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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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English lesson for prostitute (freaking FUNNY)


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That was great!
come on.. come on, toshi *laughs again*
Can´t imagine that someone is leasrning english like that, but... well.. why not? *giggles*

Thanks for sharing!

I know...
I was laughing my head of when I watched it!
what a weird English speaking Geisha

*falls of her chair and rolls on the floor laughing*
This is priceless. Oh dear good! I recently read the German FHM magazine, and this reminds me of what I found in there. You know, in women's magazines, you find phrases in different languages. "I love you", "What's your name?", "You are handsome." stuff like that.
In FHM there were the phrases for men: "My place or yours?", "Do you want to give me a blowjob?" and even mroe dirty stuff which I can't remember yet.
It was kind of interesting how the media manipulates us. It starts there! I mean, I would like to know what "My place or yours?" means in Greek. And I'm sure men would like to know what "I love you" means in other languages...
however... thanks for sharing the video. That made my evening. So cool!
I will have to show that to my friend Takachan, she is Japanese, and already taught me some bad words. Hehe...

I know....I know, I was laughing like an idiot when I watched the video, its my cousins (boys) they rec it to me...let me know what your friend think, she is supposed to be a Geisha...

So today I was invited to Takako's (my Japanese friend) home for dinner, and afterwards I showed her this clip. We laughed really hard and had a good time. Just wanted to let you know that she was almost lying on the floor laughing.

We then searched youtube for more of those funny clips, but didn't find any...

so, again thanks for sharing!

Glad you guys like it!
Will post more if there are more funny ones. My cousins are crazy!

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