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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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ALL I HAVE 1 & 2

Finally, All I have is completed. Please enjoy my KIBBS...and Robert.

Title                     : All I have
Fiction                  : KIBBS
Genre                   : Established relationship, tragedy

Warning                : Slight mention of 9/11 and Al-Qaeda
Rating                  :  Teen / PG 13
Disclaimer            : NCIS...definitely not mine!

Kibbs series: Trouble & Problem ~ Marital Bliss ~ Imagine ~ Cursed &Blessed ~Drool~ All I have ~ Immortality (end)

Chapter 1 Draconian

Director Gibbs is in the foulest mood ever; Fornell just left his office. They were locked in a heated argument about the Mossad bastard Haswari, which made passers-by cringe at the shouts from the NCIS latest director's office, next to MTAC.

Gibbs acknowledges that it is the FBI’s failure to control the double agent, the bloody fucking terrorist, it is not Fornell's fault; he is just a God damned messenger, an operator, working under his superior, but still...Gibbs can't help it but to blame the man who married his ex wife and has already divorced her of course. They shout for about half an hour and then…

"We can not turn on each other Gibbs! We can't do that, that's what the bastard wants!" Fornell is losing his edge.

"You tie my hands yet you expect me to swim, Fornell" Gibbs hisses at him,

"Your hands are tied in public Gibbs. NCIS hands are not tied in reality Gibbs! So stop being a fucking bastard and we'll figure out a way to clean up the mess!

“Al Qaeda will not have one of its main cell operators dead! We’ll figure out a way Gibbs, we have no choice…we do not want another 9/11…" Fornell is tired from all the shouting; he is sitting in front of Gibbs's desk.

"No shit Fornell, it's my staff, my men, their livelihood we are talking about. It’s my family's life we are talking about, I might be a fucking bastard, but I am not heartless and I am not willing to jeopardize their safety" Gibbs is slumped on his chair, exhausted, drained.

“How do we let it happen? This way? On our ground, our fucking payroll. 9/11 taught us NOTHING!...nothing at all...how is this possible? How...how could FBI set him free? Roaming...after what he did to Kate?" Gibbs is lost...lost for words, lost in terror.

They are both lost for words, but somehow, an hour later Fornell exits the office with new surge of hope.

Gibbs and Fornell grew closer after Gibbs saved Fornell's ass and the Mossad incident; they are both bastards and somehow they manage to get along fairly well. The FBI Director hates the NCIS’s new Director, therefore he appointed Fornell to liaise between the two agencies. Gibbs couldn't care less what the freaking FBI Director thinks about him, he was glad that Fornell shows his face instead of what the hell is his name.

Jethro Gibbs is still struggling, the best he knows how, to lead NCIS, as the new Director, replacing Morrow. He struggles to be less vicious with his words, he struggles to curbs his sarcasm, he hates meeting, now he deals with them, and he misses his old job. In one word, Jethro Gibbs is struggling.

His Katie has been his rock, all this time, supporting him. It was her idea for him to take courses over the freaking internet. Before he said NO! She told him that she'll help him with EVERYTHING! All he has to do is read and study and she'll do the rest: applying, typing, emailing and so on, and he said yes.

Without her help, he is lost, without her continuous support and encouragement, believing in him, he would probably have stepped down within a month. Gibbs often wonders whether or not Morrow waited, waited for him to marry Kate, then appointed him to the position because Morrow knew that Kate will push him to succeed, that he is not alone, he has Kate by his side.

In the midst of adjusting to the new position, new responsibilities, missing his old duties; the Mossad case is thrown unto his lap…Gibbs bets that everybody remembers the day he shouted for his secretary to connect him to the FBI Director while calling Fornell by his mobile. After months of “forced negotiations” between NCIS and FBI, he calms down, but he'll never rest until Haswari is six feet under.

Fear is killing Gibbs slowly: fear for his Robert and Kate's safety. He never knew such fear, unless he counts the time Haswari snatched Kate while she was expecting Robert...NO...NOT AGAIN!...not on his watch!

This time, Jethro Gibbs decides to share the bleak information with his wife and his woman told him that she believes in him and that he’ll kick Haswari's ass.

Just last week during the monthly meeting with his senior agents, he told them about the Mossad case; he wanted them to be aware of the hidden danger.

