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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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the cup is a quarter full

New year is coming.
So many new things are coming.
People come and go.

 31st December 2007, New year's eve gathering at my cousin's place

3rd of Jan 2008, Scott's sister, Kimberly's birthday

4th - 5th January 2008 Scott and I will be in Gold Coast, Queensland for 2 days.
Thats my Christmas present and he is going to check out his possible new job there.

7th January 2008, I start my new job as a Direct Associate at INGDIRECT Bank
I am freaking excited, happy and nervous, all roll into one like a

And to everybody at Live journal,
May your dreams come true,
May your happiness double.
And may luck and courage follow you all the way through.

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Good luck with ING and enjoy the Gold Coast, it's fabby! (I grew up there, I'm allowed to love it heh)

So far, I've only heard great things about Gold Cost and Brisbane.
I can't wait.

Wow, you're in for a busy start to the New Year.

I hope your trip goes well and Scott is successful.

And I really hope that your new job goes well - I'm sure it will. I hope you'll be very happy there.

Happy, excited and nervous is actually a good combination.

*Hugs and good wishes*

Thank you, I am looking forward for the short trip and the new year.

hi Nova, I am Linda.

Happy New year, all the best in the year 2008 and have a nice start on your new Job. Take care.

Oh hi Linda,
really nice to hear from you.
Hope you are doing good, too.
miss you

Thank for the always sweet hugs.
Keep each other updated.
and I wish I can read more of your input in your live journal.

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