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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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My cousin is going back to my home country.
I look at him with such jealousy.
Bloody hell!
He makes me wanna go back to Jakarta, too!

At the time being I can't follow my heart wishes.
I just start my new job.
Gotta prove myself with the three months probation.
Gotta save up my money for my future home loan(my latest goal in life).
Gotta be realistic in my expenses!
Living poor to be richer at the future.

I miss my room, my dogs and  the three hours massages!!!
Life is shit but bountiful.

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'Life is shit but bountiful.'

hehe-just try not to forget that and you will be OK!:P

I know Dani.

I just have to keep going!!!!!!
I am already half wet! might as well jump into the pool. and swim to the other side.

WANNA GOING BACK???.. actually you don't....

ohhhhh..... YES, SURE THAT YOU MUST MISS YOUR COUNTRY !!!BUT YOU ARE HAVING A GREAT LIFE THERE!!plenty of opportunities ,challenges ,and love!!! May be you have to do some sacrifice .. save all the money you could and keep seeing for the future but is good ... you are CONSTRUCTING your future...soon you will be able to go to Jakarta in holidays... visit your family and friends there and take wonderful three hours massage !!! be patient... you are doing the best for yourself !!!!

Re: WANNA GOING BACK???.. actually you don't....

I know you are right.
But it is so hard to do the right thing.......

Re: WANNA GOING BACK???.. actually you don't....

YES I KNOW it...
Look, when I went to Italy for my fellowship , my parents had health problems and things were not going well... but I had to go...I knew that if something happened, I can't going back ... anyway.
But I did it because I knew that they knew that it was very important for me. And it was hard... I had no any related there, I was lonely, except for my buddies and coleagues that, yes, there were good people, but the North of Italy is a very CLOSED society... not easy to go into it...
I had to stay at the lab till midnigth many times to complete my work... and YES, after the first six month I had some friends and the second part of the period was easier...
You have family, sure you have friends already and a good boyfriend !!! It's not so bad !!!!... May be is the thirty's crisis????... It is when you realize that the childhood is over, your room... all this small and big belongs... all this quiet and safety world... is definitely over....
But is VERY GOOD at the same time... you have ALL YOUR LIFE to be lived in front of you !!!! ENJOY it !!!!! you are able to do all you want !!!!

sama... kangen jg sama semua di sono :)

ko2 denny pulang yah jumat kmrn... banjir gila cie.... T_T jakarta semakin tenggelam aku rasa... sedih kali....

eh iya, momo udah gak ada ya? dikasi ke sapa si ngomong2?

mochi dikasih ke orang BRI.
dirumah kasian ngak ada yang urus.
disono lebih OK!!!!!
yang dirumah cuman bisa kadang main sama momo, ngak bisa bener bener take care.
she deserves better.
and momo mah gila n tahan banting.
jadi cece ngak takut.
miss you guys too.

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