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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Never give up, never surrender

When there is a will, there is always away.
Even 'snail' can figure it out, what about us human?
Imagine our potential

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Yay for nature.

What you say is very true.

That is so true! I keep telling that to those people among my friends who always tell me "I wanna do xyz, but I can't". Earned me the reputation of being naive - weird, because I'm the one who has already done stuff that would have seemed impossible to them.

Mahatma Ghandi once said something like:

"I'm no extraordinary person.
Every single human being could achieve the same things that I achieved, if he just applied the same will and the same patience, instead of giving up."

Well, something like it I only have it in German. I will look for the English version.
It's true though - if you look at the successful people in this world, it's mainly those who chose to continue whether other would turn around discouraged.

Sometimes I believe, that maybe that's the way it has to be. You know, maybe the spirits are testing us, and only those who will never betray their dream and never give up are worthy enough to have it come true.
Many people have a dream, but only those dreams that you are willing to risk everything for are true dreams.

Now I gotta go to Burger King - drop down from the philosophical state my mind is in to a state which is... I don't even have a name for it... ;)

Thanks for posting the snail pictures... now I'm really optimistic for today... :)

the snail helps me too!!!!!
We human are terrible in believing in ourself!

I am sure, soon, you'll move your butt from Burger King and find a much better job out there.
because you deserve it and YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!


kok bisa ajah si ciee dapet foto begituan??? diikutin gituh????
tapi keren juga bisa dpt foto gitu... hahahaha....

hey! ... dah dapet kerja nihh?? :D :D /// *congrats congrats* ^^....

anw,... how's transformers??? dah keluar blom di sono???? next week aku baru mo nonton nih ma cie ony.... :D ........ Hooooo... it's gonna be a very terrific special effect movie!!! everyone said so!

hahaha-nice shots!:P

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