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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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All I have 6 The return of Kate Todd

“It’s all right Kate” Gibbs looks exhausted.

“Todd…he is asleep?” Fornell walks to her and he gently lifts the sleeping boy from his mother into his arms and he laughs as he notices the toy guns stuck to the kid’s shorts and Kate slips them off.

Fornell smiles, looking at the cherubic face in his arms, unaware of the dangers around him; he doesn’t have any children from his two marriages; he loves children’s unspoiled minds, especially since he met his friends' son.

Kate notices the distress and tension in the room, “How is it? How bad is it? What happened?” she bombards Gibbs with questions, all day long, she’s been thinking about all the bleak possibilities.

Gibbs could have slapped his own stupid head after telling his wife what really happened.

“It’s bad Kate, his partner is dead, we found him in the back lot. Now, he is free to do whatever he wishes and he has the connections and money to do so, we don’t know…” he stops in the middle of his sentence.

Kate looks worried, her face paled considerably, she thought they would have news on Haswari’s activities, NOT Haswari as a free man; without realizing, she covers her mouth and cries.

“Katie, don’t worry, it’s not too late, it’s going to be all right” Gibbs says, but in his mind, he slaps his own head.

“What are we going to do?” Kate asks him, but before Gibbs answers her question, Fornell intervenes.

“We are going to get the son of a bitch, and when we have him, he’ll wish that he was dead, Todd” Fornell interrupts the couple. He is sitting on the side sofa, Robert is sleeping on his chest. Looking at the child’s serene face has somehow given him some hope.

Gibbs changes the subject, “How was the appointment?”

“Nothing special, just blood tests and the usual, I’ll see him again in a week or so” she replies.

"Oh…and Robert almost destroyed his office!” Kate shakes her head at the boy; she is reminded of the child’s antics with her old OB-GYN who is Ducky’s friend.

She tells him what happened at the OB-GYN: their son touched every foreign tool he saw, he was quite nosy too, asking "What can they do?" and comparing them to his guns. He also said that his Ducky has the same or better tools than what the OB-GYN has. He even had the audacity to invite Strebel to his bullpen and saying he’ll take the man to Ducky’s cold room.

They are disturbed by a knock:

DiNozzo enters the office and starts complaining, “Boss, the FBI is being an ass!”

“Nothing new DiNozzo…nothing new” Gibbs comments…“Result?” he snaps at DiNozzo.

“Positive ID Boss and Ducky is sure that the man was “toasted” alive…soot in his lungs and throat, traces of Gaso…” he shuts up as he sees Kate’s face.

He quickly changes the subject, “the toast belongs to him” he points at Fornell who is glaring at the obnoxious NCIS jerk, but unable to do anything because he is holding a child.

Kate scolds DiNozzo for being an insensitive knucklehead as usual, but the knucklehead grins at his ex-partner. Suddenly, Kate stops talking and turn around, facing Gibbs:

“I can help! I can profile! I know him the best!!!” She realizes her strengths and she should have offered her services a long time ago, before it got worse. 

She has a point, Boss” DiNozzo looks at his director.

DiNozzo and Fornell dare not take sides; they realize that for NCIS's sake, the Director should hire her back, but as her husband…hell no! Gibbs is in a very precarious position.

“I don’t think so Kate” he starts to distance himself from her.

Kate moves closer to him, “NCIS does not currently have a profiler, I am a profiler!” she spells out the deal to him.

“Kate, I will not allow you to return to NCIS, especially for Haswari…” Gibbs refuses.

“Jethro, listen to me…” Kate tries.

“No Kate…I said NO!” He is about to bellow his decision when Kate thought of another way.

“Guys, can we talk in private, please…” Kate is still looking at him but he is refusing to look at her in the eyes.

DiNozzo and Fornell leave the couple.

Fornell still has the sleeping toddler in his arms, unwilling to put him down yet; DiNozzo tries to take Robert from the FBI Agent, but Fornell slaps his hand away.

“Hey! He is NCIS's baby!” DiNozzo is annoyed, how dare he touch Robert, who belongs to NCIS.

Fornell walks away with the toddler still perched on his chest, leaving the knucklehead Agent behind him, but DiNozzo pesters the man; he tries to take Robert again…and receives another brusque slap to his hand.

They are outside Gibbs’s office now, standing near Mrs. Adams's desk. If not because of Fornell, she would have shood DiNozzo away for making too much noise.

DiNozzo complains, “His mom and dad are ‘pure’ NCIS”

“Special Agent Todd was Secret Service DiNozzo” Fornell answers his complaints calmly.

“EX! EX-SECRET SERVICE! She was NCIS when she quit!!!” Dinozzo reminds Fornell angrily and quite loudly, receiving a hawk like glare from the secretary.


In the Director’s office.

“Jethro, please listen to me, hear me out. You have to make the best decision for the department and you are not a field Agent anymore, you are a Director sweetie…” She reasons with him.

Gibbs walks away from her, heading towards his chair, behind the huge table, barricading himself physically and hopefully emotionally from her pleas. “Kate, you are my wife, you are carrying MY child, I would be a fool if I let you in the circle again Kate," he tries to make her understand the dilemma.

“But, NCIS needs me. You guys need me. We do not want more bloodshed Jethro!” Kate replies.

“No Kate” Gibbs realizes that his back is literally against the wall.

“And I swear that I will be office bound. I promise! I will help from the Headquarters, not the field!” she bargains and continues her speech before he answers her, “…you have to admit, the bastard has got me twice, and I know him better than Ducky does!”

“And you thought he had kind eyes Kate” Gibbs replies with a pang of jealousy.

“He was not born that way Jethro! Life made him a monster…and are you jealous???” Kate couldn’t believe her ears.

