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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Super Flu

I was sick, sick, sick, sick, sick.
It was terrible.
It takes me 3 weeks to recover.
It was a deathly combination of cold, cough and sore throat.

Thank God I am fine now.

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Oh,dear...Glad you are fine now.*hugs* Watch over yourself,or I'll make Gibbs do it for you!!!:P

Thanks Dani,

And how are you doing?

So sorry for the late answer!I have 2 jobs-again-and an awful Internet connection.I'm going a little crazy,because I don't have have so much free time I used to have.:)

Poor internet connection...
ahhhhh, I know exactly how you feel!!!!!!!
You feel like trashing the PC right?????
hang in there

Oh, poor, poor you.

I'm so sorry you have been so very sick.

I'm glad you are better now. Don't go overdoing it though.

*Hugs gently*

It was terrible.
I am much better now.
Thanks Nikki.
And how are you doing.
Its winter here

It sounds it - poor you.

I am glad.

Oh, I'm okay, thank you. About the same as usual.

Of course it would be. You keep warm.

OMG, I hope you're feeling much better. Was wondering what had happened to you. Am so glad you dropped by!!


Thanks sweetie,

I was dead sick.
I could hardly talk, breath...let alone work
It was hell.
Thank God its over.


I hope you're feeling allright and much better now. Geez!

***hugs & welcome back***

I am much better thanks,
BUt since I am working in a central air conditioned/heating office.
We all just pass on virus to each other...
over and over and over and over again

oh my! I know the feeling. Worked in that kind of environment fro 8 years. it's a huge toll on your health.

I'm glad you are getting better girl ....!!!!

Hey !!! wellcome back to world !!!!
I was wondering WHAT with you... 's a little scared too... wondering if you had moved to the next galaxy !!!!!... Ohhhhh... I'm really sorry... cold flu whatever...Auggggggg..... not nice .
Do a full recovery !!! Take tons of Vit C !!!! and some chocolate, it helps to get your serotonin and endorfins up !!!! You'll feel better soon.
I missed you !!!!!

Re: I'm glad you are getting better girl ....!!!!

Ola Mar...

Oh I miss you I miss you so very much.
It was awful awful awful.
It was really bad for 2 weeks.
Then I slowly get better.
How are you?
Its winter here.
Kisses from down under

Re: I'm glad you are getting better girl ....!!!!

YEP... is winter here too... all is cloudy and cold and humid , one week of cloudy weather today !!!! ... uh.. with ONE sunny day in the middle just for us don't forget how the sun is....
I'm glad you are better, take care !!! take it easy... !!!... ( Take holidays !!!!) well ... Surely, you can't do it yet... I'm sorry.
I don't like winter too...I wanna feel the warm breeze and the sun on my face... I want to go to warm seas and white sand......but I'll have to wait.....and resist in the winter weather.... ugggggggg.... hate it. Overall in the big city.....( Not Patagonia this winter.....)
Please back to write !!! back to the cyber space !!!!!

hooo.... poor you....

anyway..... kapan pulang cie???

Re: hooo.... poor you....

November 13, just for 2 weeks.
are you gonna be there?
ALl I wanna do is pedicure, manicure, pijit, refleksi, and...creambath

I'm on that condition now cie T_T I know how does it feel... hix...

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