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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Recipe: Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay

 Peanut sauce

Garlic                        4-5 cloves

Red onion                  1-2 cloves

Oil                            1 spoon

Water                        1 cup

Peanut sauce…ready made package in Asian stores, sold in medium sizes cubes, pay attention to the “spicy” degree. Range from mild, medium and HOT!!!, like hell!

Dilute peanut sauce block with boiling water, the consistency is…thicker than cream soup. When done, leave it to cool.

Please add salt and pepper to taste!


Finely chopped Garlic n Red onion OR dump in food processor!!! Till they become “paste”. Stir fry with oil until you can smells damn good!


ADD the “diluted peanut sauce to the Garlic and red onion paste! YUMMY!!!


Chicken on sticks

Chicken fillet              500gram – 1 kg

Lemon juice                2-3 spoon

Depends how hungry you are…or how many people you are serving.

Cut into bite sized cubes or triangles…”I am joking”…cubes is fine.

Seasoned with salt, pepper or “chicken seasoning” and lemon juice, leave for half an hour or so.


Stick 4-5 pieces of chicken cubes unto a stick

Then…BAKED or GRILL them, which ever easier.

Baste with oil to retain moisture, please don’t bake them for too long, or they become dry and chewy…you might choke on them.



Place the baked/grilled Chicken sticks on plate

Pour Peanut sauce on top of the chicken sticks

Add some SWEET SOYA SAUCE on top

Add some lemon juice on top

Add “finely chopped of Red onion” on top

Add “Fried onion flakes” (please don’t make them; you can buy them in packages.

And you may add some chili sauce if you want to.



…To have fun, while making them…if your spouse or significant others don’t like it, just forced feed them!!!


If you decide to make the sauce a little bit strong/ salty in taste, make sure the chicken is not too salty or strong in taste.


Bon appetite