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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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My brother's graduation

Very proud of him.
Hope all his hard work paid off.
He finished his medicine school.
Time for internship........(worse to come), very grace anatomy!!!

My parents and my brother Dennis, A.K.A "Kakas",
5th Oct 2007 at the front of our house, Jakarta, Indonesia


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Congratulations to your brother!

Your brother graduation !!!

Oh Yeah!!! Congs to him !!! from one MD to another !!!!!
And YOU are rigth... worse is going to come... the internship... it SUCKS !!!!!but all finish at the end ... and he ´ll finished the internship... as he has finished the career...
OH !!! you sure like to be with him... snif !!!

Re: Your brother graduation !!!

Yep, you are right. long way to go.
BY the way, I am sending you email, Got problem with chapter 7 format.

Re: Your brother graduation !!!

YEP !!!

The internship is ... hard !!!! Is ALMOST as the MARINES TRAINING!!!! in many ways..... but the good is that the person is VERY YOUNG and easy to adapt when doing it... I was 23 year old at my internship in SURGERY and people kept saying... " No way you ARE a Doc!!! you are a Secondary school student girl !!!!!" Oh shit... it was really hard... you know???....
Your brother must be happy !!! at least the loooong hours studying for the tests and all that are finished... now , other type of proves are coming up...
Easy... I´ll try to fix the ch. Tomorrow...
Sorry I´m replying at the LJ... I´n not at my comp... and have little time...

Many congratulations to your brother.

And I hope his internship goes well.

THANKS for the well wishes.
I am sure he needs all the luck he can get.

Congratulations! 'm sure he will be one of the best in his profession!:)


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