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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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I got this pic from a friend of mine.

Talk about inspiration
Don't you believe in life after death and reincarnation?
Don't you think this dolphin and dog know each other in their previous life?
This specific dolphin only KISSES this black dog! And none others...

Talk about loving someone totally different from you...
Love finds you in the strangest way.


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Wow.. I love this. It's really really deep for a Sunday morning. I love philosophical topics like that. And it's a beautiful picture. Love without boundries. So cute... *swoons*

You seem to be a deeply philosophic person. We should have a chat sometime and talk about the world... I love doing that, but most of my friends get bored - or scared when I start with theories about reincarnation, etc. ^^;

some of the people look at me weird when I talk about"that' stuff, but I don't mind, that is what I believe in.
I know...its kind of deep but true.
OH..I am glad that you like the pic, its from Amanda.
By the way hoe's your kibbs's archive going.

Great picture, a really cute moment and I love your theory about this kiss. ^^

How's life going in Australia by the way?


Its beautiful down here.
Seriously awesome...well for me.
Coz where I used to lived...I inhale smokes and pollution is terrible.

Yeah, the dolphin kisses dog is amazing isn't it. Glad you like it. its from Mindy

so cute.... i wish i'll meet a dolphin in the sea :D

ehh anw, ... waktu itu aku sms ke nomer cie2 di sono lagi, kok pending yah? nyampe gak sebenernya?? *so weird*

ia nih,,,,
cece sebel...ngak tau knapoe.
cece masih cari kerja terus belom dapet

ah anw... kok bisa belum dapet?/ kukira dari sini udah langsung dapet? hehehehe :D

anw... I went to a bartender competition today.... some of them do the bottle juggling.... AWESOME!~!!! :D

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