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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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My friend Linda said to me...on marriage
"Nova, Marriage is like a wall, people who are inside would love to get out; people who are on the outside...would love to get in..."

Not good, not good at all.

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Thats kind of gloomy, though probably true for some people! I don't think everyone wants out once they're in! do they? Why can't we sit on top of the wall? Is that even possible? LOL! Sorry! =D

yes, i think it is possible to sit on top of the wall...
That is what I call, living together...
don't you think its a better, smarter choice???
Just a personal opinion, thats all.

I wouldn't nescesarily say it was a better, smarter choice. Its one that people make and feel comfortable with. I suppose it is really a personal choice thing. =D lol!

Heheeh,I knew that!:D *sigh*maybe it's not something good,but it's true.:) *hugs*

Wise words... a bit pessimistic, but I guess it's true if I consider all the older couple on the street who always act grumpy towards each other and stuff. Or start to yell at each other in the middle of a grocery store... O.o I happened to witness that lately.

I know...a tad sad isn't it?
and divorced rate is rising as we speak...
But you are right,
rather pessimist...or honest, I guess

Interestingly, studies say that couples who live togethe without being married live happier together than those who are married. They made tests with some people. Some couples had been living together for more than ten years, then they married and about one year later, they divorced again.
I guess it's just something about the thought of being married - of, metaphorically spoken, being tied to just one person. I have no idea.

Still, I like to be the romantic and believe that there are still marriages that work, and men who are gentle and no assholes and so on... *grins*

Speaking of gentlemen, part 4 of my Kibbs story is online. Thought, you'd want to know. (^.^)v

Let me snoop all over your LJ!
Thats for the nudge.
Hmmm. you are right...lot of people who live together, get a divorced after marriage, kind of strange you know.
And yes, deep down in my heart, I still HOPE for the ONE

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