Fornell left about an hour ago. Then Gibbs remembers that he has a lunch date with Ducky and his wife...and his tot of course, he hardly spends any time with the people that he loves the most.

Where are you?

And where is Kate?

She was supposed to have been here half an hour ago. Kate dropped Robert off with Abby about two hours ago, he knows about it because that's when Fornell arrived and he heard Roberts's chatter from his bullpen and he couldn't help it but peeked at them.

Then Kate told him that she'll be back within an hour for their lunch date, swiftly kissed him and left in a hurry before he managed to ask her anything.

Gibbs has been calling his wife for several times but she is not answering her mobile. Apparently his sassy wife turned off her mobile, why on earth would she turn off her mobile in times like this? She knows how much he hates it if he can’t be in touch with her.

"Katie...where the hell are you..." he whispers in dread, and tries to call her again.
Caitlin Todd is biting her lower lips in trepidation. She is nervous...waiting...in the blasted cold waiting room!

Her mobile is switched off. She glances at the time; it’s past noon. She was supposed to have met Jethro by noon and she knows that he would freak out if she is late and he can't reach her...oh hell!

She doesn't care, she turned off her mobile a while ago, wanting some peace; so many things are running through her already crowded mind.

"Mrs. Gibbs" she finds her new title funny. She hastily stands up and walks into the examination room.

"Good afternoon Caitlin, nice to see you again" the old MD flashes his kind smile at her, “How’s Ducky and Robert? And how's your beloved husband doing?" Her MD is talkative too. Dr. Strebel loves to chat, he could talk for hours.

“Good, they are all well; Robert is growing like a weed, getting harder to handle..." Kate and her OB-GYN laugh together quietly.

"So?" Kate asks anxiously.

The OB-GYN smiles at her “its positive Caitlin, you are pregnant “Kate smiles, exhaling loudly: the suspense is over.”Give me a few minutes and we’ll do an ultrasound, OK, Caitlyn?” doctor Strebel says as he exits the room to attend another urgent patient.

Kate looks at her watch and gasps: she is definitely late! She switches on her mobile: Damn! 10 messages from him! She calls him. Robert must be hungry
She calls to cancel their lunch date and she wonders how her overly protective husband would react to her turning off her mobile for more than an hour.

“Honey" she starts talking to him as usual.

He cuts her off: “Kate...where are you? You OK?" he is so relieved to hear her voice. Gibbs is still in his office, signing papers.

His secretary shakes her head, looking at her new boss who is the complete opposite of Morrow…Nevertheless, a good man but working with him hasn't been a piece of cake: his communication skills and temperament...They’re – how shall she put it? – Bad!
Mrs. Adams imagines it's not easy living with this man and she knows Caitlin Todd fairly well, a pleasant, kind and pretty young lady and now married to this gruff man in front of her.

Her new boss, the new NCIS director is a no nonsense kind of man, hates paperwork, doesn't believe in cooperation and negotiation, especially with other agency. She pities Special Agent Dinozzo, a rather cute looking agent who got head slaps every now and then, but Mrs. Adams can see Dinozzo and other agents' loyalty to him are unquestionable. 

And now he is barraging his wife with questions, on the phone. He looks worried rather than angry or annoyed, and as a 60 year old woman who has seen all types of men; she has seen his love for his wife.

"I'm OK, don't worry, I'll be late...sorry, I have to cancel, it takes..." Kate tries answering his questions.

"Kate where are you? Do you want me to pick you up?" he cuts her off again.

"No, no, no Jethro I'll drive, I am just going to be a bit late, you go ahead with Ducky and Robert, and I’ll see you guys later, OK? Bye, love you" and Caitlin Todd hangs up on Gibbs before he manages to cut her off again.

Gibbs notices that Ducky arrived with Robert while he was on the phone, his ME is holding Robert's hand.

"Dadiiii" Roberts greets his dad as he enters the office, that's one of the reasons Gibbs is distracted and couldn't ask Kate more questions and then she hung up on him.

"Madam..." Robert calls Mrs. Adams "madam",

“Oh you sweet little thing..." Mrs. Adams takes his tiny hand from Ducky; she kisses him all over; the boy is simply...adorable, his rosy cheeks, his bulging tummy...his soft blue eyes...who could refuse those eyes? How could Director Gibbs have such a cute charming little boy? She wonders; he looks like his mother though.

