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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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I am back

Hi people......
I AM BACK, in action.
Well, not really.
Its just I've been having some internet problem over the months.
Then problem with my McAfee security center, but its been fixed
Very frustrating.
Especially when I am co writing with 
dolphinsiren, miss you dearly Mar.
1st thing to do, is wrap up DOLPHIN HERO, my commitment with mar.
2nd, is to finish my other KIBBS, then hand in my resignation.
But, I promise to update more with my livejournal and all

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I can't believe that I'm saying it,but I don't care if you finish or not your stories/well,actually I DO care-you better update them soon!!!!!:P/,IF you stay here and update your journal regularly.Miss your humor,Nova!:)

Hi Dani.

Nice to be back too.
Miss you, miss our KIBBD and regular chatting.
How's life been Dani?
I am all right. last week was rough, I was very sick, but better now.

Welcome back!

I missed you.

Miss you too.
Thanks for the welcome back.
How's life been?

*Hugs you*

Fine thank you - pretty much the same as always, which is good.

English or.... english !!!

Ha haaaaaaaaaa LOL!!!!!!

OOOOpppppssssss... your "resignation" ! to WHAT ????? uh ,uh !!!.... WE'LL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DO THAT !!!!!!

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