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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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I was scared, I am still scared but I know it is going to be all right!
The hardest thing to do is stepping out of my comfort zone.
But stepping out from my comfort zone is the only way I can learn something and grow, hopefully become a better human being.

DO not count on somebody too much, because I can be disappointed.
Be as self sufficient as I can be! But never be afraid to ask for direction and help!

It is MY choice. My decision to step out from my comfort zone, so I have to live with it.

May my darkest path becomes a bright road
And my bright road shines with light from heaven

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*Sends hugs and good and positive vibes in your direction*

positive hugs and wishes received and kept in my heart for the special hard days

Dani for the warmest reminder sweetie...

Okay, this is the perfect place for one of Kimmy's wisdoms. Be quiet and behold the wisdom that's going to unfold before your eyes. (Wow... where did that sentence come from... *laughs*)
Anyway, always remember:

"Those who only do what they can or know, will also always remain what they already are."

Step out. A lot of fear and trouble is waiting in the outside world, but also a lot of joy and light. And I always like to believe that, if you remain true to yourself, you will be guided by that inner light of your to your personal destiny.

I am wishing you the strength to recognize that inner light inside of you, and the courage to remain true to it.


And in times of crisis, it is never wrong to return to the comfort zone for a few days. ^.^ this life is all yours, and you can create it as you want to.

well said, thank you kimmy

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