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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Missing Kate

Please continue Missing Kate here...

Chapter 5 Having Kate

Kate said to herself…in her heart…” He is definitely worth it……Caitlyn Todd, you are pathetic…” and Kate kisses him back, assuring him, forgiving him…loving him back. When they break their kiss, she sees his smile on his haggard face…

“Let’s go home Katie” Gibbs pulls her again and kisses the top of her head, everything is going to be all right “and your kiss Secret Service good bye…you are not going anywhere” except his home; he look at her face…she is mentally and physically exhausted, and he played a great part in it.

“Oh…no Gibbs, I am not done yet” she whines in frustration, she feels like hell. “Forget about it” he insists as he puts on her suit, takes her bag and guides her towards the elevator.

She parked her car at the lot; but he insists to drive her home. She makes no effort to fight… she is exhausted, doesn’t feel like arguing anymore…and it takes a lot of courage and energy…to “unconvinced” Gibbs once his mind is set! She plops in his care, rest her head and within minutes, she’s fallen asleep.

About half an hour later, she opens her sleepy eyes…then…she sits up straight…”Gibbs…” as she looks at the road…she realized…He is not driving her home…they are on their way to his house…not hers! “Why aren’t you taking me home???” She stupidly asks…”I am taking you home Kate…” he looks at her…”Yeah…but not mine! Very funny Gibbs…If I am not to tired…I think I’ll kick your ass…” she replies sleepily. She laughs silently, so much for trying to quit cold turkey, pathetic.

She doesn’t say much as he leads her inside his house; she takes a nice hot shower, used his old over sized T-shirt that serve as her bottom too. And when she is done, without hesitation she slips into his large comfortable bed with him. Gibbs hugs and kisses her gently; she falls asleep in his arms within minutes. Meanwhile Gibbs marvels at the feeling of comfort and satisfaction that he never felt before, he tries to stay awake to savor the experienced but couldn’t…the exhausted man fall asleep with his lover in his arms.

Kate wakes up in a daze; she can feel the warm sunshine on her face. She yawns and curls further into the comfort of a big comfortable bed, which soon she realized, is not hers. Then, she feels his arms circling her stomach and pulls her closer to his body. He just adores feeling her soft and womanly curves on him.

Kate smiles and wiggles her bum which is exposed as she is only wearing a T-shirt, at his groin, not on purpose…as she is just trying comfortably fit into his body…Gibbs groans to her ears “Kate…” he is warning her. She feels his hardness “Sorry Gibbs” she laughs.

“Don’t tempt me Katie…” he murmurs. Kate quickly twists her body around without letting go of his arms; facing him…she looks at him in the eyes, full of love, worry and a tinge of possessiveness with a gleam of lust.

“Don’t move…” she whispers to his lips…Kate grazes her lips just very lightly unto his lower lip, while her hands stroking his hair. She feels he move forwards just a fraction to catch her mouth. “Gunny…I said don’t move” she orders him

“You are not the boss of me” he growls lustily…“Oh...in here, yes I am” she purrs on his lips. Kate sees his smile as she continues to graze his lips with her lips before…nipping him with her teeth.

As time passed, she grows bolder and enters her tongue just a little bit into his slightly opened mouth. Gibbs control snaps…he’s been holding on to his passion from last night…he sucks her tongue and lips, kissed her deeply as he groans feverishly to her.

Kate follows his lead, matching his rhythm. It was passionate yet soft, full of carnal desires. He can feel himself getting hard by the seconds…she feels the heat. Gibbs groans…she accepts by her soft desperate moans. Their hands are everywhere; his left hand is holding her face kissing her while; the other hand is pulling her bum to his groin.

She is drenched wet and desperate for him to fill her emptiness; As for him, the ache in his groin is unbearable…the desire to makes love to her and made her his.

The agony of wanting her for so long but not being able to do anything about it made him forget about anything else in his world. He is just wearing a loose fitting boxer short; he can literally feel her heat and wetness as he is grinding her hips…Kate is melting in his heat, his kiss, his passion and feels the urgency in his groans and erratic touch…and she follows his lead…

They do not know how and when, but find themselves devoid of all clothing…naked, trashing in the middle of the bed with sun rays over their sweaty bodies. Now their kisses and touches are on bare skins…burning, with Gibbs lying on top of her, oblivious to the outside world.