"Kate is not joining us Ducky" Gibbs tells his ME; Mrs. Adams lets the boy slip to the floor and the tot dashes to his dad.

Gibbs hoists him to his lap. The second Robert sits on his lap, his chubby fingers tries to pulls his dad's gun from the holster.

"Gun...daddy...gun...Bobby want" he struggles with the thing.

”No Bobby..." his dad says to him, messing his combed hair.”Your guns are at home"

"Where's Caitlin, Jethro?" Ducky innocently asks. He regrets his question a few minutes later.

"I have no idea, Ducky..." Gibbs answers.

Ducky thought he looks pissed. If not for the two year old on his lap, teasing his dad, somehow appeasing him, Jethro Gibbs would look like the devil himself.

The news

Something is off, Gibbs is thinking. As he continuously blocks his son's hands from his gun, he makes the call. "McGee...track Kate" he calls for McGee, who by now knows better than to asks question when his boss sounds agitated like he is right now!

"Yes boss" He quickly answers and tracks his ex team mate. While Gibbs waits, he looks at his boy, concentrating hard to unclasp his gun holder. “

“No Bobby..." he speaks to him softly; the boy's inquisitive fingers try to unhook the clasps from the holster

Robert looks at his sweet old dad and cocks his head. "Yes, daddy...GUN...Bang...bang" insisting to him.

"It's not a toy Robert..."

"Boss..." McGee calls out to him

"McGee..." he is anxious, waiting for the result.

"Kate is at Bethesda...Boss"

”Yeah Boss, I am sure..." and Gibbs hangs up on him, he was not questioning McGee's finding, he was shocked. Hospital? What on earth is she doing at the hospital? What's wrong with her? She has been rather quiet and withdrawn for the last two weeks, not that he spent much time with her...but he never thought...

Gibbs quickly passes his boy to Ducky and Mrs. Adam, and he dashes out to his car and screeches out of the parking lot to Bethesda.

He is lost in his "day mares" that Kate is sick, that she is not telling him about it.
She did look pale; horrible thoughts come across his mind as he drives towards the hospital, he hopes McGee is wrong.

What if Kate is terminally ill? He wants to quit his job so that he can be with her...and…"Stop it!" he says to himself, "get over yourself!" Kate would never do that to him, she is so young, almost fifteen years younger than him.

She couldn't be sick, but why is she hiding the truth from him?

"Oh God, please," he prays in silence, he begs desperately “don’t rip us apart when things are going so well in our life, please have mercy on us”

He arrives at the Bethesda parking lot. Within minutes he strides towards the hospital's main entrance. He tries his luck. He calls Kate again.

She answers him knowingly. "Yes, Jethro, I won't be much longer, I'll be a little bit late and I'll..." she is used to him by now.

“Kate! I am at Bethesda! Where are you?"

 “What?!?” Kate couldn't believe her ears...how could he? Damn! He tracked her.

"Katie, I am here, where are you? What's wrong with you?" he sounds nervous and...loud!
"Oh dear God...Jethro..." Kate covers her face with her hand, her husband is insane! She sees Strebel laughing at her.

"Just tell me where you are! Don't you trust your own husband? After all we've been through"

She cuts him off "I am fine, I am just..."

And he cuts her off, "Katie, I am the father of your child? What aren't you telling me? I can handle it Katie, we'll face it together, whatever it is..." he sounds like Ducky with an edge!

"Jethro!!!" Kate has had enough.

"Yeah, Kate?! Where..." he wants to know where the HELL she is!

“I am pregnant; you are going to be the father of MY CHILDREN!"

...silence...Gibbs looks like an idiot in the middle of busy hospital lobby. He can't believe the news, he thought she is sick.

"I am at the maternity wing" and she hangs up on him, rather annoyed! She already concocted an elaborate scheme to tell him the news.

DAMN! He ruins everything.

The old MD tries to hides his amusement, looking down at his patient already lying down on the slab, "the father?"

"YEP!" she is pissed off, and Strebel remembers how crazy Special Agent Gibbs can be. It takes Gibbs less than three minutes to reach his wife.

They hear a knock on the door.

Enter" Strebel says and Kate sees Gibbs's head peaking past the door.

