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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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I have a big crazy closed knit family...

and Believe me, When I say CLOSED,
Its really really really closed...

And when I say BIG...it really means HUGE

Let me show you the math...brace yourself

12 - (2, outcast) = 10 x 2 = 20
and sweetie, thats just my aunts and uncles (KIDS...not count yet !!!)

Wanna go on?...ok
Just roughly...
10 x 3kids each family (plus n minus give and take) = 30 over cousins...
Scary isn't it !!!

And that's just simple math...

Imagine, when I go into depth with the characters
1. Stingy
2. Happy go lucky
3. Know it all
4. Fierce
5. Cool
6. Uncertain
7. Loud
8. Love to eat
9. Prankster
10. Love coffee
11. Love to joke
12 Love to cook

See, Life and Human being,
is all about balance.
There is no White if there is no Black
There is no Good if there is no Bad

Inspite, of all the nosiness
Inspite, of all the " parents are always right"
Inspite, of encouraging collectivism and againts Individualsm

I love them all
Because without  them, I won't be here
Because without  them, I won't be who I wanna be

Not a day goes by that I didn't thank GOD for my annoying big happy family
They are special and unique.

Lets just hope, none of them read this journal..but all my cousins and friends.welcome !!!


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despite everything

i love them all too :D :D :D
and most of all, i love you !

jangan "bandel bandel" ya loe ce!!!!!
hurry up and come here! i'll accompany you to get that "picture" on your back, or wherever it is you want it to be!



you know the 2 pictures don't come up yea?

on...it come out in my page,,,you know the last one, the 1st oone is cacelled already..you did see our pics together right...your ma, otto, monic etc????let me know

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