Kate senses the overwhelming urgency in his embrace; she breaks their kiss for air…looks at him in the eyes…She can see that the man truly love her…all of her. “I need to make love to you Katie” he whispers in desperation, telling her how he feels and asking her permission…looking into her dazed eyes. “I love you Gibbs” she replies softly and she kisses him again…” I love you Katie”

While the throes of passion joined them together, only the sounds of their lovemaking fill the normally quiet house. Their heavy breathing, with their moans and groans accompany their journey, as they thrash feverishly on the bed trying to fill the ache and emptiness…finding their love and lust.

When reaching their peak of desires, they scream each others names in abandon, refusing to let go of each other, finding satisfaction and comfort at the same time…what a bliss.

After coming hard in each others arms; Gibbs still hugs her tight… as he refuses to let her go; still trying to catch his breath and mind that he just made love to his Kate. He thought in his heart, I would sell my soul to the devil for her. Just then he realized that there is no way in hell he is going to live without her. What a stupid fool he has been!

Kate is still listening to their breathing…smelling their sweat and after sex fragrance that lingers around them…resting in his arms, safe…quiet…when suddenly she realizes something... She pulls herself up from him…

“OH MY GOD… we are already late Gibbs!” she is shocked. She quickly releases herself from him. In panic she runs around trying to gather her clothes that were scattered everywhere. But Gibbs is enjoying himself, still lying on his bed that still marks their recent lovemaking, tucks both hands under his head, half of his naked body covered by the blanket…watching Kate in panic…running around…in front of him.

His eyes twinkles in happiness, Gibbs is sure about his life, knowing his purpose, he is not lost anymore, and his ship has anchored. His mind is working, trying to set a plan to keep her in his life for good. There is no way in hell he is going to let her go. He is also considering not to shower; he wanted to indulge himself in her scent…their scent of love making.

“Gibbs…hurry up!!!” she exclaims, trying to balance herself while putting on her slacks and shirt at the same time brushing her teeth… what a scene, he thought.

All of a sudden, her mobile rang, Gibbs quickly picks it up, SECRET SERVICE HQ, and he looks at the caller ID. Kate grabs her mobile from his hand, thinking it was from O’Brien, and she answers without looking at the ID, “Todd” She answers.

Gibbs can see that she is surprised to receive the call, his woman answers with several “yes sir”, and “I understand sir”, ends the call by “I’ll be there by 1500hours sir”, then she hung up with a confused look on her face, unable to comprehend what just took place. “Who is it Katie?” he asked

“Gibbs…hurry up, we are going to be late, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon” she keeps going. He grabs her waist by both hands, quietly…look into her eyes, asking her “who is it Katie?”

“It’s my old boss Gibbs, Its secret service” she murmurs, not looking into his eyes. “What do they want from you?” he asks her again…with a kick in his gut

“I don’t know baby, they just want to meet me next Thursday at the HQ, and they already asked the Director’s permission to let me go see them” she said…”no big deal…” she continues.

After a long silence, “C’mon baby, lets get ready, you are never late” she pulls him up. But instead, he pulls her into his arms; he buries his face between her breasts for some comfort. Kate doesn’t know what to do, she never sees him act this way before. She kisses him on his forehead, stroking his hair.

“Kate, I don’t want to lose you” he said…“You’ll never lose me Gibbs, you hear me… ne-ver!!!” she whispers softly…“Do you trust me?” he asks as he looks into her eyes. “Of course” she replies quickly

“Do you trust me enough to go along with my plan, with no question asked?”

Kate looks confused. “Just answer me Kate” he orders. She exhales and looks at him in the eyes…“Yes, Gibbs I would”…Again she pulls him, “C’mon Gibbs, we got to go, you are never late”. This time he goes along.

Kate is in real panic mode when Gibbs is ready, it is already 10am, Oh my God, she thought. She is waiting by the door as he walks out of his house with strong determination on his face; he looks calm but ready for combat. There is a certain drive and serenity in him that she never witness before.

