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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Cheese cake

Dear dolphinsiren

This is for you. The promised recipe.

Cheese cake


Ingredient (batter)

    Eggs (discharge 4 white eggs)                  10

    Sugar                                                               200gr

     Flour                                                                250gr

   Sweet condensed milk                                 2 tablespoon

      Unsalted butter                                             250gr

     Caster sugar (or any fine sugar)                2 tablespoon


Ingredient (cream)

      Pure or fresh cream                                      250ml

     Cream cheese   (Kraft brand)                      250gr



     Cheddar cheese (coarsely grated)                                



      Whisk: sugar and eggs until smooth white.  Add Flour, mix well (Do not over mix)

      Melt butter. Add sweet condensed milk and caster sugar to the melted butter. Add to the cake batter



     Pour cake batter unto a greased baking tray/mould. Preferably square, 2 cm deep.

      Bake until light golden brown. (Sorry, not sure about the temperature. To my defense, it all depends of your oven, right?)

      After baking. Take cake out from mould and left to cool to room’s temperature.


Cream cheese:

      Simply whisk fresh/pure cream until hard and add the cream cheese. Mix well.

      Store in fridge for about 15mins or more.


Layer effect:

      After the cake is cool. Cut cakes in half (horizontally, side way).

      Spread the cream mixture to the top part of one of the cake.

      Then placed the 2nd cake on top of 1st cake which is already creamed.

      Cover/spread cream mixture to the entire cake evenly.

      Add grated cheese ALL OVER. (Hopefully the cheese will stick to the cream).


VOILA!!!! It’s all done.


Store in fridge.

The brand of choice is Kraft cheddar cheese (in block) and Kraft cream cheese, but I guess you can always use other brand. Enjoy, I hope it works out.


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Cake recipe !!!!!!!! Thanks

Yeowwwwwwwww !!! good good good !!!!
Thanks thanks thanks !!!! I'll do it asap !!!!!!

Re: Cake recipe !!!!!!!! Thanks

Let me know how it works out!
I hope you can find the american brand "kraft" cheese.
or substitute it with something thats even better.

the cream cheese mixture i supposed to be sweet, and the cheese topping is supposed to be slightly salty.

Re: Cake recipe !!!!!!!! Thanks

Yes... I just was thinking about this point.. where would have kraft cheese..
There is a cream cheese here called
" Philadelphia" and I believe that one of the flavors it comes is CHEDDAR... would it work??? what do you think???...
yeah... sure the cake is a mix of ligthly salad and sweet ... YUMMY!!!! I liked it... I don't like too much sweet cakes ( except those with a lot of chocolate!!!!).

Re: Cake recipe !!!!!!!! Thanks

yes, I know the brand philadelphia.
yes that should work.
yep, so the cake is not too sweet. its soft and perfect to the bite.
eat accompanied by tea....aiyaya

Edited at 2007-11-24 08:35 am (UTC)

Re: Cake recipe !!!!!!!! Thanks

Yeah !!! with tea....
I brougth a very nice tea from USA... sure you know it... I bougth it at Starbucks... it´s called tchai tea ( originary from Tibet... is a mixture of black tea and spices... includes black pepper and ginger !!) Ohhhh lovely !!!!
Uffffff.... i´m ending the chapter 8 today... in two or three hours i´ll be able to send the complete ch to you ... finally!!! there is about seven pages.... may be eigth as much.
I hope you´ll have a little time to pay a look... I feel that our readers are becoming impatient.. there is a while from our last post !!! uh uh.....

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