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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Internet connection...SUCKS!!!

Two days with awful awful, on and off inter connection is driving me WILD!!!!!!!!!!
I've been biting my nails...soon I am going to bite my toe nails, if it stays that bad!
Oh...and guys...
By tomorrow this time, I'll be on my to the airport.
Adios Indonesia...hello Australia.
My next posting would be in a different continent!
Wish me luck.
I got a job interview on the 8th of May, with Starbucks Coffee.
hmmmm...I love frappucino

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I hope you have a safe journey.

And good luck for 8th May!

Calm down,my dear-you have my condolence -I know how I spend an all month wout of the Internet land!:D
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Good luck tommorow!!!:D

Wow... that must be a huge feeling... just imagine, on a different continent. You're taking a whole new road, full of possibilities and dreams ahead. *swoons*
I wish you all the best and a good journey. Tell us about your first experiences in that new country! And if you want, you could post photos from your new apartment!

Oh, and Starbucks rocks!!! you're sitting at the source for lots and lots of caffeine then... *envious* ;)

Well...thanks for the well wishes.
BUT, Its just an interview...
doesn't mena that I'll excepted to the job!
I am aiming for the assistant store manager and/or supervisor.
You'll hear from me soon!

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