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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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The time is near!
I can't believe it!
It is almost time to 'uproot' my ass and moves away.
Away from my family, friends, pets, my rooms...and many more.

I know the change is good for me.
Hell it is great for me.
It is my prayers everyday for almost six years.

But when t he time is near...I got cool feet...I mean, nervous!
Yeah, I know that within a month, I would not turn my head and turn back, but right now.

I am scared! But excited too.

I am counting days...soon, I take my ass to another continent!


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It must be a very scary time for you. I can completely understand that. But I'm sure that all will be well and it will be good for you, as you say.

Sending good vibes and lots of hugs your way.

Thanks Nikki,
I know you are right!
Hopefully things will be fine

Changes are not easy!!!!...
I believe THIS time is the worst... not too far... not soon yet....
Day by day you will going to find the thing more "natural "... Enjoy this new cycle of your life from now!!!!!!

I know it's very hard to go through with something like that, especially if it involves leaving the people you love behind. I've done that when I moved away from my family...
But I can tell you from experience now, although you get cold feet and maybe you will be crying the first two or three days, then it will be better. You will survive and it will maybe turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life!

So just don't lose courage. The whole world is your home and different places are just different rooms in that home. You can always return to your family if you want to... but now look forward to the adventures lying in front of you! *huggles tightly*

Thanks Kimberly...
I know you are right,...
Just have to brace myself and go forward.
I will stop being online for a week or so, until I settle down...and hunt for internet access!
Probably from the 2nd/3rd of may, and seven days

Don't worry, I know everything will be okay. Especially if you dreamed of it for so long you must not give in to those fears now! Just try to see the positive stuff.

Hunt for internet access - yeah, that would be one of my most important problems... bed: not so important, you can sleep on a mattress, table: hell, who needs a table. But internet access is like oxygen - along with the possibility to write. LOL

*Gibbs-slaps nova* Now pull yourself together, take a deep breath and do it!


Hi Supernova !
I just read your entry and I want to tell you that even if it's hard to leave family, it's a good experience.
I'm sure it'll be cool and you'll appreciate that.
Where will you go ? (if you want to discuss about it)

Sorry for my english ^^

Good luck !

Oh, I've forgotten, I love your layout and your LJ presentation.

hey...please don't apologize for your english,
I believe your grammar is MMUCH MUCH better than mine!

I hope you visit my LJ often, cos..hihihi I get bored easily and I change the template often.

I am going to sydney, australia, its migrating actually.not too far, just a 7 hrs flight or so,
I've done a lot WORSE!!!

When I had to go to US, it was 2 days, then switzerland it was almost 20 hrs.
the thing is, i;ve been in my comfort zone for way too long, 6 years!
so,....moving my ass again...abit creepy.
BUT yes, thank you for the encouragement.
We keep in touch as usual.

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