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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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KIBBS: Missing Kate

Title                           :Missing Kate
Fiction                       : KIBBS...
Genre                       : Action/romance
Rating                       : Teen/ PG 13
Spoiler                      : none...
Disclaimer                 : NCIS...definitely not mine

Chapter 1 Sending KATE to O’Brien

It’s been an awful month.

Kate is frustrated with her boss; the fact that last weekend they shared some intimate moments. But suddenly the man went cold and distant to her. Kate is so down, pissed off and lost in her own misery that she doesn’t realize that Gibbs was called to the Director's office, Jenny Sheppard (his ex-lover). Its only after Tony deliberately pelted his paperclip to her face, Kate gives Tony a stare and throws her crumpled paper from her bin, right back at him!

"What do you think our boss is doing Kate?" wonders Tony. Kate just ignores him and feels a pang of sadness in her heart…a pinch of jealousy, she sighs…regretting her bad luck, she has no right to be jealous…she is just a one night stand; Damn it, she wants to cry…Kate tries to masks her feeling by pretending to type her overdue report from their previous case that takes a month of a cat and mouse chase; while actually her heart is bleeding from the heartache. She was such a fool, after making loved to her, the bastard dared telling her that it is not going to work between them and he was sorry if he hurt her feeling…fucking bastard.

"Nice..." Tony imagines, "Red hair...hot ass…lucky Gibbs..." Tony chuckles, "Perhaps, the red head Director can improve his ugly mood" He wishes. McGee just nods along…hoping for Tony's wish to come true; It has been a rough week, poor McGee has been suffering from his boss foul mood. Yeah... right..!!!Wishfull thinking. Its about to get worse.

The elevator opened; Gibbs storms out, he strides to his desk and throw his paperwork on his desk…the man is in foul mood. The 3 agents in the bullpen and practically feel the anger and heat emanating from their boss; he said harshly without looking at her “Kate, report to O'Brien office right now".

Kate mouth gapes for few seconds before fear seeps into her. What the hell did she do now??? But as an excellent profiler, looking at her boss body language, she wisely refrains herself from asking question. She quickly stood up, walks to the elevator without looking back at her friends to…O'Brien's bullpen.

NCIS is divided into several teams, if she is not mistaken, there are 8 operational teams. Well, she hardly mingles with them because of her workload and additional day dreaming on her boss. Pathetic... yeah, she admits to herself silently.

Kate quickly goes up to the 5th floor, to report to Bruce O’Brien, an elderly man, rather sweet by nature with kind disposition, the opposite of her current boss. She only knew this from Abby, with her crazy and fun social life. Again, Kate realized, her social life... sucks!!

As she entered O'Brien bullpen, she is greeted by 3 of his young male agents who are rather good looking and modish. This is what Abby would describe as "sexy James Bond-ish".  Bruce O’Brien lifts his reading glasses and looks at Special Agent Todd who is standing right in front of his desk, the woman looks lost...O’Brien seems surprise to see her. "Ahh..." he said with a smile in his eyes. “What a pleasant surprise…", " I thought my colleague would never release you from his claws” as he smiles at her and Kate smiles back to the senior agent. "Do you know you are here Special Agent Todd?" "No sir" she is so embarrass that she knows nothing…damn Gibbs! Damn him to hell, she looks like a complete ass.

"Gibbs didn’t tell you why???" O’Brien couldn’t believe it.

"No sir, he just said to report to you" She swallows her pride, looking down at her feet…she is pathetic…and she hears O'Brien sighs and Kate feels like a ten years old being punished for not doing her homework.

O’Brien knows that Gibbs is a very hard man; a very difficult man to work or live with. Great person! But extremely fierce and set in his own way. He gazes at Special Agent Caitlyn Todd, with some sadness; my... she is very pretty, with a sincerely smile (something that is rare nowadays), soft eyes, small built, he knows from her profile that she is very intelligent, capable profiler and many more, apparently his colleague recruited the woman himself from the Secret Service.

Now he finally comprehends about all the rage with Gibbs, refusing to transfer her to his team as directed by Jenny Sheppard. He has a good feeling about Agent Todd…but it is not going to be easy for her. He feels sorry for her, his gut feeling is telling him that the innocent woman standing in front of him is going to suffer from being pull from different directions. He sincerely hopes she’ll survive…Special Agent Gibbs’ rage…and more.


