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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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I miss you...cousin James

This is my baby cousin James!
I miss his antics, so much.
Of course now that I am in Australia, I hardly see him anymore.
I based my Kibbs's children characters from him, so if you want to spank Robert Gibbs's or Jaclyn's or Joshua's Todd bottoms, you are spanking James's fat buttom...


your laughter warms my heart...


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Awww... I just found this today. He's absolutely cute.
I love that you base your characters on real members of your family. I did that with the book I'm writing at. The protagoniste is based on my little sister - they even bare the same name: Abby. ^.^
Sorry you don't get to see him that often anymore. *huggles* But you still can go home from time to time, can't you?

Sure, I get to go home once a year...usually.
BUt he doesn't live in Java island, he lives in West Borneo Island. Indonesia is an archipelago.

hahaha... si anak bandel itu.....

tau gak cie?? terakhir kan dia ke Jakarta lagi tuh....

lagi main2... goyang2in badan kanan=kiri=kanan=kiri.... tiba2... keseimbangannya kacau.... dan dia jatoh... idungnya nyerempet meja.... ceeerrr.... bedarah langsung..... ckckckckckckck......

Gila yah dia???? nuangis donk????
hahahaha, poor thing

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