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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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$ 30 Million lottery this Thursday Oct 11th, 2007!!!!!!!!!!
I am buying my lottery...just $10!
who knows....the possibility.
Crossing my fingers.

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Um... you do know the odds, don't ya?
It's three times more likely to die in a car accident on the way to buying your lottery, than to actually win the lottery!

Don't wanna spoil the fun though. *laughs*

Just remember. Money is not the source of happiness. If you are not happy without money, you will not get happy with lots of money. It will just give you the illusion of happiness, just as a drug gives you that illusion. *huggles*

Still, if it means so much to you, I wish you luck!!! :)

Money is the source of all evil.
Lack of money is worse!!!
Like it or not, its pretty important.
This is my 1st lottery. FUN!

go for it!

By the way where can i read Martial Bliss

you can read it at ncis fanfiction archive.
the easiest way is to go to my livejournal.
click "ncis fanfiction archive"

but I think, the page is momentarily unaccessible due to high visits.

let me know.

something is strange.
I hope it is not long term.
but I post my kibbs at my journal.
feel free to snoop around,\should be tagged under kibbs by nova.
or adult kibbs.
I'll put it for public if you are interested.
let me know

is not necessary to be rich to fullfill your dreams !!! is just a bit easy ( some of them... )

aaahhhh..... good luck yaw!! hehehe....

ahhh niwei.... ada yg mau ke oz gak sih? Selain cie monic's mom...

Kau mau titip2 apa gak dr jkt? :p

I am good by the way.
don't need much. kayanya cece ony mau titip komik.
have fun.

dapet takkkkkkkkkk undiannya??? hehehehe....

eits... yur mommy just get back from oz...

seeing ur photos... look very happy there ya?

oh... have seen ur man's appearances.. hehehe.... wish you have the best :) tenang aja cie... gak lama lagi, semua tau... hahahaha....

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