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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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KIBBS: Trouble & Problem (END)


It was hell; it was terrible, Gibbs recalled what happen in his living room and his parking area hours ago. He is now sitting down with Kate in his arms still crying, oblivious to her surrounding.

“I hate them for doing this Gibbs” she hisses.

“They’ll survive Kate…somehow”


He remembers their tears, their screaming, and their pains. Jaclyn was wailing, Joshua was very quiet with tears running down his cheeks, holding his sisters’ hand.

He looks mad at his parents for making her cry.

Gibbs heart is broken into pieces when he saw the kids were pulled in separates direction; they try to hold on to each other as long as they could.

Kate was still screaming at her brother.

At the end Jaclyn was crying so badly she throws up, screaming for her dad. Joshua was crying, hugging Kate’s leg.

Kate was also crying and screaming at their parents. Things were so bad; it was dark when they managed to put the kids in the separate cars. Gibbs offered Jeremy to stay there for the night, he has spare rooms that can accommodate them but he refused, he didn’t want to go through hell again he said.

Gibbs thought he looks broken, he recognized the look.

So they decided to stay at a motel for the night and continue their journey tomorrow morning.


Gibbs just stared at the hysteric kids dragged by their angry frustrated parents who were getting rougher by the seconds; while Kate is kissing them good bye furiously, calming them down.

She gives both Jaclyn and Joshua her mobile number and coins to make calls to her, she promised that they can talk to her for 24 hours.

Gibbs closed his eyes when heard Jaclyn screamed his name over and over again; he felt someone rips his hearts out, she thought of him as her hero, just there is nothing he can do, just standing at by his door, they are not his to keep.


“I am going home Gibbs” Kate decides, she wants to go home and cry. He doesn’t let her go from his lock, “Stay Kate…please” he is drained. He pulls her closer, her arms are around his, and so do his. They are both drown in their sadness trying to feel the emptiness, “I don’t want to be alone Kate” he admits, “So do I”

They feel they cold emptiness in the house, glad for the company.

Ducky is surprised when Gibbs told him about the kids. The M.E is very disappointed, he was planning to take the tots out to the park and he feels so sorry about the divorce.

Somehow, in the aftermath of the incident; they both fell asleep in the bedroom in each others’ arms. Kate is awaken by her mobile, dazed, she reaches for it, she doesn’t recognized the number “Todd”

“Aunt Katie…It’s me” Joshua’s voice

“Joshua?” Kate is jarred awake

“What is it…what time it is?” she looks at the time it’s past two in the morning.

“Something wrong? Where’s your dad, let me talk to him” she asks

”Aunt Katie” Joshua is crying, Kate panics, “Jaclyn is with me”

“Where Joshua?”, “I don’t know…” he cries louder, Kate can hear Jaclyn’s cries over the phone too. “Gibbs!” Kate is panic, she doesn’t know what to do; Gibbs is already awaken when she called his name. Gibbs grabs her mobile when she screams his name.

‘The kids…” she tries to explain to him.

He takes over and calmly asks Joshua to read out the number on the phone, after he patiently finds out that the boy is using a public phone. Then he makes a quick call from his mobile, already getting ready to get the kids, while he asks Joshua to stay on the line with Kate until the call is cut off.


Searching for Trouble and Problem

Within minutes, they are out the door. It was raining cats and dogs; Gibbs drives like a maniac with a purpose, she doesn’t care.

In less that half an hour they find their lost babies. Kate sees shadow in the phone booth.

Gibbs stops right next to the booth; they are both in a sorry state, Jaclyn in hugging her knees and her teddy bear, shivering, crying; Joshua is crying loudly too, hugging his sister. It’s bloody winter Gibbs thought; he wants to kill their parents. He is so mad, he feels hot.

He grabs both kids swiftly and Kate follows them to the backseat, she sits with them, calming them down the entire way home, they are drenched to their skin.

She takes off their clothes and hugs them, hoping the heating can warm them up.

“Shh…guys, it’s going to be all right…you are with me and Jethro…see…” she reminds them. They are still crying to her chest but slowly subside as they are exhausted.


Arriving home

When they arrive, he instructs Kate and the kids to wait in the car, while he enters his house and comes out in seconds with huge towel; he covers them with the towel and carries them inside. He can feel their shiver.

“Its ok guys…we are home…we are here ok?” he kisses both their head.

Kate washes them under hot water for few minutes and dries them quickly; she gasps loudly when she looks at Jaclyn, “who did these?” Jaclyn is standing on top of Gibbs’ bed, naked under the light; Kate can see very clearly the greenish blue tinge on her arms and inner thigh.

”mommy” and she wail again, Kate hugs her small body and rocks her

‘Mom pinched her Aunt Katie, she didn’t want to stop crying” Joshua tells her

“Mommy slaps Joshua too…Aunt Katie” she tells them with sound effect “Smack…” she said.

