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Alien Vs Predator, requiem & The national tresure, book of secrets

I am a big fan of both Alien and Predators, never once I miss their movies.
So when I saw Alien Vs Predator, the requiem, I drag my boyfriend along to watch the movie, was disappointing!!!!! No story line, the match between the species are poorly shown, too dark and no fun at all compared to the previous movie.
I still love alien and predators, but this movie is a failure in my eyes.
No strong character, instead of long awaited fight between the species, whats shown is the gruesome death of human,
Two thumbs down, as much as I regret it.

Well, me and Scott watched Alien Vs Predator at noon. In the evening, me and  my cousins (the whole gang) enjoyed
The National Treasure: Book of secret.
Totally AWESOME!!!!!!
Love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The plot, suspense, humor and thrill are perfection, its an Indiana Jones' family thyme.

Love it!

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