He nods and greets the aging MD and then, "Katie, I am so happy" as he walks towards her, she is in a hospital gown on the exam table, he kisses her head repeatedly

"I am sorry I snapped...I didn't know...sorry Katie"

Kate thinks he looks really guilty, the man hardly ever apologizes and she is in a good mood, so she decides to let it go. She nods grumpily at him..."OK then...ready? Ready to see your future baby?" and they both nod.

Half an hour later they are out of Bethesda. Gibbs keeps on kissing his wife: her nose, her lips. He is embracing her, holding her close; the man is damn happy and excited with the new addition to their small family, he takes Kate to her car and they drive back to the HQ, together.

"ONE...TWO...THREE...FOUR...FIVE...SIX...SEVEN...EIGHT...TEN...DUCKIII" Roberts bellows his counting skills, showing off AND he goes on "uno...dos...tres..." and he stops: that's all he knows how to count in Spanish, his mommy taught him.

He goes on..."ein...zwei...drei...vier...funf..." Roberts stops. That's all he knows in German, once again from his mommy.

"Sehr gut Robert, bueno, good boy, Robert..." Ducky is all over him, Robert is counting some of his autopsy tools on side counter as he sits on the cold slab. The ME kisses his cheeks and flicks his nose.

"Although you missed 'nine' my boy" Robert cocks his head and remembers "eight NINE ten" he claps his hands as he finishes his counting.

"OK Robert, now I count, you learn OK?" Ducky shows all his ten fingers, then takes off his shoes and socks, showing all twenty digits.

And he counts from one to twenty as he wiggles his toes to the boy sitting on the slab. But instead of repeating after Ducky, Robert claps his hands excitedly at Ducky, for counting.

Ducky is now laughing so hard the tears run down his cheeks.

"Robert, you've been such a good boy!" and the boy nods excitedly.  "You are so smart, so, you deserve...this!" and he whips out a small pack of Gummy Bears.

"Gummy yummy Ducky..." he greets the Gummy Bears.  

"OPEN" he shouts excitedly and fidgets as he waits for Ducky to feed him. Then Ducky pops a green Gummy Bear into his mouth

"Thank you" he manages to say in between the chewing.

"You are welcome Robert" Ducky says. Then Robert's small hand snatches the pack from Ducky's hand, and before Ducky can stop him, Robert takes out a piece of red Gummy Bear and slips it into Ducky's mouth.

"Ducky eat...yummy!" he exclaims. 

Ducky beams at his "grandson" fondly. The NCIS's ME is amazed at his growth, grateful for his presence and proud of his intelligent. "Who is Robert Jethro Gibbs?" he asks.

"Me" as Robert points to himself.

"Who's your grandfather?"

"Du..ki" he answers with his full mouth and points at the ME.

"Ahh...my boy, you warm my heart" Ducky says to him lovingly, stroking his hair.
The automatic doors slide open.

"Bobby..." Kate calls for her big baby.  She walks into the Autopsy with Gibbs by her side.

"MOMMY...DADDY..." he greets his parents after he quickly swallows his Gummy Bear as Ducky lowers him to the floor...and pitter pat, he walks towards two of his other favorite people in the world.

Kate hoists the excited running boy up as he reaches her. She kisses him all over and discovers his face is sticky. "Bobby, did you eat Gummy Bears?" she looks at the boy sternly, pretending to be angry at him.

"No mommy...no! No yummy..." he lies to get out of trouble.

His dad almost laughs then he realizes. Gibbs picks him up from Kate's arms. Kate is still kissing the boy's tummy. "Kate, I don't think you should pick him up anymore, let me." The boy weighs about 28 pounds now. Kate pouts at him, but lets him take Robert from her.
"Aren't you going to tell Ducky?" Gibbs asks her.

"Tell me what Caitlin?" Ducky hears his name mentioned.

"Are you sure you really want to know?" Kate teases him.

”What is it Caitlin don't keep me in suspense...you know there is..." he is about to starts telling his stories to her.

"Ducky, we are having another baby" Kate says to the surprised ME who is looking at her with his mouth gaped open, his eyes are shining with happiness.

He says nothing, he just hugs Caitlin and kisses her temple. "Bless you my child."
Gibbs sees that his old ME is in tears.

"Congratulation Jethro." Ducky quickly hugs Gibbs with Bobby in the middle and Robert laughs: being hugged by two people at the same time is fun!

"Thanks Ducky" he says to him and notices that the ME is shoeless and sockless.
"HEY!...what's going on?' Abby finds her friends and boss hugging and kissing each other in the middle of Autopsy room.

