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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Birthday bashes

Here they are:
Finally three days off, which means I got some time to post some pictures.

Me and my mom on 'her' birthday @Sydney, Australia.

Us with the yummy cakes, made by my cousin Monica (future dessert chef)

My unhappy face ( my boyfriend gave me a scratchy lottery...and I DIDN"T WON!!!!!)

Me amongst my birthday cake (made by my aunt Agnes and Green tea mini muffin, made by my cousin Cleony) Totally AWESOME!!!!!


Me and my boyfriend. My big Teddy bear Scott. He is my angel.

L-R (Cleony, kiki, Ancella, Nova'the birthday gal, Monica, Otto)
What the hell I was screaming for???

Searching - digging for my birthday present from my big guy Scott. I got an I-pod nano. Buried under those candies..... YAHOOO!!! Thanks Scottie.

Bloody hell....I am 31 years OLD! Life is wonderful!

Too hungry to talk....TALK TO THE HAND!

Lighting candles on the yummiest cheese cake on Planet Earth.

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Lovely photos. Thank you for letting us share your birthday.

WOW !!!
Lovely family and that was a hell of birthday cake girl !!! yummy yummy yummy .....we would say ñam !!!!!here....
Nice photos and the best is that you look very very happy !!!!
I´m writing from the comp of my friend NORMA and she is an " expert in tasting desserts and cakes ..." she says that this is very impressive !!!!she wants to know what was under the creamy cover... hi hi hi... could you send a piece across the ciber space ??? she sends her best wishes for you too.....
Well, well well... I AM OBLIGUED to finish the CH 8 for you now....

Thanks hon.
I will ask my aunt for the recipe and post it at livejournal.

yes yes yes...post the recipe soon please !!!!!!

yes yes yes...post the recipe soon please !!!!!!

As soon as possible...but I don't know when (sorry)
I am in a middle of another job hunting

You are going to quit????
Or just if you'll get a better job????

I am applying for another job that pays better.
because, even though i love my present job, it is not paying.
I have a goal that I ant to be independent and I have to face reality.
wish me luck.
will let you know how it went!

Yeah, I agree with you..
If you have not opportunities to get a better position or salary where you are, you are rigth , have to look for something better...

I don't now how are the rules at your present job... There is no possible to be promoted to other position if you are good at what you do??? ...
Yes, you need the enough money to get your independant life... yes.
I wish you get it soon !!!

unfortunately, where I work its a flat rate.
if I've work for 1 year, I will have the same years for the person who've work for 15 years.
crazy, but its true.
Retail is fun but the pay sucks.

aahhhh finally new updatessss........

looks like lovely days while your mom's there? :)

gile... makan.. makan.. makan... banyak bangets... hahahahaha.....

kapan balik cie???

ia makan makan makan terus...
bengkak deh cece.
kapan mau main dateng kesini?????

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