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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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flippin chick



I got it, I got it.  I got the job.
They are done with my background and reference check.
And I pass with flying colors.

They are sending me the contract and meanwhile I am giving 2 weeks notice at my present job.

I am damn busy right now, will update later

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Oh, that is so wonderful.

I'm really delighted for you.

*Hugs and twirls*


Edited at 2007-12-08 10:39 am (UTC)

Thanks nikki. and thanks for the very snuggly icon.
thank you thank you thank you

Congratulations!You deserve it!*hugs*

how are you by the way??? Haven't seen you post in your LJ, (apart from your Kibbs lyrics)

Lately...you know I have a new job-but I don't like it that much and I think to quit at the end of this or next month -my boss is a woman/grrrr/ and Leo,which means she has a very chaotic ruler's stle-I don't like it.She is a great person ouside the office,but in the office....better not be on her way.:)The sad thing is I see the weakness of the way she rules her agency,but I can't feel comfortable to go to her and tell her:"Look,boss,I found a better way to do things.What you would say?"Not to mention that the money are not enough for a normal life.I always thought about myself that I'm a very lazy person /that's really true:)/ and I always want to do the things in the easy way /that's true too/,but I don't think that's is the case.I endure in the school 4 years/this is a difficult thing/ without complaining /too much:P/,and now I can't endure 3 months on my new job - it can't be only because I'm lazy and don't wont to work that much.I have a great colleagues and I really,really,really will miss them,but I can't go on like that.Wish me luck to take the right decision.:D

sweet Dani,
everyone is entitlr to lazyness once in a while.
we are only human being after all.

BUt you gotta wake up, a reality check, before a reality slap!
thats why I look for another job and got it.
I think there's always a + and - side to EVERYJOB.
I am sure I'll encounter difficulty on my new job, but you know what, at least I try, and got loads more money than my previous job!

You'll ,ake the right decision. in your heart, you already know which one, but you are just stuck in your comfort zone (h I can [ersonally, really hard to step out from)
You are talking to me, the queen of not wanting to do anythind new.
but sometimes Dani, life takes us the other way.

That is cool and I really know how you feel about that:)


I knew it !!!!!
Congrats !!!!!
Now yor feet will take a rest !!!!!!
It is your Christmas present !!!!

SOON, after the christmas rush is over....I'll be able to write again.

YES !!!!
That´s great news!! we all are missing your writing !!!!
BTW...Could you enter the URL I sent to you, The Presidio X ??? if it´s yes... Did it work?? How is your cold???

UHHHHHHH.... you missed it.... Oh shame !!! I was sent some days ago !!!!
I'm resending...to " nova...... gmail" .
Enjoy it !!!!!

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