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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Hi everybody.
I miss you all.
I haven't have the time to post and reply to any of your post.
I will...soon, I promise.

Things have been pretty hectic.
By the way:
1. I passed my probation period at work. So, I am a full time permanent stuff now.
2. I've been enjoying Rugby season match with my boyfriend and his mates.
3. I am guilty to my friend Marcella, because I've been so slow in co writing, our "Dolphin Hero"
4. Once I finish co-writing Dolphin Hero I will wrap up my KIBBS...for good. Which means, finish all of my KIBBS and retire...

OK, take care everybody.

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and... ( I forgot to say in the last comment) that it's good that you came to the ciberspace just today... çuz tomorrow will be my birthday !! ..I'm not going to celebrate it till next Tuesday, since that I'm damned busy prepairing my travelling....(As you know.. I'm going to USA on next Monday... so, I'll celebrate there !!!!! ... or may be I'll start to celebrate while flying to .....

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