Gibbs looks at her worried face, hold her hand as they walk to his car; she wants to run to his car but he refuses to let go or follow her pace…So, she has to follow his pace (as usual). Before he opens the door for her, he kisses her deeply. She is shocked, not expecting a slow passionate kiss from him.

As he drives to NCIS in reasonable speed, she keeps looking at him, well actually staring is more appropriate. What has gotten into the man?


Meanwhile, Tony, McGee and Abby are also in a panic mode as their always on time boss, hasn’t arrive yet. And he is never late! They even call Ducky to the bullpen to discuss the dilemma.

On her way to the HQ entrance, Director Jenny Sheppard see Agent Todd’s car parked at the same place from yesterday. Hmm, she thought, too busy to go home? Unable to cope with workload? As she keeps walking…

That would definitely drive her away from NCIS; Especially with Secret service at her tail. Sheppard smiles in satisfaction. As she is about to enter the building; she notices Gibbs’s car arriving at the lot, leisurely parking right beside Todd’s car.

Director Sheppard stops in her track, as she sees Agent Todd exits Gibbs’ car in her yesterday suit. Sheppard doesn’t believe her eyes. Gibbs is now waiting for her gathering her stuff from her car.

“Gibbs! Please, you got to go first… we are late and your madam director is watching us” she pleads with him; she doesn’t want to be unemployed.

But Gibbs, is just being Gibbs, the man just leans against his car admiring Kate’s ass and enjoying the view. He couldn’t care less that the Director is watching them; he has plans and intends to do it. It feels good…not to be lost, and he chuckles to himself…“Gibbs, go go go!!! “ Kate pleads desperately, aah… no use, she gives up, once he is decided on something, no bull in this world, can budge Gibbs.

From the 3rd floor Ducky sees Gibbs grabs Kate’s hand, pulling her to him as they walk towards the entrance. “YES!!!” Ducky shouts as he dances a fox trot back to his autopsy room, leaving Tony, McGee and Abby dumbfounded.

“Kate, you’ll wait in our bullpen, until I am done with O’Brien, understand” he talks to her as they walk…she just nodded, hardly listening to him, just going along…nervous, she sees Sheppard near the entrance.

Gibbs tugs her hand, gives her a smile as she looks at him in fear…she doesn’t reply the smile back, out of fear losing their job and her boss has gone senile. Kate slows her pace; she is slightly behind Gibbs as they are nearer to the main entrance where Sheppard stood.

Gibbs releases his hand from her. Kate can finally breath…just for a second and she finds it even harder to breath than before as she feels his palm against her lower back around her waist, pulling her closer than before at the same time moving her forward. So, she is slightly in front of him as they enter the building with Sheppard glaring at them. He holds her protectively as if daring anybody to touch her.

“Good morning Director Sheppard” he greets Jenny while Kate manages to whisper a good morning Mam while she stars at the floor.

Gibbs has gone nuts; Kate said to herself, he must be crazy. She knew this man that she’s been admiring for more than 2 years. She knew how uncomfortable he is with public affection, especially in the work place, but now, he didn’t care less, and he is not embarrass or worried, to show that they are together.

Not a care in the world, he thought to himself. He stills hold her as they are waiting for the elevator, with more agents waiting for the elevator around them (not daring to comment though, they know Gibbs bites)

Kate stared at her shoes, she the one that is uncomfortable while Gibbs politely replied any good mornings that he received from other agents. Kate dares not move or slaps his hand away because she knows that he won’t budge and she may cause a scene.

The elevator “ding” sounds like salvation to Kate, but again, she is wrong. The elevator is full of people, waiting to go in and out. Kate sees several agents’ faces which she recognized, gives her the tilted head and curious look at her.

Inside the elevator, Gibbs hand still on her waist, he whispers in her ear affectionately “Wait at our bullpen; I’ll meet up with O’Brien, ok Katie?” Her face is burning red as she nods her agreement; she can feel his body very close to her and oh my God, she thought she smells her scent on him.

