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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Chapter 3 Unfortunate events

The crash

Gibbs doesn’t breathe, words catch in his throat and as he runs towards Robert, he sees a car tearing along the street. Gibbs hears a voice "NO…" and only realized later on that it was his and then he hears a deafening screech from the car.

Seconds before, Robert was still jumping, laughing to his dad, but the two year old stopped being merry when he heard a loud noise from his side, scaring him and then flashes of colors coming at him.

Gibbs sees Robert's life flash before him; he would die if his son is hurt that way, no way on hell would he let that happen, not after everything he held on to…and he lunges at the small body in the middle of the street.

He feels the impact and the small boy gasps really hard as Gibbs tackles him, toppling down on the pavement. Unable to stop rolling; he covers his son small body with his, protecting him and Gibbs prays, he prays that he is the one who is hurt instead of Robert. Then the man feels a quick hot searing pain on his outer thigh and then it is all over.

Gibbs feels his son move and shivers in his hold and hears his cry. He sees no blood on him; he exhales and thanks God for keeping them unharmed. He barely sees the guys sprinting towards them, vaguely hears Kate's scream and sees her running closer from the other side of the street.

Dinozzo and James reach Gibbs before Fornell. James is about to heave his boss from the ground, to make sure that he has Robert with him. There is a look of terror in the agent's eyes.

Dinozzo notices blood dripping from Gibbs's thigh and he grabs Robert from Gibbs’s hold to ease his burden. But the crying boy screams louder, refusing to be parted from his dad. Tears streak down his dirty face, scratches all over his limbs and cheek.

“It’s OK son…it’s OK…it’s over, daddy is here…please don't cry" Gibbs whispers to Robert repeatedly who is still bawling furiously in his arms, he strokes his head and body, kissing him.

Kate reaches them in tears, hugging both of them. "Bobby…" Kate cries and takes their son from her husband.

"Mommy…" Robert calls out piteously and he continues his cry.

“It’s OK, baby, Mommy is here" she hugs him tight, and assessing his minor wound, she realizes that Gibbs is bleeding "Jethro, you are bleeding"

"I'm OK Kate" he says to her, looking at the boy in her arms, he doesn't give a shit about his bleeding, it’s nothing.

Ducky helps him walk towards his house even though he doesn't need his help, Abby fusses over Robert, walking with Kate. O'Brien left Billy with his wife and joins Fornell to make sure the driver is all right. As they pass the lot, Gibbs sees Billy being scolded by his grandmother. He is glad it is all over.


They are all in the living room:

The guys are still freaked out. Gibbs is sitting on the sofa while Ducky takes a look at his injury; he feels fine, just minor scrapes, bruises and cuts. "Kate?" he asks his wife about the boy's condition.

Robert is still crying, and Kate nods at him, reassuring him. "He is just shocked, he is all right…" Kate has the boy on her lap, gripping her shirt, while Abby cleans and disinfects his minor wounds.

The scrapes are minor to the adults, but for Robert, the shocking experience and the stings all over his face, hands and legs are terrible, they hurt!

"I need to stitch you up, Jethro" Ducky says to him.

"SO, stitch me up Ducky" Gibbs says nonchalantly, like nothing bad had happened to him. “I am good, you left some of your medical supplies in your previous room, right Ducky?" the ME just nods and McGee runs to get the ME his bag.

Robert is still crying, mostly from the trauma, but he stops when his mom says to him and shows him that his daddy doesn't cry. Robert glances at his dad on the couch and he calms down, looking at his dad being stitches up

"Bobby wants daddy, please" the boy sobs miserably to Kate, but before Kate can say no, his dad approves his request.

"Come Robert, sit with daddy" calling and opening his arms to him; and the tot slips from his mom's lap and walks to him and embraces his dad as he pulls him unto his lap.

"Robert, you scared the hell out of me" Gibbs whispers tenderly to his son.

"Daddy pain?" the tot looks up at him with his teary blue eyes.

"No Robert, it is not painful" Gibbs shakes his head and smiles at him. He feels Robert's touch on his dirty bruised face, his tiny hand is stroking his dad's cheek, soothing, Gibbs felt. For a moment, Gibbs is lost in thought, then he noticed the somber atmosphere around him…the guys are really quiet and worried.

Then, "I am all right guys, in fact…somebody, give me a beer!" and within seconds Dinozzo hands him a cold beer.