O'Brien's bullpen

O'Brien knows that his colleague must be fuming with anger…but he got to do it…

"Todd, you are to help us profile our "Rape n Kill cold case", I am hoping that we can wrap up the case within a week or so, we are pretty close" Explains O'Brien to her. "Oh,..." Kate is surprised. This is not that bad, she tells herself; meet and work with different agents, O'Brien seems nice, friendly. He doesn't shout at his agents, and the extra task can actually help her get over the son of a bitch grouchy boss of her. Nice... she smiles at the big man in front of her.

Kate is truly fed up with her situation, she used to be an independent person, being able to focus, and not falling head over heels over some grumpy ass. Suddenly, she is determines to start a new leaf. Adios Gibbs…hello the new Kate, She whispers to herself. It’s about time!

"Are you all right with the temporary arrangement Kate?" as O'Brien sees her smiles, lost in her thought; "oh yes sir, it would be my pleasure! And you can call me Kate, please…" Kate beams at him. O’Brien thought she looks happy with the new arrangement…he likes the girl, he is sure that she is competent and he won’t be disappointed with her work.

"You are still to report to Gibbs in the morning for attendance, Kate…then you will come up here and work with us, starting from tomorrow" He can not imagine, if she takes her attendance here with him, he does not want to face Gibbs wrath unnecessarily, hell no! O’Brien is still looking at Kate who is nodding excitedly…his agents are gawking at the woman…Gibb’s woman…things are going to be interesting around here…


Meanwhile, Gibbs is being unbearable to Tony and McGee. The senior agent does not talk anymore, he only shouts and answers with his typical "hmmp". "Why Kate is going to O'Brien's bullpen boss?" Finally, Tony couldn't help himself. “To help some idiots profile a case" that’s all he said. Even Tony dares not open his mouth again.

Later on, Tony finds out from McGee, who found out from Abby, who heard from Ducky who witnessed the whole showdown at Ms. Red top Director Jenny Sheppard office. Ducky saw the whole shouting from Gibbs and Sheppard (mostly Gibbs, he stated). As Sheppard instructed Gibbs to transfers Caitlyn to help O'Brien's cold case. Gibbs refused point blank! Sheppard refused to listen. She has made up her mind.

The two of them were shouting; O'Brien was sitting in his chair, amused by the match, while Dr. Mallard stood in between to calm Gibbs down. Trashed bin was kicked and coffee spilled at the showdown. Dr. Mallard said that Shepard insisted on Agent Todd helping O'Brien's team until the cold case is closed…while actually O'Brien did not insist that it has to be agent Todd, he only asked for additional help for his team.

Tony is mad when he finds out. He braved himself and asks his boss AGAIN. "She is ours boss, She belongs to us, who is going to proof read my report? Who is going to help McGee with his assignment? And who is going to write down, type and conclude the report from the autopsy boss?"

"You guys are! Anyway that’s your job", "Now shut up! and get back to work!" barked Gibbs; this is the 1st time Tony realizes how Kate has been their savior, helping with their workload before they handed them in to Gibbs. Life has been great since the ex Secret Service chick was there. Tony recalled boasting to his fellow agents at the HQ when his old boss recruited the dashing girl in his team, they were all jealous of his luck…until she starts kicking him in the shin…

Abby shows up in the middle of the bullpen from her lab, Gibbs can see that she was dashing through the stairs. "Is it true, you transfer our Kate to O’Brien?" she asks breathlessly.

"Why Gibbs? She is ours, not O'Brien's, and I actually enjoy the female company in this place!!! I was so happy when you hired her!!! We had tattoo done together and I like Katie!!!" She almost shouts…almost in tears, which she never does. Tony and McGee nod along.

Gibbs sighs and said," No Abby, just for a week Abby", he then stands up and left the bullpen while Abby just gapes at him in frustration. Sure, Kate is still working in the same NCIS’ HQ, but being stationed at different floor from her…is unacceptable, Abby is pissed!