The elevator opens… Thank God, she is relieved. She quickly enters her bullpen, surprised to see 3 of her partners in crime screams her name in unison before the elevator door closes, “KATE !!!”…

Chapter 6 crime scene

Kate jumps one step back from the shock, Gibbs smiles in the elevator and he realizes how his team has bond despite the constant bickering among them. “Hi guys” she greets as they hug her at the same time, they miss her…and its only 24 hours ago she was transferred to a different floor…same building!

She walks to her desk. After sorting through her desk; she starts with proof reading Tony’s report, then brainstorming note on McGee’s report. “Thanks Kate” they murmur, which Kate replies by giving them her sweetest smile ever. “There is no way I’m going to let Gibbs chew your cute asses just because I am not here, ok?! I’ll always be around” Kate said while starting on her report.

Half and hour later, as she is finishing her report when Gibbs returns to the bullpen. “Kate, O’Brien is waiting for you” he said as he gave her a quick peck on her forehead. Tony and McGee’s mouth gaped open, looking at Kate then Gibbs, then Kate again, this time…she winks at them. Kate is still trying to print her report when…“Kate, I’ll print it out for you” Tony genuinely offered.

“Yeah Kate, we’ll do it” McGee followed. Kate steps back, looking fondly at them, Tony sits on her chair, finishing her report while McGee gather her files and bag, and walked with her to the elevator. “May I boss?” he asked nervously…he got a nod from his boss.


Kate enters O’Brien’s bullpen with McGee in a hurry, “Thanks McGee” she thanked him.

“Sir, so sorry, I’m late, won’t happen again” she apologizes. O’Brien only smiles…knowingly; he knows how tightly Gibbs runs his ship…“Don’t worry, Gibbs was here” he replies; “James is waiting for you at the victim’s apartment, go there and help him, the DNA result is not out yet”

Kate contacts James and quickly goes to the scene. The victim lived in a slum, she noticed. It is a lower class neighborhood, she bets lot of drug dealers and crime activities in the areas…a perfect place for the perfect crime.

She receives several lewd whistle and comments from the neighborhood teenagers loitering around the corners. She ignores them, while took the stairs up to the 4th floor. She sees James waiting for her, he looks nervous. “You all right James” she is concerned. Kate doesn’t need him to answer her question, as she entered the apartment, she can see why he is shaken

The smell of rotten blood is pungent, the place is a mess. Furniture were broken or upturned, fixtures are everywhere on the floor…broken. The kitchen was a mess, with some broken glasses and frames. She assumes there was a struggle. Kate taps James at the shoulder, signaling him to follow her, its obvious that he has much less experience and the stomach for gore than her.

Kate closes the door to avoid unwelcome intruders, opened the windows and waste no time. They start processing, from the bedroom; James dusts for fingerprints while she takes Photograph and collects evidences.

The smells and the blood are overwhelming, there are flies hovering over the blood soaked sheets and carpets. Kate opens the drawers, searching for clues. It takes about 2 hours for the both of them to complete the room. They are about to start on the bathroom when James suddenly gags and dashes out. Kate follows him outside the apartment, as he vomits near the stairs. She sat James down at the porch and the man hurls again, as she calls O’Brien for back up. The green agent is in no condition to continue the work.


O’Brien and Gibbs find James sitting in his car with doors open, still trying to regain his composure. “Where’s Todd?” O’Brien asks, James points his finger “Up”. As O’Brien makes a phone call for his other agent, Roland; Gibbs goes up the stairs towards the victim’s apartment.

Kate continues her work. She tries her best not to be effected by her surrounding, tries not to gag. She photographs and collects the evidences. Took some swap of blood from the bathtub, basin and floor separately. The shower curtain is ripped, she bags and tags everything.

The heat and smells are getting worse by the minutes; she tried to breathe calmly and tells herself that she can handle it. But Kate lost it when she sees a bloody garrote at the corner of the bathroom just underneath the sink. She imagines the torture that the victim went through. She starts to gags and runs toward the closed door. She opens the door with her left hand and bumps over a man the front door as she covers her mouth with her right hand.