Robert is quiet in his arms, too quiet for Gibbs’s liking, hiding his face on his chest, the boy is grabbing his shirt with his fierce little fists, holding on to him while he is kissing his head and counting his blessings.

Gibbs starts feeling the multiple sharp pains on his thigh but disregards the discomfort, not looking at it; but he glances at Ducky.

The old man is pale and shaking. “Ducky, it’s all right everything is all right" he knows how close they were to losing the boy and Ducky just nods at him, unable to speak a word.

"Jethro, here, let me help you change". Kate touches his head; she is standing beside him with his clothes. Robert wants to cry when Kate pulls him from his dad, but she explains to him that she will return him to his dad once he's changed, and he says "OK".

So, after his dad was cleaned and changed, Robert quickly returns to his dad without having asked. Kate notices that the boy's pants are torn, but decides to wait and let him be with his dad.

Losing grip

Half an hour later, Gibbs is all patched up.

Kate picks Robert up from his lap and she finds her son in deep sleep and he lets out a groan of discontent at being taken away from his coffee smelling safe haven. She gently takes the sleeping boy to her room to be cleaned and changed. Abby tags along with them.

Soon, O'Brien and his wife excused themselves with Billy still pleading that he wants to come back and play with his friend, until his grandmother glared at him.

Gibbs feels sorry for the boy and says to him "Billy you are always welcome here, and when Robert is better, we'll take him to play with you, OK?" and Billy grins at Gibbs.

A few moments ago, Billy almost got spanked by his grandmother.

He was looking curiously at Gibbs being stitched up by Ducky; he came closer to them and commented, "WOW!!! COOL!!!" if it wasn’t for the guys laughing at his comment, the boy would have been spanked by his grandma.

The rest of the guys stay and help clear the backyard and Ducky decides to stay the night with the Gibbs family. The ME quickly left Gibbs to check on Robert upstairs.

Gibbs is alone in his living room, with his beer and coffee from his wife, seated on his couch. He will have a long talk with his son when he is feeling better, he doesn't blame the boy, and he is only a two year old: what does he know about safety? Robert is his responsibility and he almost failed him.

A split second later and their lives could have been changed forever. He shivers in trepidation.

"Are you all right boss?" Tony calls, he has been looking at his boss for quite some time, holding an empty beer can and sipping hot coffee…ugh.

"Do I NOT look all right to you DiNozzo?" Gibbs answers his agent, still looking at his empty beer can.

Tony smiles sadly and answers; "No boss, you don't look all right, you almost lost your son, boss" Gibbs stays really quiet. DiNozzo is right, he almost lost Robert.

Once again his senior agent disturbs him.

Tony sat down on the opposite couch, "Boss, I am not close to my mom, let alone my father, even a donkey would know that” he laughs uncomfortably, with sarcasm in his voice.

Tony stops and thinks about his memories of the past four years in NCIS.

"But for the past couple of years, I saw what you have: Firstly: You married my partner in crime. I hoped you married for the last time, because…man! If you divorced her, she'll shoot you, she is fierce, you know boss, worse than your ex one, two and three!” Tony laughs uncomfortably trying to mask his emotion.

Gibbs is about to throw his empty beer can at Tony before he quickly continues…

"Then you guys have Robert and I saw how you love him and I saw how he loved you back" Tony was looking at his shoes, then he stops fidgeting and looks up at Gibbs, straight at his eyes, just like Robert's eyes.

" I see in his eyes…every time Robert looks at you, the love, the admiration, the trust he has in you and Kate…is…incredible, it is beyond measure, you have to see it to believe it boss"

At the same time, Ducky exits the master bedroom, he has just finished checking on Robert; his grandson has been cleaned, changed, medicated and is now asleep; he is about to ask DiNozzo to move his ass and help the others, when the old man stops in his tracks and listens.

"I would die from grief if I ever lost mine" Tony says quietly. The usually goofy senior agent is shocked at his own admission to his boss; he hardly ever shares his feeling with anyone, let alone a hard ass ex marine, his strict boss.

Tony never thought of having a family, he hates his family, and to the Italian Casanova getting married would mean strapping on the old ball and chain. Then his grumpy boss got hitched to his partner, and a few years later they are blessed with a son. So when he looks at his boss, suddenly the old ball and chain doesn't look too bad at all.

Anthony DiNozzo loves more than his share of female company, he enjoys one night stands, social gatherings and the thrill of flirting with beautiful women everyday, but at the end of the day; when he is home, all tired from his work and life he comes home to nothing! Nobody! Emptiness, no achievement. He has nothing! Nobody to greet him by the door, nobody to share his deepest fear and hopes.