By 4 PM, after Kate has been introduced to her temporary colleagues: James, Bruce and Roland. All of them are charmed by the new additional female agent, O'Brien noticed and he thought, oh dear...his guys will meet Gibbs’ wrath is ever…


Chapter 2 Caitlyn Todd - Profile - Confidential

Nice! Kate is comparing… No stupid remark from Tony, no paperclips pelted to her face, No rude comments about her non existence love life, like: getting laid yet Kate? You look tense! You need to get laid…and no hostility from Gibbs which is hurting her feeling.

After she was done and briefed by her new boss, she goes back to her bullpen.

Tony, McGee and Abby are waiting anxiously in silence, in fear that Gibbs might ask them to shut up again. Kate is surprised to see the three of them call her name "Kate!!!" at the same time, as she enters the bullpen, with a questioning looks on their eyes. Only Gibbs is quiet behind his Computer…busy, he doesn't even seems to realize that she is there, Kate feels a hard pang of pain in her heart, disappointed…apparently she means nothing to him…it’s about time you move on, you daft woman! She tells herself.

"Hi, what’s up guys?" she greets them happily, not showing her disappointment on their boss behavior. "So?" Tony asks, "So what? It’s nothing…I am asked to help them until the case is close, that’s all…no big deal, I can handle that". "Are we still going to see you?" McGee whispers to her, "Sure McGee" she looks at him fondly. “I still come here for attendance as usual…", and she turns around, facing Abby" and…I see you…when I see you in the lab, as usual and in Ducky's autopsy, ohh…and awesome; O'Brien said that I can accompany and assist Ducky in Autopsy when he did the Y incision!!! Cool ehh??" Kate couldn’t hide her excitement from them.

"Don't forget your reports due Kate!!" Gibbs snaps at her from behind his screens. "Consider it done Boss” she replies bitterly, she never address Gibbs as boss before, she has enough of his attitude, she did not do anything wrong. Tony, McGee and Abby glare at their boss and give him the look of insolence and displeasure at the same time. Gibbs is surprised at their courage… but ignores it anyway.


On her drive home, Kate has a resolution: to be responsible for her own well being and not being an idiotic love sick puppy with somebody who didn’t even has the decency to respect her feeling and doesn’t even realized she exist. Like a drug addict (of Gibbs) trying to quit her addiction, she promised herself…to change her life. QUIT COLD TURKEY!!! Ugly, but definitely necessary.


Alone at home, Gibbs is in the basement working on his boat, no TV, no dinner, non stop until he is exhausted enough to calm down and sits in his chair. He is in his chair covering his weary face with both hands. "What the hell did I do?" He was sure that Sheppard tried to rekindle their fling with him, when he politely declined her advances, she was pissed and tried to get rid of Kate, but how did she knew?

He doesn’t understand what has happen in the last 24 hours. No hard feeling towards O'Brien, he is a respectable peer, a kind man that doesn't speak much, can control his emotion much much better than himself, one of very few people that he respects in the work place, apart from Ducky.


Meanwhile, Ducky is sitting in his autopsy room…thinking about an incident that happened a month ago. He precisely remember, as he bumped into the new gorgeous Director Jenny Sheppard, a very stunning red head, he finds her rather cold with an air of arrogance that he doesn't feel comfortable with.

Ducky opened a door for her, she slipped through the opened door with a forced smile, he noticed. He froze when he saw the file in her hand. "Caitlyn Todd, personal file, confidential, Director's eyes only", that’s Kate’s file. "Oh dear, something awful will happen". Ducky predicted right as this morning he witnessed the showdown.

About a month ago, jenny Sheppard was disappointed when her former lover greeted her with no emotion as he congratulated her for her new position as the new Director. She knows that she is an attractive woman in her 40's, how could he refuse her?

Then few weeks later, she knew the reason. She was walking to her office; she saw Gibbs placed his hand protectively over a female waist as they walked through the lobby, chatting with the weird tattooed girl. She can see that he was trying to make sure the brunette did not bump into other agents that were walking through the packed lobby; they were walking so close and comfortable with each other…she actually saw Jethro Gibbs smiles at her.

When she got back to her office, she looked for the teams rosters, looking for Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team, looked for the only female agent in his team and her pictures, ah... yes, that’s her. She sorted through her personal profile as she read with green eyes.

Caitlyn Todd, 31, single, Catholic.