The person holds and guides her to the corridor as she vomits there. Still trying to catches her breath, gasping for fresh air, she realizes the person holding her. She recognizes the firm and gentle touch, “Gibbs?” she looks up and meet his concern eyes, looking down at her. “Are you all right?” the man asks

“Yeah, I’m fine… the heat and the smells…you know” she is embarrassed, she expects more of herself and “Where is O’Brien?” she asks…“Coming up… Lets go down Kate” Gibbs pulls her towards the stairs. “I’ll wait for O’Brien’ she insists.

“O’Brien” as soon as she sees him towards them, she wiggles out of Gibbs’ and leads O’Brien to the room. She starts talking, leading him from room to room, half the time describing and half the time profiling. She describes where the struggle originally started, in the living area, then the bathroom and at last the bedroom, she derives her conclusion from the blood drop pattern and body drag.

The victim was stabbed in the bathroom, and while she was still alive, dragged to the bedroom where she was raped and killed by strangulation and garrote. “I found the garrote in the bathroom though not in the bedroom, Haven’t figure out why”, “I’m not done yet, its just the tip of the iceberg, and the rope found on the victim…” as she walks towards the curtain and shows them the curtain rope.

“I don’t think she lives alone, looking from her drawers, there was at least one male, living here” she concludes…“I’ll put 24 hours surveillance from the PD” O’Brien makes the call.

“I think, this happen not more than 48 hours ago” as she walks through the battered kitchen. Poor girl, she thought, her fridge is fully stocked; she has just done her errands.

“I’ll pass all the logged evidence to James, so Abby can starts processing DNA, then I’ll come back and finish up” she said and leave with the evidence, she is comfortable with O’Brien who did not micro manage.

After she left, O’Brien couldn’t contain his amusement; he chuckles, looking at his colleague “she has a mind of her own Gibbs, she is definitely intelligent, I’ll gave her that, but her independence and stubbornness matched yours, no wonder you can’t handle her, she is good Gibbs, she will be a great addition to my team, you saw my guys, they are good but have no experience, still green”, as he shakes his head, rubbing his chin…thinking about his team.

They are facing each other, “So? Are you ready to do what you set to do?’ O’Brien asks Gibbs for conformation…“Yes” Gibbs answers grimly…“Well then, I’ll meet our beloved Director as we plan”

Kate and Roland came back to the scene with 2 PD marking the scene. Then they finish processing the bedroom and bathroom, follows by the living room. The place is turned upside down, it takes a long time to analyze and record everything, not to forget taking pictures and dusting for finger prints. Roland is in his 30s has more experience than James, they work well together; by the time they finished the living room, it was 5pm, and O’Brien call them up to meet at the Headquarter and finish the rest tomorrow. O’Brien has arranged to have 1 uniform to guard the place 24 hours until the process is completed.

“Hey Gibbs and oh… hello Mr. O’Brien, and how may I help you today?” Abby said sweetly…“What’s the result Abby?” Gibbs’ barks

“Hmm isn’t this O’Brien’s? And can you please be nicer, just like O’Brien?...hmm?...no? I guess not” Abby quickly change the subject as she sees Gibbs about to explode in her lab.

“I got the DNA results from the fetus from Ducky”, “BUT… I still have to match it with the DNA from the Crime scene” she finishes. “How long would that take Ms. Abby?” O’Brien asks her nicely…“Well, for Gibbs 48 hours but for you, 24 hours” Abby replies sweetly…“You have 12 hours” Gibbs said as he leaves the lab with stunted O’Brien.


One hour later, Kate enters Abby’s lab and was greeted by her screams and hugs. Then Abby rests her head on Kate’s shoulder, complaining about Gibbs the mean machine and how she misses Kate snapping back at him. They talked for a while, then Kate goes to her Bullpen…It was already empty; must be an easy day for her guys…

Kate sighs as she throws herself on her chair, then she notices a post-it note on her screen “I miss fighting with you Kate my darling, love Tony, as always”. Kate smiles and writes another message “Tony sweetie, I do not miss fighting with you!!! But I do miss your gorgeous smiles” and post it on his screen. She misses her team, they are annoying but they are hers and she loves them.

She quickly packs her belongings and documents; she rather reads the cold cases’ file at the comfort of her home than her bullpen. She hears the elevator’s door opens, Gibbs comes out and walks directly to her “ready to go Katie?” as he hugs her.

