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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Always believe (KATE POV, drabble, romance, PG-13, KIBBS, NCIS fiction)

She is the sweetest girl ever
Her brothers adore her to pieces
Her smiles can brighten the darkest soul
Her warmth can seep through the coldest place
Her courage gives hope to wounded soldiers
Her loyalty is rare
She is her parents' precious
And she is the future safe keeper of the President of the United States of America

God scratches his chin, his eyes twinkling in excitement
What's your purpose in this life my child?
I can hear your sweet thankful prayers every single day
Caitlyn Todd, I need you to make my lost sheep believe,
To help my lost sheep find his way back to me

And in return,
He'll pledge his loyalty to you
He'll protect you and your children to his death
He'll swear to me, his GOD to have you, to honor you till death do we part

So, GOD sleeps and has a sweet dream that night

Caitlyn Todd
Grew up to be a kind person
Her gentle nature cause serenity
But her kick ass attitude is the best ever
Courage and compassion is her motto
Conscience is her guidance
Never give up, never surrender
Don't touch what belongs to me then you'll be fine

She often wonders why after three decades of life
She never meets someone that can leave foot prints on her heart
She has lots of flings and dates
But they leave a bitter and sour taste to her mouth
That couldn't be it
She is not satisfied, there has to be more
But she never complaint
Her prayers are thankful memos, her hopes and dreams
She knows God has a plan for her
She only wishes she knew
Because late at night
She feels the cold and loneliness
She is alone
She is scared of the dark
She is afraid that she'll never fulfill her destiny

Oh GOD, please please pretty please
I'm alone and afraid of the dark, can you please send the light, my way
"I believe you", because I have faith
And she winks at him cheekily
Perhaps a nice young man that's all sweet and gentle
Who sweet me off my feet
The knight in shining armor, every girl's dreams
Kate sighed, she imagines some commander from JAG that she dated, nice!


Never in her dream, she imagine him to be this broken
Never in her imagination, he'll be this poignant
He is the coldest as she ever feel
He is the rudest person she ever meets
He is as obnoxious as he can be
He is an old fox that tricks her into trouble with her boss
Leroy Jethro Gibbs, what the hell did you send me God?

The first time she saw the lost sheep
She disregards him
She was working, fulfilling her duty and responsibilities
Enemies all around her
Then she heard a whisper around her
So soft and almighty
‘Caitlyn my child, look at him, he is what I promised you,
But he's just back from his war, he is still mourning
I believe you can heal his soul"

She raised her eyes and meet his
Cold, hatred, pain, disappointment, humiliation, distrust
All the anguish…
But then she saw a glimpse of hope
There's kindness in him
Masked by all the rudeness he can muster
My poor baby, who hurt you so bad?
I'll kick their sorry ass so far
You won't have to worry anymore

But, Damn,
He is annoying
He is old
He is divorced
He is grumpy
He is a snob
He makes me mad
I had to prove myself to him
That I am good enough
I wish I can kick his snooty ass back to…where? NCIS? Never heard of it…
Leroy Jethro Gibbs has meet his match

Within a few hours
He's been possessive
He's been probative
He's been distrustful
He's invade her personal place
Are you sure he is the one God?
Can you check again, please…?

The next day, she thought he is gone
Maybe, God is pulling her legs
Oh Dear, here we go again
The bastard is here again, grinning in front of her
She tries to ignore him
But for some reason she can't refuse him
Oh Dear, God is not pulling her legs

Hmmm, I smell him today
I wish I can steal a kiss
Nice, all masculine and what is it?
I was in his arms and I don't want to let go
For the first time in my life I feel safe
For the first time in my life I don't feel lonely
For the first time in my life someone touches my soul
For the first time in my life someone made me smile from my heart
I am sure he feels the same way
I swear to you God, that he sniffs me too
His eyes couldn't lie, not to me, not ever

Now, I believe that he'll always be loyal to me
I believe that he'll protect me and his children
I believe that he'll provide and love me till death do us part

Thank you God for believing in me to mend his broken heart
Thank you God for believing in me to mend his battered soul
I believe I can help him find his way back to you
I believe I can help him believe in love again

Thank you for the blessing
For when the time is right
We'll never be lonely again
Because we'll be bonded by the holy matrimony

Caitlyn Todd winks at God
She is sleeping in his protective arms
And around her swollen womb, carrying his child
His love makes her feel safe and she is not afraid of the dark anymore
Because he is the light of her life

Your grace is amazing
Please bless us your children
So each of us can find the torch of out life
And face you God with dignity and peace at the end of our live


Special thanks to CLEO NIGHTINGALE, without her inspiration this drabble will not exist, thanks for all your review and support.
Many thanks to DG101(dani) and TV lovin hottie for always reviewing my fics and great suggestions.
I hope I'll get better every time I write.
DISCLAIMER: NCIS...is not mind and will never be mine.