Minutes later:

Dinozzo and McGee hear Abby's high pitched scream - all the way from Autopsy. DAMN!!! They look at each other in question, then fear and rush down to the source of the terrifying scream.

Other agents thought Gibbs must have killed somebody, the inevitable has happened!
At the end of the day Ducky said it calls for a celebration. The man is giddy with happiness, he is going to have another grandchild, he is such in a good mood, he doesn't snap at Jimmy, his apprentice.

And for a moment, just for one moment, Gibbs forgot about Haswari, wrapped in his dream, his family, his life!


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Chapter 2 Celebration and Tragedy


When Ducky and Gibbs decide to have a BBQ during the weekend, Kate just nods, since she is not supposed to be involved in the preparation.

Her husband has gone mental again! This time Ducky is there to support him. The doting ME and Gibbs plan and execute the mission “BBQ on the weekend” of course with the help of the usual three stooges, while she is stuck with Robert in the house, playing hide and seek.

The busy adults can’t afford to have the tiny disruptive force around. Robert is not a baby who can be placed in his box anymore…oh no!!! Not anymore, now he walks around… and he has a mind of his own.

Abby says he is like a “beagle” following its nose…Robert follows his eyes and nose too.

The boy loves dogs, all kind of dogs: from the huge Rotweillers to tiny Chihuahuas, not to forget stray dogs and cats; he would stick his face against the pet’s shop window and refused to budge until he is satisfied and made his mom or dad promise to get him a dog when he is fifty…yeah…no kidding “five –zero”, he has no concept of age yet! He must have thought that he’ll get a dog when he is five, since he is “two” now.

Kate freaked when he dashes over to O’Brien’s old 80 pounds Rotweiller, he runs excitedly to the black beautiful dog and screams “doggie!!!” at the top of his lungs; he hugs, kisses and strokes the dog’s fur. Gibbs and O’Brien said to Kate that it’s OK! But none of them left his side.

It takes Gibbs and Kate about half an hour to convince Robert to go home…all they hear all the way from O’Brien’s house to theirs are: “Bobby wants doggie…please…Bobby wants doggie” over and over again until Kate glares at him.

That evening, Robert pants like a dog and crawls on his hands and feet, he even barked - like “doggie” he said and to make it worse, cool aunt Abby joins in the fun, with her gothic dog collar.

All Ducky manages to say is “Oh my dear God!”


Just last week:

Kate found her ME is a very distressing condition, back from a trip to the supermarket with Robert. Ducky was pale. He came in and asked for a glass of water.

Gibbs was surprised, but instead of his usual interrogation, he gave the ME the requested glass of water and they watched him gulp the entire content down his throat within seconds.

After a few minutes, Ducky spoke.” I lost Robert for a while. God, I was so scared. He was right beside me, I was holding his hand and I lost him…” Ducky stops talking for a second to breathe.

Kate was so sorry for the old man she felt like spanking her son, who was oblivious to everything, taking his own sweet time drinking his juice from his sippy cup on Ducky’s lap.

Ducky went on. "I have never felt that scared in my life before. I was just picking up a box of cereal; the next thing I know, the boy is GONE!!!

“I searched high and low, I even went to the parking lot and the storage areas…” Ducky exhaled anxiously…“I found him at the end counter, by the cash register; he made the sweet cashier lady open and closes the cash register! The lady said he loved the sound” Ducky finally explained to the parents.

Kate glared at Robert and the boy just grinned at her. Gibbs raised his brows, not knowing how to react. But of course, Ducky said it was not Robert’s fault, he is so young, he just is curious about everything, and that he is too young to understand.

Kate doesn’t think that Robert is too young to understand, she makes a note at the back of her mind, to discipline Robert when Ducky and her husband are not around.


Last night Robert tried to help his dad set up table for today’s BBQ, but he was more of a hindrance than a help. The boy wanted to play with his dad, he managed to knock his head to the wooden table and bawled loudly in pain and last night he slept with a green bump on his temple and his father didn’t manage to set up anything for the BBQ.

So, because of the “beautiful new” bump on his head, Robert slept in parents’ room.

See, the two year old has a room of his own, next to his mom and dad’s. By the time he was a mere one and a half years old and able to walk, he wanted his own room, he called it his “basement”, with no boat of course, but filled with his gun and rifle collection.