“They were fighting” Joshua explains

Kate quickly dresses them in Gibbs’ sweat shirt; they said they feel much better.

“Aunt Katie, I want to stay with you and Jethro” Jaclyn said after she is done crying.

“Shh…it’s ok pumpkin, I’ll kick your parents’ ass, ok baby?” she jokes with them

Gibbs comes back with warm milk and food; “I’m not hungry Jethro…I don’t want” Jaclyn sobs, but he patiently forces the food and milk down their throat, he begs them “Please sweetheart, you have to, so you’ll feel better…please” he feeds them both.


Kate comes with some ointment from his washroom, he looks angry when she raises her sweat, to rub some ointment on her thigh and arms; he heard her talking about the bruised but didn’t register the incident until he sees the bruises, “Does it hurt?” Kate asks “No” Jaclyn said bravely.

Her mobile rings, “Todd” she snapped. Gibbs sees her face change, she looks horribly mad. “What? You lost your kids?”, “Both of them?”, “I have no idea bro” and she hangs up cruelly.

“Let them suffer a little bit more, ok kids?” and they both nod.

Kate is glad that they stop their vomiting and shivering. She hears Gibbs telling them that he thinks they are the bravest kids he ever met; and he tries to put them to sleep, he hugs them both, kissing their head repeatedly.


Joshua cries because he forgets his gun, Gibbs promise them that he’ll take them back when he wakes up tomorrow and the boy nods sadly.

”you can borrow my Mr. Fuzzy Jethro, Joshua, I don’t mind” she said to her crying brother, but Joshua refused and sobs quietly.

Gibbs guess after awhile, they feel safe and comfortable in his arms and bed, they fell asleep within half an hour or so.

He is looking at them, Jaclyn is asleep in his arm and Joshua moves down to his lap, they look so small and weak, and the experience that they’ve been through is far too cruel and traumatic. How could their parents do this to them, divorced, shame on them, shame on him.

He recalled how easy it was to please them. When he gave them their toy, Jaclyn screams with joy, hugging the teddy bear and she said she’ll named him Jethro, Mr. Fuzzy Jethro; as she kissed Gibbs’ cheek over and over again until she is satisfied.

Joshua waited patiently like a gentleman; for a 3 and a half years old, not bad at all; his eyes bulge when he saw the gun, “WOW” it’s all he could muster, before a few long seconds later, he thanked him; they love his boat in the basement, and they thought Gibbs is the coolest man on earth.


Kate arranges them properly in the middle and they both fall asleep soon.

Gibbs is awaken by the light and movement on his bed, he then sees Kate on the phone, and she looks awfully pale.

“What’s wrong Kate?” he yawns, “They have fever Gibbs”, he is jarred awake by the news. He doesn’t know what to do, he feels hopeless; while Kate is diligently wiping their forehead and limbs with cold wash cloths, “I’ve called Ducky, don’t worry, go back to sleep”. Like hell he would.


He opens hid door for Ducky, the M.E looks worried, “Poor lads” he said as he examines their little body.

Kate goes out from his room, she is sad and furious, she needs to do something, then she sees all the dirty wet clothes, and she dumps them in the machine.

She is thinking, what can she do for them? What can she said to their parents?

“Kate” Gibbs taps her, ‘I’m going to the pharmacy for their medicine, Ducky is staying with them” he wishes he can console her but he has some urgent errand to do.

“Then, we’ll figure out what to do, ok?” she just nods her head, looking at him thankfully.

It is almost noon when the kids are awake; their temperature has drop, but their throats are still sore and they have the flu. They are doing much better though, but still lying on the bed under Gibb’s sweats, they look like dwarfs in giant’s clothes; Jaclyn comments their attire to Ducky

Ducky is lying on the bed, talking with them, they talk about everything.

“Aunt Katie…where’s Jethro?” Jaclyn asks her

“He is out sweetie, to kick your daddy’s ass” Kate says

“And mommy too?” Jaclyn conforms, “yes”


Gibbs was gone; he dropped by for a while to drop the medicine and check on the sleeping kids, then he told Kate that he is going to look for their parents to talk.

“Do more then talk Gibbs” Kate sounds pissed. That was 7 in the morning, it is now noon.

Kate has fixed lunch for Ducky and the kids and they have eaten all she prepared for them, she is now waiting for Gibbs. She jumps when she sees him enters the house, all tired and damp; she walks to him, takes off his coat and hugs him.

”Hey…everything will be all right Kate”, “Let’s change you before you catch cold” she pulls him towards his room.

‘Why Kate? You want to change my clothes?” he grins.

“Very funny Gibbs, you are 50 not 5 ok?”

The kids are so happy to see him, “Jethro…” Jaclyn walks on the bed to him, he holds her for a while, and he pulls out Joshua’s gun from his jeans, “Thank You Jethro” the boy gleams and thanks him with a sore throat.

