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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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NCIS season 3 (DVD)

OK...this might not be much for everybody else,
BUT I just bought myself NCIS season 3 dvd set!

Oh...how sad, Kate is gone!
Oh hell, its not going to affect my KIBBS!

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Greetings to Australia!!! How is the new country? Obviously, you found a way to access the net! :)

And yay for the DVDs! I myswelf bought the season 3.1 box recently (in Germany they split each season in two boxes. It's awfully expensive that way, but I love their German voices!). It rocks. And Kate is in the first two episodes after all! And I realized while watching those episodes, that Ziva is not really a sustitute for Kate, but more like a second (female) Dinozzo.
anyway, have fun watching the episodes. ^_^

I am so happy.
yes AUstralia is beautiful, the air is great...
fresh and cool...with sunshine!
can you magine that. YES I got access to internet. so, keeping in touch would NOT be a problem.
HAHA, I haven't have the time to watch the dvd yet, only number 1 n two where Kate dies...SUCKSSS
I hate it!
I miss KAte. its totally different without her!
It seems like all her friends have already forgotten about her and they are pretty close.
I don't know...

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