“Yeah, I am all set, but I think I’ll go back to my place tonight, I am tired and a lot of catching up to do with the files” She murmurs in his chest…“I rather have you stay in my place Kate” he said

“I know Gibbs, but I rather stay in my place tonight” pointing at the files again. Gibbs grazes her face, notice her tired face, and he knows that if she spend the night at his place, sleeping would be the last thing they’ll do.

“Ok then, if you say so” he agrees, thinking, she needs the sleep. He walks Kate to her car, kisses her passionately until they are both daze. He waits for her car to leave the parking lot before he enters his and drives home alone.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Killer’s POV

Who dare enter my place? Ransack my place? God dammed, I’ll kill them all like I kill the sluts that ruined my life. I recognized the man that’s been hunting me down like an animal for years. Oh and look at the small brunette that’s leading the case, sweating under the heat of summer…

What a beautiful soft neck, too bad she is properly attired. She couldn’t stand smell that stench my apartment, I saw her vomited, and then I recognize another person that’s holding her as she hurled. We’ll meet again my friend, very soon.


Kate sighs out of relief and exhaustion as she enters her apartment. She dumps her bag and files on the night stand. She quickly takes a nice hot bath before jumping into her PJ. She decides to skip dinner, since she is going to read the files. Then in her bed, she leisurely starts to read the cold cases, unfortunately the peace only lasts for about 15 minutes. Suddenly, it hit her…”pictures”, she jumps from her bed, changes into her jeans and tank top, dashes out from the apartment to her car.

Meanwhile, Gibbs is in his basement, sitting down…sipping his scotch, thinking about his bleak life until his special Kate comes into his life. It’s like God is punishing him, for he promised that he would never falls in love again, never! After all his failures, he loses faith in life, in himself and happiness. Like a slap on his face, God smirks and send Kate along his way, just to prove that God is almighty. Gibbs laughs, I’ll be damned…

He exhales as he realized that he doesn’t feel like spending the night alone, he knows that even though she is too tired to makes love to him; sleeping next to her would be enough. He calls her home line, wanting to tell her that he misses her and needs to be with her tonight rather than his cold empty bed. His calls are picked up by her answering machines twice. He tries again several times and hangs up before the machines pick it up.

Gibbs feels a kick in his cold stomach, a sudden fear, thinking something has gone wrong. He regrets not sending her home, he regrets listening to her plead, wanting to be home alone.

He tries her cell phone, no answers. He tries again for the 5th time, out of desperation. He breathes better as he heard her snappy voice, “Todd”. He knows that she is driving, hearing the car engine, “where the hell are you?” he yells.

“Hey, quit shouting, I am not deaf Gibbs, I just remember something, we haven’t finish the crime scene… can’t wait till tomorrow… its important, I overlook something Gibbs, Ok. I gotta go, I am here. Call you later” she hangs up on him. Gibbs hasn’t got the chance to talk to her; he didn’t believe what he is hearing. God damn it Kate. He practically slam him phone down, snatches his keys and run to his car.

Kate parks her car at the back of the apartments; she quickly walks through the dark dingy pathway towards the apartments. She doesn’t want to spend unnecessary time that she has to at this neighborhood. Then she remembers that O’Brien placed a police officer, she calms down.

Kate thought, how careless she was, how she could forget such important clues in the living room, framed pictures of the victims and another person. She is mad at herself, because the evidence could have expedited closing the damn case.

She is climbing the poorly lighted stairs when she hears a constant static buzz. Strange, she thought; as she reaches her floor, she froze for a few seconds as she sees a man in uniform lying face down in a pool of blood. It was his walkie talkie that makes the static noise. She takes out her gun, sweep the area quickly, she shoulders the wall and walks towards the body for pulse. None.

As she calls O’Brien, she sees at the corner of her eyes, a shadow passing by at the other side of the corridor. She carefully walks towards the other stairs.

‘O’Brien” he answers sleepily.

‘Officer down’ Kate whispers to her mobile

“What? Todd?” O’Brien is still confused, where the hell is she?

“Officer down, crime scene” she whispers back at him.

“Be right there, and Todd, wait for me!” O’Brien doubts that she will listen.