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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Funny, witty story with depth and meaning.
Disney and Pixar has done it again,

I know I am late, most of the people around me have watched the movie.
But with my hectic schedule, me and my boyfriend have finally watched RATATOUILLE.
He is not a big cartoon fan, but he loves the movie.

The underlying message that you can be all you want to be; follow your dream, don't be afraid to be different are shown splendidly in this funny, action jam packed animation.

Brilliant! Worth watching.


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Cool! I'm going to watch the movie tomorrow with a friend! I'm already so excited! I love rats anyway. Me and my romie had two rats as pets for over a year and Rattatouille looks just like our rats. :)

You're the third person who told me the movie is absolutely hilarious. But then again it's Disney/Pixar. What else would one expect. ;)

Love your avatar by the way! And it is SOOO true!

I am sure you'll enjoy the movie!!!!!!
Yep!!!! the avatar is sooo true!

yey!! finally dah nonton juga!!! :)

what a really great animation movie... :D

bagus yah lin...
the movie has great animation + great meaning.
I've given you my mobile number.
whats the deal?

kekekeke.... i've just checked your replies :p ....

ah gpp...

kmrn itu cie2 rita sempet nanyain, then i said that I've tried to sms you but it didn't deliver..... hehehe

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