Half an hour later, after many arguments, deals,  threats and much begging…and finally one sweet kiss between the two of them, the Director reinstates Special Agent Todd ‘temporarily’ to NCIS.


They walk out from the office.

Kate is excited with the new deal but Gibbs is looking grim despite the sweet kiss he got from his Kate. They stop in their track and witness DiNozzo still bickering with Fornell about their son, with Mrs. Adams looking aggravated.

Without a word, Gibbs strides to them and takes what belongs to him…his son... from Fornell. Problem solved.

“DiNozzo, Kate will help you profile Haswari…” Gibbs announces

DiNozzo’s cheers of happiness and jumps stop Gibbs's speech.

DiNozzo hugs his ex partner, he misses her terribly.

“Kate, don’t you miss our truck???” DiNozzo eyes gleam with happy memories.

“Do you remember when…” he shuts up when he sees Kate’s eyes changes by the mention of their beloved truck.

“She is office bound, DiNozzo!” Gibbs snaps, but he couldn’t continue because the boy in his arms stirs from his loud voice.

“C’mon Tony!” Kate shoves DiNozzo away from her husband who can’t shout because of her sleeping son, but before she goes down the stairs, she returns and kisses them both, “You have my mobile” she whispers to Gibbs.

Kate did not expect his hand. He manages to grab her elbow quickly, “Kate, I will NOT be needing your mobile, I’ll be calling your desk phone, all right?!” he warns her…and she winks at him.

Fornell and Gibbs can hear DiNozzo starting his fun; he is telling Kate that she should call him ‘Boss’ and Kate is saying ‘no way’ and messing his finely combed hair.

"I never thought that you’ll hire her back Gibbs” Fornell is looking at the man standing beside him.

“I am NOT hiring her back! I am just reinstating her! There is a difference Fornell” Gibbs is denying the truth.

“I think you made the right decision” Fornell enters the office.

“I don’t think so…and I might change my decision at any time” Gibbs seems confused.

“We’ll get the traitor once and for all, Haswari won’t see Todd, we’ll make sure of that.”

Fornell calms Gibbs down.

“Like hell Fornell.” Gibbs is angry with himself for the situation.

“I am taking the body back Gibbs.” Fornell sighs wearily. He has had enough shit from Haswari, who has been killing his men, four bodies thus far.

“I want to see the body, then I’ll come over to your HQ once I am done here.”

He quickly placed the boy on the couch, then from his personal cupboard he pulls out a small pillow and blanket, making the boy as comfortable as possible: Robert has spent countless times sleeping in his dad’s office and bullpen.

Fornell is gazing at the hard ass bastard that used to give him shit, taking care of his son, “You love him, don’t you Gibbs”

“More than my life…”

“For the first time in my life, I am jealous of you Gibbs” Fornell laughs bitterly and they both left the office to the morgue.



“You all right Kate?” DiNozzo looks at her with concern; they just spent half an hour in the autopsy with Ducky dissecting a ‘black’ burned corpse and Ducky was not pleased with DiNozzo for bringing Kate there.

Even though she was mostly asking the FBI Agents questions, she blanched considerably as she heard the cracking sound of ribs being cut open, and couldn’t help it but to look.

But DiNozzo knows Kate quite well, having worked with her for more than two years, he knows that her pride won’t let her admit that the autopsy is bothering her.

“I am fine Tony, but I am glad that I haven’t had my lunch though” she admits, drinking her water from the bottle like she always does.

“Here Kate” McGee offers her crackers and milk, he is glad that she is joining the team again, she used to save his ass when Gibbs was still their boss.

“Thanks McGee” Kate beams at the man whom Abby called ‘one sweet geek’

“Glad to have you back Kate” McGee nods to her.

“Suck up…” DiNozzo whispers to McGee and shoves the man purposely, jealous that Kate is beaming at him.

He has known Kate longer.

McGee pulls a face at him.

DiNozzo decides to tease his ex-partner.  “Hey Kate I didn’t know that Lt. Cobalt is your ex!”

“Yeah, we dated for a while,” she replies innocently

“So…you are going to help you EX, Katie girl” DiNozzo flashes his kinky grin

Kate still doesn’t realize what Tony is doing.

 “I’ve thought about that Tony, but I decided not to, I think the Mossad case with the FBI is…”

DiNozzo interrupts her.  “Boss is jealous!!! Isn’t he? That’s why you are not going to do the case”.

He is standing very close to her, annoying her. McGee just exhales, realizing what his knucklehead boss is doing.

“NO!” Kate answers the man in disbelief, but somehow angry because he guessed right!

“Tony…” McGee tries to stops his ‘new’ boss from making a mistake, he just saw Gibbs coming down the stairs.

“SHHHH! Probie! Shut it!” DiNozzo shush him.

“Admit it Kate! Your husband is jealous! Big Boss ORDERED you NOT to take the case.” He looks at her slyly; her face is flushed, but she is controlling her anger.

DiNozzo is not done yet, it’s been too long since he pissed her off, the last time was when she was pregnant and he commented that she waddled like a penguin and made her cry.

 “AW KATE! You’ve lost your touch! Where is the sassy Kate I used to know?

Kate is fuming mad by now and still unable to answer DiNozzo. She has forgotten how annoying and what a pain in the ass he can be.

DiNozzo doesn’t know just when to stop. “You’ve become a docile housewife, poor Katie! You are…”


DiNozzo flinches and covers his head.

Gibbs heard everything! His wife is almost in tears, but after the slaps, she is grinning in satisfaction, swiftly wiping her tears in embarrassment. She is extremely sensitive when she is pregnant, and McGee is enjoying the slaps.