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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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om mani padme hum

My astrological weight at Birth (destiny)


12 Nov 1976

21 Sept 1976

Your destiny is fixed by heaven and you should go with the flow. Do not struggle unnecessarily as you will enjoy a happy life in your old age. As you will have mixed luck in career and business, place the 4 direction animals in the four corners of your home to bring you good feng shui and prosperity luck.

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Wow, it's not that bad! I hope you being crushed doesn't have anything to do with this. *hugs*
Where did you get I, I wanna do it too! O.o

hi kim.
go to my LJ, look at my links.
choose fengshui and its on the right top part of the site...
it is my fave fengshui site.
let me know what you think about it

Did you manage to get into the link and calculate your astrological weight?
I tried pasting the url but couldn't!!! (thats how bad I am)

I just did! I have the same as you.
But it's weird actually, because I didn't have to give a place of birth. So how does the program calculate where the stars were standing the minute I was born? O.o

However, I love these tests. I once used to calculate horoscopes and stuff like that. I even had a programm to calculate the exact stellar positions for me - it was on a very old computer which didn't even ran Windows 3.1 yet.
That was when I was about 15. *feels old* :(

its very diff in Chinese, not like western astrology. they would never ask where you are born, they are not concern at all with place of birth, their main concern is your date and TIME! Time is very very important.
In chinese culture, your destiny is really depend on those information.
the weight at birth, is translated as your 'Bone weight' when you are born, thats in chinese.
so, it got nothing to do with the western star, very diff concept. it is more to a script thats mean written down and pass down from centuries ago.

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