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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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life is sweet and bitter, just like dark chocolate

For those who like chocolate.
Especially, dark chocolate.
You gotta agree with me that life is sweet and bitter at the same time.
That's what makes it worth living and worth fighting for.

I've been, shall I say, still a very lucky person.
I am surrounded with family that I love and care.
I am in love with a great guy, and vice versa of  course.
I just landed a great job, which I am sure I'll be good at.

Sure, I am still facing plenty of challenges.
But it is so much better overcoming obstacles when I am not alone.
One is the loneliest number, and I am glad I am not lonely anymore.

It is so much better celebrating your happiness and successes with someone too.
Well, like I said, life is sweet and bitter, just like dark chocolate.
Everything will fall into it's places.

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aww! nice writing!

and dark chocoholic me can only agree! :)

have a grand WE!

life seems better for you there :) good for you then....

eh iya... niwei... sms ku masih tetep lum sampe ya? trakhir aku sms pas deket2 imlek.

ia leen,
kok kita belom bisa komunikasi ya???

eh .... cie ada YM ato MSN tak? send me msg yah...

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