His daddy built a wooden cupboard for him to store his toys along with his medium sized bed. Gibbs transformed the nursery into a cool two year old’s sanctuary, all hand made by him. He christened the room by “breaking the lock” on the door!!!

Kate laughed her head off. Robert couldn’t understand when his dad said to him that he’ll get a lock to his door when he is 17, the innocent boy just nodded excitedly, agreeing to everything his dad wants. Kate hoped he was joking, but her husband never jokes! Poor Robert, she thought.

But Robert sleeps with his parents whenever he acquires new bumps, or when he is sick which he seldom is, then he would latch on to his mom or dad and forget about “his basement” for a while, tucked in safely and warm on the huge bed between his angels.



Gibbs must have told “the three stooges” to arrive early.

The BBQ is supposed to start past noon, but McGee, James and Tony arrive before nine in the morning. After they have a quick breakfast together, the day is started with music and beer, while Robert is still sleeping amongst pillows on his parents’ bed. 

Kate is bound to the kitchen, the men refused to let her help, but soon Abby arrives and they have a great time. Kate love Abby’s jokes and crazy ideas. Soon, Ducky and Mrs. Adams arrive.

Abby looks at them with her questioning wicked eyes, arching her eyebrows, only to receive a head slap from Gibbs, “Hey, I didn’t say anything!” she complains.

”I didn’t say anything either, Abby” he gives his wife a kiss and walks back to the backyard.

He looks damn hot in his old shirt and BDU pants, Kate thought.


It is almost ten in the morning.

Robert is surprised when he is awake from his slumber. He hears noise from downstairs. He quickly slips down from the bed and walks out in his PJs, only to be stopped by a door, like a barrier that blocks the stairways. His dad built it when he learned how to crawl.

Gibbs can hear his little voice calling him:

"Daddy…mommy…Bobby want go down…mommy…daddy…Bobby awake!!! Please” as he rattles the wooden barriers with both hands.

His dad smiles to himself, walks up and frees him. His bump is now dark green!

The boy is pleased when he sees lots of people, he claps his hands as he exclaims “Bobby house FULL of people…” and he waddles through the activity, flashing his smiles to his admires, calling everybody’s name.

Man! The attention he gets with his new bump on his head…the boy said that he didn’t cry and it doesn’t hurt, but when his Ducky asks, he said that it hurts! And he got it because he was helping his dad in his backyard!

Kate is in the kitchen, preparing some of the cold meals and she is listening to his lies.

“Yeah right! Help???” she couldn’t believe it.

“He told me that it doesn’t hurt one bit!” Abby whispers to Kate

“But he told Ducky a different story” McGee passes by the kitchen and comments.

Kate decides to approach the naughty boy and sees him in Ducky’s lap with a pack of not-very-small M&M’s and she quickly grabs it from his tiny clutches, "Robert…NO, please!”. Ducky just keeps quiet, being caught red handed and Robert pouts unhappily at his mom but he dares not say anything.


Then the old man takes him by the hand to the backyard to “help”. After a while he forgets about his M&M’s and enjoys the merriment, he walks back and forth between his backyard and kitchen, he helps by opening the back door for the people going back and forth.

Tony calls him the “chubby doorstopper”

After awhile Robert gets bored and he starts showing off his counting skills; Gibbs can hear his voice from the back of the house.

Robert counts, “One, two, three, four, five, and six…” and so on…then in Spanish and German.

Robert receives another batch of sweet which he quickly slips into his PJs pocket; the boy runs free in his house, the guys adores him and they can not wait for the 2nd mini Gibbs.


O’Brien arrives with his wife and his grandson, a two and half year old boy named Billy. For the first time in Robert’s life, he has a friend his size and age. He takes Billy by the hand and shows the boy his house: down to the basement, shows his dad’s boat and his “personal basement/room” to his new friend. O’Brien assigns James to be the glorified sitter and the three of them have a great time.


The BBQ starts around one at noon.

It is a beautiful Sunday…the wind is cool and the weather is warm: perfect for the outdoor gathering. Buckets and ice boxes filled with meat, sausages, beers, wine, juice and cold milk are placed on the side table; the picnic table is set in the middle of the spacious backyard. Gibbs passes the BBQ thongs to Dinozzo, and he spends his time sticking by his Katie.