Starting from basic military academy joined US RANGERS for 3 years under Master Chief Angus Powell. Excellent remarks on her character, agility and intelligent more than physical strength. Being 1 of 5 female in the entire US RANGER; it was stated from the Master Chief that even though she went through a hard time being female, to performed physically demanding regiment of the elite soldiers, she never gives up.

Every challenge that was thrown at her, she completed them the best as she knows how. Despite the fact that she can not defeat her male peers, her wits, intelligent, attitude and loyalty made her stood out and respected by her peers. Her humanity and leadership skills bring out the best of her.

After 3 years, by the advised of her mentor/Master Chief, he transferred her to the FBI.
He believes that US RANGER has done what can be done with her and she could to improve her intellectual skills and capabilities under the FBI’s care. So, US RANGER Caitlyn Todd was transferred with colorful recommendation.

The FBI training in Quantico proved her to be the best profiler in her class. Foreign language: German, French and Spanish. She excels in Psychology, profiling, interrogation and case studies.

After the completion of FBI training, she worked in the field under Special Agent Michael White. That’s a name Sheppard is familiar with, a well respected senior agent that operates many successful sting operations. Kate was under him for 5years? Damn!!!

Positive remarks from Agent White, again her wit and intelligent combined with her disposition made her one of the best asset to the FBI. From the FBI, she was recruited by the Secret Service. Director William Powell, recommended from his brother, the master chief of US Rangers. The Director hand picked Agent Todd to work for Secret service for 2 years before she resigned and joined NCIS...“Weird... why did she resigned? What happen? Well, never mind now…I'll found out later" she told herself. Right now, she planned to get rid of Todd or at least out of Gibbs' hands. She looked at her portfolio military pictures of Caitlyn Todd and smiled.


Kate starts her 1st day with O’Brien’s team. She arrives in her bullpen few minutes before Gibbs arrive. Tony, McGee and Abby are already waiting by her desk. She gives them a big smile,” Good morning guys..."

"So, Kate, you are with O'Brien today?", "Yep!" she answers happily. “And ... he is nice! And his agents are polite, not like you Tony…" she winks at him.

Tony doesn’t have the chance to reply to her as he hears the Elevator’s doors open; Gibbs enters the bullpen with no coffee in his hand…that’s bad, McGee thought. Tony and McGee look at each other in fear. Gibbs pulls out the attendance, marked it and left the bullpen. "Wow... that’s surreal" Abby cringe, "Coffee..." they all said together.


Chapter 3 Gibbs VS Kate

Kate's day goes very fast with her new team. Ignoring her anger towards Gibbs' cold shoulders she focus on her job, O'Brien gives her freedom to work on her duties; Pair her up with James, one of the younger agents to conduct interview with witnesses and search for new information. Around 11, they receive a message from Roland that they found a body dump. Kate and James head to the crime scene to aid the investigation.

The female victim is in her early 20's. She starts her profiling, making quick notes to remind herself for wounds mark and rape kits, while the rest of her team collect evidences, tags and taking photograph of the dump area.

The victim is found naked facing down with her limbs tied with 2mm ropes. Kate and James return to the HQ first, to log the victim for an autopsy. She accompanies the corpse, while James goes to Abby’s lab to ID the victim. As Kate rolls her corpse into the autopsy room, she sees Gibbs and Ducky stopped talking. "Oh, hi Gibbs, hi Ducky" she greets them while pushing the body, pretending not to notice anything. "Hello Caitlyn" Ducky greets her and she receives a short "Hmmh" from Gibbs. He is rather angry that Kate looks happy. Well, he guess why shouldn’t she, he's been a complete ass to her.

"What do we have here?" the ME walks towards the body. And they examine the body, while Ducky makes a mental note to all of them. " Contusion to the temple, multiple stab wounds, strangulation..."” and rape kit please…Ducky, for DNA match" Kate murmurs as she stares at the victim’s lifeless blue face. "And can I have the rope now?" she asks. The three of them are staring at the victim. "Psycho..." she said to herself.

Gibbs froze in fear; this is the cold case that his Katie is working on? He knew the specific case; he knew the bleak history of the case, as it was his about 6 years ago. “Ducky, can you please let me know if you are about to start on the Y incision, I would like to join if you don't mind" Kate looks at Ducky. “Oh yes Caitlyn, O'Brien told me about it and not to worry, I will pass the blood sample and rape kit to Abby, too".