For the past years he often watched Gibbs with envy when he saw Kate waiting for him by the door with Robert in her arms, saw the boy's small hands waving to his dad, screaming for him; saw Gibbs's deep blue eyes shining with love for his wife and boy…sure, Kate never fails to invite him in to join the family, but it’s different.

Since his boss and Kate got married, he noticed subtle differences. Tony can actually see happiness and contentment in his eyes, his boss doesn't hang around in their HQ as late as he used to AND Tony noticed Gibbs glancing at the time, his boss wanted to go home to his family. Everything changes for the better.

Hell! Sometimes his old boss is back as his grumpy self when they argue, but the next day he comes to work with a grin on his face. Tony starts to long for what he sees in Gibbs's new life with Kate, BUT the man is not sure yet, until Robert Jethro Gibbs arrived.

The goofy agent witnessed how the family strengthened with the arrival of their son, despite their struggles between the boy and work, they are happy. And now Tony is sure that he wants all that; he wants all that they have, he wants to have a family just like them, and his libertine life is not that appetizing anymore.

"I think you are a great father Gibbs" he admits to the man sitting on the couch.
“I think you've done a wonderful job with your family" Tony says to Gibbs. Near the stairs, listening quietly, Ducky exhales with a smile and he decides not to chase DiNozzo away.

"Dinozzo, I almost lost him” Gibbs finally speaks. "Do you know how close it was?"
“Do you know how I felt when I saw him..." he couldn't say the word.
“I almost failed him" Gibbs admits to himself rather than Tony.

"BUT you didn't boss, you didn't" Tony cuts him short.

“After all this time, after all you've been through with Kate, with Haswari...everything is all right now! You haven't failed anybody! Everything is all right and that's what matters!" Tony looks at him with enthusiasm that things are going to be all right.


All of a sudden:

"Daddiiiii…daddiiii…Bobby wants daddiiii" they hear his distressing wails from upstairs. Robert keeps calling for his dad and Gibbs hears Kate’s voice, trying to rouse him from his dream, telling him that he was dreaming. Gibbs couldn't stand hearing his calls. "Bobby wants daddiiiii…daddiiii".

He raises himself from the couch.

"Boss?!?" he hears McGee worried voice.

"What McGee?" he glares at him.

"Nothing boss" McGee quickly shakes his head and changes his mind, his boss can not be deterred by mere stitches.

The stitches hurt like hell, but hearing his son calling for him over and over again hurt him more than the blasted stitches; the pain is nothing compared to failing to calm his son.

Helped by DiNozzo he paces to his room; on his way up he hears Ducky’s, Abby’s and Kate’s voices over Robert's call and the boy has started to cry by then. "Dadiiiii…Bobby wants daddiiiii….".

None of the adults are happy to see him, only Robert greets him with a cry and raises his hands to him; the boy is already awake, sitting in the middle of the bed with tears streaking down his cheeks.

Kate is upset when she sees her limping husband in the room, she was already thinking of taking his pillow and blanket to the living room so that he doesn't have to climb the stairs.

"Jethro, your leg, your stitches are fresh" she hisses at him while stroking her son's body.

“It’s OK Kate" he limps towards the bed.

"Come Robert" he smiles to boy, he can see the fresh bruises and scrapes on his skin.
Slowly he lies down on his bed, getting closer to Robert's body, the boy is sweating and crying, his face is flushed, he raises his arms weakly, waiting for Gibbs to hug him.

Gibbs lies on his side awkwardly because of his wound, the second he rests his body on the bed, Robert inches towards him, at the same time he pulls the boy to him, then Robert snuggles into his chest, still sobbing.

The tot talks to his dad "Bobby is scared, don't leave Bobby"

Gibbs keeps him close, while telling him that everything is all right. He sees Abby bat her eyelashes furiously trying to stop her tears with no success.

Ten minutes later, the two year old is asleep and soon his dad is too. Kate arranges her boys as comfortable as possible, closes the blinds and leaves them in peace, leaving the door open so that she can hear them and she goes to the living room to join the rest of the guys.

Within an hour, the mess from the bash has been cleared; the guys are sitting quietly in the living area, still trying to comprehend what just happened to their Director and mentor, everything was hunky dory when suddenly Robert was almost hit by a car…

Kate arrives in the living room, she plops on the couch, right next to Abby.
"How are they?" Abby asks the lady of the house.

