is standing just outside the kitchen asks the question.

“Are they still getting a divorce Aunt Katie?” he asks his aunt who is has not been looking at him; “I am not stupid you know” he sounds mad.

“What’s a divorce?” Jaclyn asks Jethro. He couldn’t answer the simple question, damn it, and he’s done it like three times.

“Guys, lets not talk about it now, your parents will be here soon, they are going to tell you everything you want to know, ok Joshua? C’mon I made you your favorite food” she tries to calm the boy down.

“No!” he shouts and runs off from the kitchen

“What’s wrong Aunt Katie?” Jaclyn is scared, looking at her aunt.

“Joshua…” Kate tries to catch him. “Kate…don’t…let him be” Gibbs stops her

“But…” she is confused. “He has to deal with it…let him Kate…I’ll go to him” he decides. Gibbs finds the boy in his basement, hiding and crying quietly in the corner, hugging his knees.

He wishes he can tell him that everything will be all right, but then he’ll be lying. “Hei Marine…come here” he beckons him “I’m going to tell you a secret”.