By the time they start eating, there are more than two dozen people and two kids. Balboa, Patchi and Roland and some other people stayed for an hour or so and then they left.

However there is a guest that left all of them stunned!

It is the FBI’s Fornell; but after O’Brien, Gibbs and the lady of the house greets him warmly (for NCIS standards) the rest of the guys warm up to him and by the time they tuck into the food, the awkwardness is gone.

Robert and Billy refused to sit with the adult, they exchanged the worn-out James with McGee, still chewing his food, but he goes along. Chasing the kids, running around, circling the table all over the backyard, teasing Tony who is still stuck at the grill, rolling around on the grass, playing hide and seek, planes and with the water hose until Gibbs walks up to them and said “No” sternly and asks his son to put where it belongs.


An hour later:

Robert and Billy come running towards Kate at the head of the table willingly because they are hungry.  “Mommy…Bobby hungry, Bobby wants to eat…and Billy too” huffing and puffing, trying to catch his breath, he doesn’t forget his dearest new friend.

Kate gives each of them a fork with a sausage. They each grab the fork and when they are about to run with their food; Gibbs catches them in time and makes them sit on the table among the adults. McGee can finally digest his food in peace.

They both eat quietly and they want more, so Kate gives them each a plate of sausage, egg and potato salad with a slice of bread.

“Euwww…” Billy looks at the salad unhappily, covering his mouth with his stubby fingers.

“Don’t you like salad Billy? Robert loves salad…see…” Kate asks him as she points to her son who is eating his food with gusto, grinning at them with his full mouth, so Billy unwillingly eats his salad because he doesn’t want to lose to his new friend.

Robert eats by himself even though he spills on his face, clothes and table…sometimes the floor too. His dad lets him have fun with his food; occasionally helping him cut his food into manageable pieces.

At the other end of the table, his dad is in deep conversation with Fornell and the boy doesn’t want to disturb, so he just picks up his sausage and eats it with his hand. “Yummy” he says to himself…and drinks his milk.


Out of the blue:

“Daddy…Billy stay with Bobby?” he tugs Gibbs’s arm.

He looks at the boy, “I don’t think so Robert, Billy has his mom and dad too, just like you, he can’t stay with us…” he explains to him.

For a moment he just looks at his dad still chewing his food, perhaps he asked the wrong person, Billy belongs to “Obi”. Robert turns his body, looking at O’Brien the sweet giant, “OBI…Billy stay with Bobby???” he asks expectantly.

O’Brien and his wife laugh, looking at Gibbs and Kate, “You haven’t told the boy?”

“Actually, no…Kate?” Gibbs asks his wife.

But she just smiles at him and says, “I carry the baby for nine months, why don’t you tell Robert…your turn, Jethro”

And Gibbs thought how hard can it be?

“Robert, you are going to have a brother or a sister” he looks at the boy

”NO” Robert replies quickly, none too pleased with the news.

“No?” Gibbs is shocked.

“NO!” Robert insists, repeating himself.

Abby and Kate try really hard to hide their laughter. Gibbs gives it another go.

“Do you understand brother or sister, Robert?” he looks at the boy who is still eating.

 “NO, daddy, NO! Bobby wants doggie!” he said point blank, no negotiation, he doesn’t need a brother or sister, a dog would do just fine or better!

Gibbs frowns in confusion, but he doesn’t give up easily.

“Robert, we are going to have another baby, would you like a baby?” Gibbs gives it another try, how hard can it be explaining to a two year old.

Robert nods like a fifty year old man. “Yes” he says seriously.

Thank God, Gibbs thought “OK, then we are going have a baby boy or girl and you are…” wrong sentence! Robert is very unhappy; he quickly replies

“No daddy! No no, no girl, Bobby wants boy!” if he can’t have a dog, another boy would do.

“But Robert…we can’t choose and it…!” Gibbs is looking at Robert’s frown, blazing blue eyes, just like his!

“NO! Daddy NO! Please!” he scowls angrily at his daft dad, arguing his case.


Tony who is now sitting with the guys, just gapes at the scene: Gibbs senior versus Gibbs Junior; Ducky just smiles at them, O’Brien and Fornell are stunned! Finally, Gibbs has a problem convincing someone to agree with him.

“Kate…” he asks for her support.