"O'Brien thinks the victim is related to the Rape and Kill victim that we are working on" Kate states. “and Gibbs, O'Brien said that you have the cold case files, can I have it?" she said to Gibbs, and the man just barks “It’s in the office" and left. Kate quickly follows him to the bullpen as she rolls her eyes in frustration.

Gibbs felt like his head is about to explode, It is his fault that Kate got angry with him. When he was instructed by the Director to lend her O'Brien's team, he was pissed beyond believe, but when Jenny Sheppard told him that it is his appraisal on her that made her decide to assign Kate to help another team, there is nothing he can do.

His entire move so far, he has been trying to prevent her from harm. Now she is profiling the worse cold case he once encounters. It started 6years ago; he and O'Brien were in the same team. They tag it the "Rape n Kill" because of the MO of the victims, all are raped, mutilated and dumped naked, facing down near the US Naval base… Every time they found a lead, he'll escape and it was 2 months of merry go round case, when the case was finally closed.

He has no idea that O'Brien has been reassigned to the cold case. So when he saw Kate came in with the victim, he was shocked. His Katie is hunting the psycho that has raped and killed 12 female.

He sits on his desk…confused. Kate arrives few minutes after him. He misses her presence; he misses her voice, her smile and her antics with him. He can smell her perfume, a soft fruity fragrance in front of him which makes him even crave her more. Gibbs drank her sight as she stood in front of him waiting.

She waited uncomfortably, finally she breaks the silence. "Can I borrow the files Gibbs? To help me profile the son of a bitch?" He didn't answer; He covers his face with both hands out of confusion. "What’s wrong Gibbs?" she is worried. He stands up, facing his filing cabinet, search through his file and take out 12 files. "Wow...???” Kate is surprised, how many victims were there? And there goes her weekend. She carries the files and placed them on her desk.


"Kate, I don't want you to take the case" he said, standing in front of her desk. "And why is that Gibbs?" she is confused by his sudden decision. It takes a while for her realize that her boss is not going to answer her. “I just don't want you to take it" he shouts at her.

She almost jumps from his shouts as she was not expecting it. "Why?" she asks him back, getting angrier by the minutes. "Just listen to me and do what I said, DO NOT TAKE THE CASE" he shouts louder than before.

Kate is shocked, angry and had enough of his shit. She walks nearer to him, stands in defiance, facing him; she has to look up because he is taller than her. The both of them do not realize that Ducky has enter the bullpen, well…Ducky is about to witness his 2nd showdown.

"You son of a bitch, you think that because I am a female, that I am not good enough to handle the case?" she fumes. "Let me tell you something GIBBS,,,I am good in what I do, I am DAMN good in what I do and that’s profiling! And I will prove it to you by the solving the GOD DAMN CASE" she screams with tears in her eyes without even batting once. “If you have a problem with it, bring it to your Sheppard, and don’t chew my ass because of your problems" she spats bitterly.

Dr. Mallard is now standing right in front of them. Kate notices the man, grab his arm, "Let’s go Ducky, I am ready!". As Kate pulls poor Ducky away from the bullpen, she said to Gibbs “And Gibbs, if you really think that I am not good enough or for whatever reason, you regret having hired me. Do us both a favor and transfer me to O'Brien or any other team!" "C'mon Ducky!" she pulls him impatiently. "Oh,,,, my..." Ducky murmurs to himself, this is bad.

Gibbs strides towards them near the stairs; before she realized he pulls her arm forcefully towards him with Ducky still on her other side. "Katie" he shouts at her and pulls at the same time. "Auww, you are hurting me!! Let go!" she shouts back and tries to struggles out of his strong grip.

He releases her and if not because of Ducky she might have fallen down the stairs.
"Don't touch me" she screams and tears running down her tired face…Gibbs feels so guilty…looking at her broken face, but nothing comes out from his throat.

The impromptu tug of war has invited several audiences. At the same time, O'Brien was climbing the stairs and witnesses the whole scene, he saw Kate in tears and his colleague in rage.