"They are sleeping, Abby” Kate replies weakly, she feels like crying again.

"Don't worry Caitlin, they'll be fine" Ducky assures her.

"Ducky I was so scared, it happened so fast, I didn't know what to do, Robert almost got hit by a car…"

"We were all scared Caitlin" Ducky murmurs to himself, losing his touch again, he was shaken to the bone when he saw Gibbs rolling on the pavement, not knowing whether the man managed to grab the boy out of harm's way or not.

"Oh, come on Kate, everything is all right now, they are fine! The BBQ might be over BUT Dinozzo and the gang are staying put, until you chase us from your house" Dinozzo tries to cheer her up.

"Yeah and Ducky is staying for the night, so they'll be taken care of" McGee adds.

"Speaking of me…" Ducky remembers, "McGee, go to the drug store and get these drugs, Jethro and Robert will be needing them" as Ducky hands him the list. McGee quickly leaves to the drug store with Abby.

It is almost past six in the evening when Robert and Gibbs wakes up.

True to Ducky's prediction, they both have fevers, for Gibbs fever doesn't really bother him, but the little boy suffers more than his dad, he is very quiet, fortunately he doesn't cry but he is fussy, he basically only lets three people in the world (his world) carry him and they are his mommy, daddy and Ducky, the rest can stay clear, that is his attitude for the night. Kate is thankful that Ducky stays the night.

That night after Jethro and Robert are asleep comfortably, Kate is with Ducky, in his room. "Ducky, why don't you move in with us…like good old times?" Kate asks the ME expectantly.
Before Ducky can answer her Kate continues. "We love having you here and I don't like you living by yourself"

The talkative ME starts: "Oh Caitlin, I am not alone, my niece is with me, work is closer from my place, I don't want to sell my house, it belonged to my great grandfather and…" Kate smiles and ogles him.

"What Caitlin?" Ducky is surprised at her expression.

"Ducky…I know your niece doesn't live with you anymore, she went back home about six months ago, by the way, she didn't take care of you very well, we know you live alone and nobody is asking you to sell your beloved great grandfather’s house, all I am saying is that I don't like it that you live alone in that big house."

"Caitlin, I might be alone, but I am not lonely, I have you guys, the whole goofy gang at work…" Ducky is embarrassed to be caught lying.

"Precisely! You have us! Move in with us Ducky, Robert loves spending time with you and another one is coming, we love having you in the house, think about it, OK Ducky?" Kate looks at him lovingly, kisses his wrinkled cheek and walks out of the room.
"Think about it, I had better let you rest, goodnight Ducky".

"Goodnight Caitlin" Ducky is already lost in thought about possibilities. He is not young anymore actually, he is damned old and he loves living with them. He recalls the six months he lived with the Gibbs and the new arrival, it was the best.

That night the old man sleeps with a smile on his face, he sleeps a dreamless sleep, and he is safe, asleep in a place where two people know how to shoot, even though Jethro is rather battered right now.


The next morning, after making sure everything is all right, Kate and Ducky leave together to the HQ. She informs Mrs. Adams that Gibbs would not be able to work. Mrs. Adams nods knowingly, she is worried about them.

With that Kate returns home with a bunch of urgent documents and files for Gibbs and delivers them back when he is done; she is NCIS delivery services for three days, while Gibbs and Robert are at home resting and enjoying each other’s company.

Previously, before they had Robert, if Gibbs had to stay home because he was sick or wounded, Kate would be returning home to a crazed, bored man, but now, she comes home to a contented man and boy! They hardly spend time together, and they are enjoying their "man" time, having "man talks"…that's Robert's latest word.

When Kate asks him what did he do with his dad, the boy answers swiftly, “Bobby and daddy had man talks”, Kate looks at Robert in a weird way, what on earth is man talks and she hears her husband laughing from the room.

Later she finds out that “the man talk” is a long talk about safety issues, not to cross the street alone and not to touch anybody's guns. For three days Gibbs spends most of his time with his son in the basement and backyard; after three days they look healthier than ever.

On the second night, Robert already plans ahead with his dad, what they are going to do, "Bobby play with Billy and Obi's doggie tomorrow?"

Gibbs laughs and says, "No. Bobby stays with daddy, we are making a boat, OK?”

"OK, Bobby like boat!" the kid agrees but…he wants more, "And tomorrow's tomorrow? We play gun?" He doesn't know how to say the day after tomorrow, so he just repeats tomorrow.