“Sweetie, let Jethro eat first ok? You don’t want him to be sick right?” Kate said to Jaclyn and she lets him go “Ok” she replies.


Kate drags Gibbs down to the kitchen and let him eat. Damn, he is hungry, he eats whatever his Katie serves in front of him; his Katie? Yeah right, he thought.

When he finishes his food “Good Boy, Gibbs” Kate teases him. He smiles at her.

“So?” she asks him anxiously. “So what Kate?” he teases her back.

“Gibbs…spill it out “she jabs his stomach

“Tell me…tell me…tell me, what did you do?” she asks

“You are going to love me…” he looks at her, smugly.

Then she looks at him softly and she said “I already love you Gibbs, it’s you who never realized it…” she admits to him.

He gazes at her, like he never seen her before…she cuts him “SO? The kids? My brother? What happen?” she wants to know everything.


Gibbs walks to her and embraces her in his arms; he tells her that everything will be all right. Then tells her about his fear, his pain, the humiliation, he tells her how the kids open his eyes, gives him hope, so that he dares dream for a better future.

He wants a family; they’ve released him from his past.


He went to her brother and his wife, “They look like hell Kate” he tells her. He advised them not to make the same stupid mistakes he did, he told them that he was a blind stubborn fool, not to believe in family, it is worth fighting for.

He told them that their children have opened his dying heart and he would sacrifice everything to have what they have, he begged them to consider, ‘You don’t know what you’ve miss until it’s too late and you can’t turn back time”.


“Kate, marry me” It is not a proposal, it is a statement; Kate is not prepared for it, one moment he was talking about her brother’s family and the next he asks her to marry him.

She laughs, she places her palm to his forehead, and “Yep, just as I thought, you have fever, like the kids” she said

“Kate…” he sounds so serious. “You are tired, you are stressed out about the kids, wet, cold…you are not thinking straight…it’s all my fault…my poor baby” she hugs him.

“Kate…” he tries again, “Gibbs…asks me again, in a month” she looks at him seriously and he smiles and says ok.

“C’mon, your girl and boy are waiting for you”, “I’m jealous by the way, I think they like you more then me, and I am …related” and Gibbs laughs out loud. Kids said the darnest thing.


God is fair, she thought. There’ll always be light after darkness.

Her brother and wife come to see their kids that evening; they ask for their forgiveness and tell them that they are not going to get a divorce. After Trouble and Problem jumps up and down, they make their parents let them for another week and they said Yes! Happiness is definitely contagious.


Kate POV

The next day I was talking to my brother, as I was feeding him with Thanksgiving leftover food. Last night, they stayed in Gibbs’ spare room and they all went out for a big dinner and Kate’s brother was paying.

Out of the blue, Gibbs enters his kitchen, and straight away tells Jeremy his purpose with his sister.

My face is red like a lobster, I am embarrass but flattered by his action. My brother looks at me and looks at Gibbs. He swallows his food and has a biggest grin on his face.

“Sure Gibbs! If you can handle her…” he continues eating.

“Actually, I am glad that you want her…I was beginning to worry that nobody would ask for her hand…” he swallows his chewed food.

“…you know…most of the guys that go for her…got their ass kicked...to…” then I chokes him from behind, he tackles me, I pinches his tummy hard, he screams in pain, I flips him, he flips me and we heard claps

 The kids are clapping their hands excitedly, cheering for their aunt of course. Ducky is shocked and Gibbs tells him that he asks her brother for her hands and Ducky is speechless, Imagine, Ducky speechless and he grins at Gibbs.

Suddenly, my brother stops fighting me and lunge at his kids, carrying them around the living room, they scream and they laugh.


Ducky POV

I wonder how innocence souls can make the worse cynic believes. I am looking at the family that was almost shattered to pieces. Then I look at Jethro and Caitlyn, I am content because now I can see that they’ll find their way to the family and future the deserved.


Gibbs POV

Kate asked me to ask her again in a month; I don’t bother to wait that long. The day before her brother and his family goes home, I asked her and she said yes.

It was relieved when she said yes; the kids are screaming at the top of their lungs, “We are related, we are related”.

I told her that I’ll make her happy and she can have the big wedding whenever she wants. Kate said she didn’t want a wedding, she doesn’t believe in wedding, she believes in marriage.

One month later, after getting a license and being married at the city hall, I am married again, for the last time. As I lay asleep in our bed with her tucked beside me, I thank God for Trouble and Problem, and the last chance that God give me.


Trouble&Problem~Marital bliss~Imagine~Cursed&Blessed~Drool~All I have~

Immortality (end)

I based Jaclyn and Joshua’s characters from my 2 years old cousin, named James. His antics, creativity and boldness give me great idea about kids.

Later on, when I add another “Kid or kids character” to another KIBBS stories to this sequel, I’ll basing from James, too.