"THAT’S ENOUGH!!!" Ducky finally shouts, his ears are ringing and his head is pounding, the youngsters are giving him a headache “Kate, go with O'Brien to autopsy, wait for me there!" he orders. And he grabs Gibbs by his arm back to his bullpen; while O'Brien takes Kate by the shoulder to go to the autopsy room…his gut feeling is right.

“What are you trying to prove?" Ducky shouts at Gibbs. Gibbs throws himself at his chair; Dr. Mallard thought he saw tears in his eyes, but chooses to ignore it, but his tone changes.

”Are you trying to chase her away?" he asks him, " What are you doing, Jethro?" "She is the best thing that ever happens to you…my friend", he is not answering, frustrated. “Jethro you have to talk to me, don't do things that you'll regret later" said Ducky patiently.

"Sheppard is trying to get rid of her from me" Gibbs shouts. "No, Jethro, Sheppard could never chase her away from you; it is YOU who chase her away" he replied angrily, how can such a brilliant man in his job, can be this hopeless and daft in his personal life…After a moment of silence..." I don't know what I am doing Ducky, I just don't want her to get hurt" he said. “Then tell her that, don't shut people that care for you Jethro, please... listen to me" Ducky begs.


Meanwhile, in the autopsy rooms…

O’Brien is trying to console Kate when Ducky enters. Kate was embarrassed for O’Brien to see her like this. When she saw Ducky, she stands up and said" I'm ok, I am ready guys..." she gives them the look not to argue with her. Ducky shakes his head; this girl has learned the worse from the best, that’s learning to be stubborn, from Gibbs.

O'Brien signals Ducky that Kate will be all right. Ducky exhales and decides to follows her wishes; she’s been through enough…being harassed by the man that actually loves her. And O'Brien walks out the door to go to Gibbs’ bullpen as he originally plans to, before the tug of war.

“Gibbs! How are you doing, sorry to interrupt, but I came up her to borrow our cold case from you" he said while wiping his glasses. Gibbs points to the files on Kate's desk.
"Oh, Kate got it already...impressive!" he admits. “Ok then!" O’Brien walks back to the elevator, Kate is definitely brave, and he thought she won’t have the courage to request the files from her boss.

Gibbs can't see any other way to avoid this, on how to make sure that his Katie is safe, be damn with O’Brien knowing his feeling towards her, they are alone, this is his chance. “Please take care of her, O'Brien" he said... "She is my life”. O'Brien stops in his track and sighs in regret “I know Gibbs... don't you worry and you know where my office, you know my number, and you will let me know if you need anything" he said.

"Thank you" Gibbs stands up from his chair. O'Brien looks at Gibbs knowingly, “and I will need your expertise on things, since you know the case, and we’ll nail the son of a bitch as soon as possible. My patient is running dry Gibbs" he said as he went into the elevator.

As O'Brien is walking to his bullpen; Director Sheppard calls him, "O'Brien can I see you in my office?” O'Brien didn't say much, he just enters her office…waiting, he is standing with hands closed in front of him. “Yes?" he asks. He is slowly but surely losing his patient and respect with his new director." what’s all the commotion at the stairs?" She asks him slyly; "I wont call it a commotion...just Dr. Mallard, Gibbs and I, debating whose dead bodies will be taken care of first, you know we are always backed up", "But, we've agreed that my victim will have the priority, Gibbs knows how important it is to you”

"Oh.. I see" she is surprised. " and how is agent Todd doing?" she asks him, " Not a problem, she is great and right now she is assisting Dr. Mallard with the Y incision" He answers impatiently, "Anything else Ms Sheppard? I should get going, we are hot on our case" Sheppard does not reply she just nods her head and trying to hide her anger…


Bottom of Form


Chapter 4 DNA

 Dr. Mallard and Kate have been working on their victim for almost 2 hours now. First they made a Y incision from the right shoulder and the left shoulder to the middle chest; followed by a vertical cut to the lower stomach. After the flap of skin is opened an automatic drill is used to saws the ribcage open, so that they can attend her organs.

Kate has assisted this procedures many times when she was in FBI, but not NCIS. She thoroughly enjoys this, even though she was still sad with the previous tug of war.