”Don’t worry about it, Jethro, he can’t understand the concept of sibling, perhaps later when he sees my growing belly, me turning into a penguin, he’ll understand” she teases him with a grin

Robert has already moved past the boy or girl problem, after he is finished with his meal, he tugs Billy’s elbow, “Come on” and they are about to run away from the table, to play, already eying Abby to accompany them.

Kate manages to grab him by his elbow, it’s his nap time. “NO mommy…no, no, no, mommy, no sleep! Please…please no” the two year old begs desperately

“Bobby!” Kate warns him for his whining

”no sleep please mommy" looking at his dad for help.

“OK, Bobby, but no running, no jumping, you are going to bed early tonight, no arguments, OK???” she asks him as he pulls away from her.

“OK mommy YES” he takes the offer and quickly left with Billy, running inside the house with their toys, screaming in joy, forgetting Abby.

“Gibbs, I think Joshua is rubbing off on Robert, pretty soon he’ll be able to say ‘girls have cooties’” Abby laughs.

“Very funny Abby” Kate says to the Goth.

“Yeah, true, we have to make Joshua stop saying his slogan." Gibbs agrees with Abby. Gibbs never dreamt he could have his own set of Trouble and Problem, but pretty soon, they’ll have another kid; he couldn’t be happier.

Not that they ever thought of protection…hell no! Once after they had Robert, Kate asked him about “protection”.

He gave her the look. “Protection against what Katie?” he teased her; “Robert sleeping with us is our protection”

No wonder Kate is pregnant again.


Fornell comments on the Gibbs boy. “Your son is very smart, but he has got your antics Gibbs," a polite way of saying that Robert has his temperament.

Then Tony laughs…”Do you remember when he was pissed off because we wouldn’t let him…hey…where is he? Where are the tots?” Tony looks around for Robert and Billy - no noise from the kids, they are out of sight.

“Inside, probably showing off ‘his boat’ to Billy” Kate saw them dashing inside the house.

The overly protective father stands up right away. “I think they are probably in the basement” as he walks across the yard towards the door leading to the kitchen.

When he is out of sight; Kate whispers to James, who is still tired from tagging along with the kids, they drained his energy more than chasing suspects on the run; “If it wasn’t illegal, he’d plant a chip in his son, so that he could track him.” James just nods with his mouth still full of steak…his boss is overtly protective.


The crash

When they are all relaxed and full the guys decide to move the gathering inside the house.

It is much cooler inside, Tony and James are still hogging the beer, while Fornell is getting ready to go back to his HQ, he just received a call from his boss, when out of nowhere, they hear a shrill sound of a car screeching from the front of the house.

Kate’s heart stops beating for a second before she screams her son’s name and dashes to her house. Ducky and O’Brien freezes and everybody stop in fear and shock as they hear the horrifying noise.

All of them make a mad scramble to the front, Dinozzo, Fornell and James sprint through the side door, while the rest follow Kate’s path through the house.


A few minutes before:

As Gibbs enters his house, it’s all quiet, too quiet. “Robert, Billy” he calls for them.

No answer. He strides to the basement…nothing, he only sees the evidence of the boys’ presence, their toys are scattered on the floor near the boat’s skeleton.

He knows Robert loves to play hide and seek or tag, but for some reason he is worried, something is not right, his gut is churning with alarm.

”BILLY……ROBERT JETHRO GIBBS, I said come out right now!” he bellows…nothing…eerily quiet, something is wrong.

His son knows he is not joking when he calls his full name…he knows it! He is not there…Where the hell are they? Gibbs quickly climbs up from his basement to his living room.

“GOD” he whispers to himself as he sees the front door of his house is ajar, he doesn’t lock the door when they have guests coming.

He runs outside only to find Robert and Billy by the perimeter of the front lot playing with their planes and guns…DAMN IT! On the outside! They are running in circles, all over the lot and street.

He wants to bellow Robert’s name, but nothing comes out, his eyes go blurry on him. His baby is on the street, oblivious to danger; Billy is now standing at the edge of his lot, lost in thought, busy fixing his plane toy, oblivious to his surroundings.

Robert sees his dad exit his house.

His eyes enlarged happily. His dad is a lot of fun.

“Daddy…come here” he jumps and waves to his dad, beckoning him; and when he sees his dad sprint towards him, Robert runs further: into the street, because he thought his dad was going to play tag with him.

The boy doesn’t notice the speeding car ahead.


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