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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Harry Potter

I know, I am late BUT finally, I managed to buy the American version (cover) of Harry Potter book.
Since I live in Australia, we have the "British" cover.
...NOW, I am ready, to read it.

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Oh, that is great.. Happy reading!
After all I read about the book I think you gonna have fun with it :D

I have day off tomorrow. So, I am going to sleep late and read it tonite!

*sigh*Another person,who will read HP before me...:(

Hi Dani.
How are you coping with things?
Is Harry Potter not out yet in your place?

i have to wait for the tanslation-it will be on the market in September,but brit /god bless her hart:)/told me from where i can dl the book.Yupiiiii!i'm going to read it now!:)

err........ anyway, can't you show me the different?

Soalnya bingung banget.... di sini tuh ngeliat style covernya beda-beda semuaaaaaa ... gak jelas mana US, mana UK, mana Indo(adakah?)

ok, yang kamu liat di amazon.com itu amrik (scholastic publisher)
yang di oz, itu bloomsbury (and inggris juga)
yang biasa gramedia jual ( translated to indo is the american cover

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