She assisted the ME by helping him take out, analyze and weigh the organs. The M.E talked non stop during the procedure, teaching her, guiding her about the autopsy. It is true that he is rather fond of her as a daughter that he never has.

He would ask Kate question and when she answered right he would beamed proudly. Kate adored the sweet old man too. For few hours she was so focus on Ducky and the corpse she almost forgot her war with Gibbs.

Suddenly the intercom buzzes.

Ducky is asked for advice at another autopsy room. He instructs Kate to continue on the lower abdomen, telling her his preference and many instructions; she listens diligently and does exactly as she was told. She is surprised that he trusts her capabilities “And don’t you worry Caitlyn, I’ll be back in 10-15 minutes…and Caitlyn if any of the body bag start moving. Just shoot them!” He jokes as he walks out from Autopsy.


In the mean time, Abby and James manage to retrieve the victim’s ID which James reports back to O’Brien right away. James finds O’Brien and Gibbs in his bullpen, discussing the case. The younger agent is rather surprised to see Gibbs in his bullpen, because he is rather afraid of Gibbs and he knows that the man has bears feeling with Agent Todd and now…Agent Todd is with him.

James quickly goes over to his boss, avoiding Gibbs. “20years old, single, no direct relatives found, under the named of Lucy Palowics, worked as waitress near the naval base” he stammers, trying to avoid Gibbs. “Just as we suspected” O’Brien said to Gibbs.


Kate froze in shock, as she opens the corpse womb, did she do it right? Where is Ducky? Something is strange, never came across it before. She debates whether she should wait for Ducky, but after a minute she decides to go ahead as instructed.

“Oh my God “Kate sobs in disbelieves, she quickly dropped everything and calls O’Brien, then Ducky. “O’Brien” He answers his mobile. “Yes Kate! Be right there” he answers. Gibbs listens longingly, he is drained and empty. “Let’s go Gibbs” O’Brien stands up, with no question Gibbs follows the man…hoping to see his Katie.

By the time Gibbs and O’Brien arrive in the autopsy room. Ducky and Kate are in serious discussion; she is holding something on her palm, It looks like a bloody piece of meat. Kate is such in a state of shock that she doesn’t care or remember that she was mad at Gibbs. She excitedly raises her palm to their face; she looks at both Gibbs and O’Brien. “It’s a fetus” she exclaims. “My God, I don’t believe this” she shakes her head sadly.

“Tell me Caitlyn can you guess its age?” the M.E asks while giving her a steel ruler. She measured the length and weigh the fetus carefully as if it’s still alive, she feels bad about it. “I think it’s about…12 weeks???” she guesses, looking for the M.E approval. “Hmm you estimated right” he said.

There is no glory for the right guess. This is bad she thought. Silence in the autopsy room; she looks up to O’Brien and then Gibbs, there is some comfort from looking at Gibbs, suddenly she feels safe but quickly tries to dismiss her feeling.

‘I’ll send 2 of my agents to her apartment for more information” as he called his agents to do so. Kate placed the fetus back into the open womb.

“Guys…just a while idea…just a wild guess…” she said and thinking hard. “Just a hunch…” she continues. “What if…? This baby…sorry, I mean fetus…” she doesn’t know how to finish her sentence without sounding stupid. Gibbs knows what she is trying to say before she finished her sentence. He admires her even more. She never ceased to amaze him with her character and intelligent.

“What if the victim is somehow involved with the killer? What if the fetus belongs to the killer? Yes? No?” she guesses and asks their opinion. ”Then we can ID the killer through DNA” finished Gibbs

“Dr. Mallard?” O’Brien looked at him. “I believe that is possible gentleman, it takes time, but it is possible” he said. “Gave me the syringe from drawer five, Caitlyn” he orders her, she rushed quickly to the drawers to get the syringe and gave it to ducky. “Do you want to do the honor Caitlyn?” he asks…


Its 4pm and Kate is wrapping up in O’Brien’s bullpen. She passes by his desk “Sir, I’ll look into the previous files in my bullpen, and I all get back at you tomorrow. Would that be all right? “She asks. ‘That would be great agent Todd…”, “Its Kate, sir…” she reminds him. O’Brien smiles, “don’t stay up too late and I’ll see you tomorrow… and Good work Kate” he adds

As Kate enters her bullpen, she started to feel how tired she is and she glad that it is empty. She sat on her chair, closed her eyes and exhaled…what a day. After closing her eyes for a while, she starts reading the files; as time pass, the more she reads the files, the colder and scared she becomes. What kind of a person could do such things? The central lighting was already turn off, she is reading with her desk lamp while she raised her tired feet on the desk.

