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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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New Tattoo???

OK! I got a small sized tattoo on my lower back.

It is a Chinese character, "dragon"
since that's the year I am born at.

I am right now...thinking...pondering...whether I should get a second tattoo?
AT the same place of course.

And, NO, my parents has no idea about this tattoo!
It is still a big hush hush.
My parents are very traditional chinese people...VERY traditional.
So, tattoo, multiple ear pierces ARE NOT EXCEPTED.

I've been thinking to have a small dragon tattoo.
with it's tail circling the old tattoo and its body going upwards.

Or a sun rays behind the old tattoo?

Hmmm...lots to think about.

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Wow, nova! Very courageous of you if your parents don't accept it. ^.^
I myself have a tattoo... it's the Japanese sign for love, "Ai" - I think it's the same sign in chinese, just the pronunciation is different.

My father doesn't know, but my mom does. She was not okay with it, but basically she left the decision to me. It's on my hip... hehe... ^.^

We are wild girls, aren't we! (^o^)v

Yes, "ai" means love as a subject.
'ai' 'ching' means love in feeling.
We are so similar in a way. its freaky!
Hip...thats a nice place.
I got it done in Sydney about 2 years ago.
see, my brother is getting married...getting a life time commitment!
so? what can I do? AHA...
get a tattoo, thats a life time commitment too!
my brother flip when he saw it!
but he said its nice and he is NOT responsible if my mom ever find out about it.

photo dong cieeee........

my imagination just don't work for now... hahaaha.....

eh, iya.... just read cie2 ony's blog...

you guuys seem having lots of fun in june, eh?

we tried...
you should spend the night at ony...she is bored I am sure.

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