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Peacefull chaos???

Right, right. how could chaos be peaceful?
Wishful thinking.

APEC at down under Australia.

Since the supposedly the most powerful man in the world, George Bush is here.
The security is tight! Tighter than a sticky jam bottle.
Police guard the city.
Lockdown of the city...and...I work at the city.
Getting in and out of the city is hell. because the most powerful man is here.
well, the most powerful means having lots of enemy.
I wonder how Mr. Bush sleeps at night.

Demonstration at town hall for many days. Police barricades the areas for most of the day.
Water canon tank is ready.
Special Unit polices are ready for battle.
what a waste of tax dollar.

Sad, but it is reality.

Me and my boyfriend were right in the middle of the chaos (peaceful demonstration)
He insisted to watch the 'gathering'.
Nothing special for me as I've too much of a taste of chaos, back in my home country.
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