Gibbs answers sadly, "No Bobby, the day after tomorrow, daddy has to go back to work, daddy can't play with you during the day anymore, but we'll play at night, when I come home early, OK?" he asks for his conformation.

Robert looks between his dad and mom, his dad seldom comes home early, if his mother doesn't bring him to the office, he hardly ever sees his dad, let alone play with him, but the kid just nods quietly. Gibbs notices the disappointment in his eyes and face.

Kate feels sorry for him. "And we'll visit your daddy, Tony, Abby, Ducky and everybody in the office! Right Bobby?"

And the kid nods quietly still. His mischievous mind is working…"But daddy's leg still hurts, right?” he asks his mom and dad expectantly…..and the neighbors can hear Gibbs' laughter.

"Robert that's not nice!!!" Kate is shocked,

"But, daddy’s leg still hurts, daddy stay home with Bobby!!!" the kid tries to explain his "honorable" intention and Kate bursts out laughing uncontrollably; and Robert sticks to his dad like glue for the entire two days.



On the third morning, Kate comes early to the HQ for the last time, by tomorrow Gibbs would be fit enough to go back to work, his stitches are healing well. Actually if he wanted to, he could return to work today, but she knows he wants to spend more time with his son.

Hours later, Abby and James are with Kate, walking out of the HQ, talking about Ducky when Kate bumps into somebody, a few meters away from the HQ's entrance.

“Oh sorry” she quickly apologizes, then:

"Caitlin Todd? Kate?" the man calls her, and Kate looks up at the man.

“Oh my God, Luke!” she could not believe her eyes, she is looking at her ex boyfriend from many years ago, from when she was about to join Secret Service, they dated for quite some time, a year maybe; then she got too busy and he hardly kept up with the relationship and they fell apart.

The man hugs her and kisses her head. ”How are you doing Katie?" he beams at the beautiful woman in his arms fondly.

"Good Luke, great actually" she looks at him happily, it's been so long.

"You look great Katie" he murmurs to her and kisses both her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Abby and James are gaping at the scene, they are standing right beside their Kate and the man hardly notices them – focusing on Kate – and they can see that.

This is fun, James and Abby look at each other in awe, then minutes later, this is NOT good, they decide. Some other man is calling their boss's wife Katie and hugging her and kissing her cheek, but still! Boss Gibbs is not going to be very happy! For once, they are glad that Gibbs is not at work today.

"Thanks Luke, you look great too" Kate replies sincerely. "And how are things? How is Laura doing?" she knows that her ex got married a year after they broke up, she is about to gloat about her new family when she sees his eyes change and Kate holds her tongue.

“Not so good actually, long story Katie" He looks the other way, not wanting her pity, then he notices that Kate's friends are gawking at them.

"I am sorry Luke, I didn't mean to pry, I didn't know" She realizes his discomfort.

"We are finalizing our divorce" he says to her.

 Kate feels awful, why on earth did she ask about his wife, why is she so nosy! "Sorry Luke, I didn't know" She apologizes and she is glad she hasn’t gloated about her Jethro and Robert yet.

The man must have felt uncomfortable with Abby and James watching him so closely. Abby notices he shifts uneasily, Abby decides NOT to like him! There is something evil about him! "Damn, you watched too many horror story girl…" Abby berates herself.

"Look Katie, I am kind of in a rush, can we talk some other time? Can I call you tonight?" he asks her

"Sure!" she just glad that he ended their conversation.

"Can I have your number?"

"Here, let me beam you" and Kate doesn't ask for his number, James noticed.

"Good to see you Katie, call you tonight" he said his goodbye and again Abby noticed, he hugged her before entering the HQ.

Kate exhales heavily, "me and my big mouth" she feels guilty.

Anyway, "guys, I have got to go, I am going home to my boys, they need to be fed” she winks at them.

"We’ll talk about Ducky some other time, and I'll talk to him again" and Kate walks to her car, stops in her tracks, turns her body, facing at Abby and James.

“Guys” she looks at the both of them slyly.

"Yeah???" Abby answers her equally sly.

"Are you guys dating?" Kate asks, and they are both stunned!

Not because of her question is personal, they are used to it, the gang are close and they pry in everybody's business. Abby and James are stunned because they thought Kate is about to asked them not to tell Gibbs about the encounter with the "smooch guy".

They don’t answer her. Kate just smiled and left them in the parking lot.


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