She didn’t realize as the night come, the less comfortable she become, apart from being tired and reading a gruesome cases. “Oh my God” she realized, she quickly put down her feet. “Oh, no, no, no, no, no, my update report for Gibbs” she just realizes that she hasn’t even starts yet. Oh no, she remember her bitter argument with Gibbs, perhaps this is why he doesn’t want her to take the case, because he knew that she couldn’t handle her workload...that’s why ”Damn it! Damn it! Damn it” she bangs her forehead out of frustration to her desk.

“Kate…” she froze while her head is still on her table. She recognized that voice all right. She raises her head up. Gibbs is standing a few feet away from her desk. “How long have you been standing there?” she is embarrassed. “I know, I know, I have NOT done your report! I’ll do it now!” She quickly sorts through her desk looking for her files.

“I am NOT in the mood at getting shouts at, so PLEASE…leave me alone! And I’ll hand the report to you tomorrow morning” Kate mumbles on, couldn’t believe her luck, how she forgets her reports? She is slamming the files on the table, trying to sort through her reports and other files…what a mess!

“Katie” Gibbs walks towards her and grabs her by the wrist…looking at her worn out face…he feels so guilty, he hurt her feeling…she is innocent, he is the bloody bastard.

“That’s not why I am here” he whispered “I am sorry about this evening, I didn’t mean to hurt you! I … didn’t want you to take the case…because I didn’t want you to get hurt, I handled the case few years back and you do not know what you are dealing with…please” he explains to the angry Kate, he has no excused on how he has treated her today…and actually for the past week, he’s been an ass.

Kate is shocked, “why didn’t you tell me Gibbs?” she asks sadly, “Why don’t you trust me?” she whispers to herself more than to him. But her passion and care towards the man, beats her anger and pride. She hugs him and kisses him on his lips lovingly. “I’m sorry too” she said.

She melts in his embrace, she feels safe and right in his arms…like nothing can ever hurt her. “I always feel safe when I am with you, Gibbs” she sighs to him…then she remembers what he did to her, he basically told her that he was not interested in her.

Kate pulls herself from him, she whispers quietly…relapse!!!

“Its ok, I am not mad at you, no hard feeling Gibbs, I understand…but I …” she tries to explain that she would like resign from NCIS after her last case. “I love working in NCIS…I like it very much…” she stops, finding the right words. Gibbs can guess her thought; she wants to leave him…

“Kate…” he is not going to let it happen. “Wait…let me finish…please…we are both adult, we can converse like adult…” she is not backing down…

“I hated you when you told me that things couldn’t work out, after we just made love, or have sex…what ever you call it…I don’t know…and I’ll try not to care…but its forgiven…it’s the past…but I need you to do me a favor…I want my old job back…” she looks at Gibbs in the eyes, she is not a weakling to be tossed around like a rag doll.

“Katie, that’s what I am here for…I need you to know that I am sorry about  the way I behaved, I was afraid…that you’ll hurt me, like …” He looks at her…”like your ex wives…” she continues her sentence.

“Its ok, I understand Gibbs…don’t worry about it…” Kate is so tired, she just want to go home…be damn with Gibbs…” just help me out…I would like to return to Secret Service…I’ll be grateful with…” he cuts her off by grabbing her wrist again, “like hell Katie…” he hisses at her.

She is about to start the second show down of the day…be damn if she got fired…Caitlyn Todd is not a push over…before she screams her first word, he pulls her to him and kisses her, he kisses her with all his passion, his longing and his love for her…

“I am falling for you Kate…I love you…” he whispers to her mouth…” please forgive me…and I’ll prove it to you…one last chance Caitlyn, one last change…” he calls her full name, which he never did. “Gibbs…you hurt me…you punished me for what I never guilty of…” she replies in tears.

“Jesus, Katie…I have no excuse…no excuse for what I’ve did…all I am asking is your forgiveness and one last chance…can you give that to me?”