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Me and Isaac

My very first nephew.
He is chubby and round, just like a meat ball.
He is very well behaved though...if he get what he wants.
Which is food.


Proud granddad and grandma, and the baby is pissed bored.

I think I'll use this naked pic to blackmail the future


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Awwww...what i cutie!!!!!!!!1*hugs him*I will eat him-he will not be safe with me.:)

'I think I'll use this naked pic to blackmail the future'
hahahahahhaha-bad aunt!:P:P:P

Hi Dani,

You are absolutely right.
I CAN blackmail him...all right.

So cute !!!!He is so sweet !!!


Congratulation to your nephew. He is such a sweetie.
It remembers me, when my niece and nephew were babys.

They were also chubby and round like meatballs. It stayed so until they started to move. Kouki turned 2 on December 8. Laura will turn 4 on March 18th. So fast the time goes by.

You will see this with this little one too.


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