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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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om mani padme hum


Your Luck & Remedies In The Year Of The EARTH OX 2009 Print E-mail


The Grand Duke Jupiter visits the Ox bringing blessings and support. Ordinarily this is considered auspicious, but due to an unlucky star, the Ox may accidentally invoke the wrath of the Grand Duke. Therefore this will be a mixed year. There may be problems in your relationships with others, along with obstacles resulting from aggravation. The Ox must carry both
Friendship and the Grand Duke Amulet. In addition, you should display a pair of Pi Yao in the Northeast corner of your living room. A Manjushri Sword on your workdesk and a Ksitigarbha Fireball in the Northeast will help control the argumentative energies of the year. To enhance relationship luck, display Buddha Akasagarbha in your living room. For career and wealth, wear the Lo Shu Dzi bracelet or the 5 Bats Dzi.


The year strengthens the Tiger bringing good luck. The main obstacle this year is the quarrelsome #3 star, which can bring litigation and aggravating encounters. Your luck will be mixed with bouts of obstacles, which can be solved as long as you keep your patience. You could meet unscrupulous people who cheat you. To protect against this, display the
Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant in the Northeast. Place the Makara Dragon in your home to create harmony in your relationships. Hang the Namgyalma Plague above your front door to keep people with bad intentions away from your home. Another excellent amulet for the Tiger is the Jade Disc with Mystical Knot. To enhance wealth luck, wear the Dzambhala Mantra Ring. Invite Akasagarbha Buddha into your home for overall harmony and good fortune.



The elements of the year are beneficial for the Rabbit. The year will be challenging but with hard work and determination, you can overcome any problems that come before you. You are at risk of being cheated or robbed this year; keep your cash in the White Umbrella Mantra Wallet. It is also advisable to carry a
Rhinoceros Hanging as additional protection against snatch thieves. Display the Victorious Elephant with trunk up facing your front door as protection. Wear the Om Ah Hum Pendant or Kalachakra Pendant as a remedy for the Natural Disaster Star. You are also afflicted by the annual 3 killings therefore should display the Trinity of Deities or 3 Divine Guardians in the East. Wear the 1 eye Dzi or Ru Yi Dzi for mentor luck. Display the Manjushri Buddha in your home for wealth, harmony and good fortune.


The Dragon benefits from Tai Sui’s support but suffers minor health and relationship problems. This is a good year to implement investment opportunities. Success luck is strong but you must not be arrogant or you will attract the attention of people who are jealous of your success.  Carry the
Friendship Amulet and Grand Duke Amulet for protection. Display the White Dzambhala and Power Qi Lin Talisman on your desk to ensure things go smoothly at work.  As you posses the star of big opportunity, enhance it by displaying a 9 Tier Water Feature in the Southeast of your living room. Your spirit essence is low, so wear protective mantras such as the Empowerment Ring or Mantra Ring. Display the Samantabhadra Buddha in your living room for all round good luck. Place an 8 Immortal Wu Luo beside your bed for good health luck this year.



There are strong indications of wealth and career luck in 2009, but because of the Yi Duo Star it is important that you implement various remedies or you will not be able to benefit from the auspicious energies that surround you. Display the Dzambhala Fountain in the Southeast of the living room for money luck. Career Snakes should carry White Dzambhala for upward mobility. Wear the
9 eye Dzi in gold with precious mantras inside for an additional boost in career and wealth luck. Snakes suffer from a weakened life force, so some Snakes may find their health rather poor. Display the Samantabhadra Buddha in your living room as protection. Invite the Bejeweled Medicine Buddha into your home for good health. Display the Heart Sutra Plaque as protection against bad influences.


2009 promises dramatic improvements in relationships and career. The Peach Blossom Star visits the Horse, and improves your relationships with others. You also possess the Golden Deities Star which indicates divine help. Health will still be a concern, so display the
Medicine Buddha Jewel in the living room. Display the Mhasthamaprapta Buddha on your workdesk to improve your life force. To mend relationships, carry the Friendship Amulet. Engage the help of the golden deities by displaying a gold figurine of Kuan Kung or Kuan Yin in the dining room. To improve harmony, display the Fur Bearing Fish and Makara Dragon in your home. Place the Golden Universal Tortoise with Manjushri in the living room for protection against bad luck.



The Sheep is in direct conflict with the Tai Sui and also suffers a visit from the Sui Po Star causing you to feel misunderstood and unappreciated. Your energy levels may plummet with a reduction in creativity and initiative. Display a
Chi Lin Standing on Study Implements at work and carry the Grand Duke Amulet. Display a pair of Pi Yao in the Southwest, facing Northeast. Female Sheep are advised to wear the Om or Heart Sutra Scarf as protection. Display the 8 Legged Lion for smoothness and harmony in the office. Activate for heaven luck by displaying the 9 Rank Plaque. At home, hang an image of 3 Sheep Climbing Up The 3 Peaks to symbolize success in overcoming obstacles and problems. It is also good to display the 8 Immortals in the home for divine help.


The Monkey enjoys a fabulous year with plenty of heaven luck and success! You possess the Annual Heaven Star and have Heaven’s Seal in your chart. Both your life force and spirit essence are high,  giving you plenty of energy to achieve your goals. Speculative luck is good and if you like to buy the lottery, place a figurine of your secret friend the Snake near you both at home and in the office. Place the
Heaven Seal and a Monkey sitting on an Elephant on your desk for career and promotion luck. Display a gold figurine of Kuan Kung or Kuan Yin at home and if possible at work. Protect against unfavourable months by displaying the Namgyalma Plaque in the living room. Tap the luck of the year by wearing a Jade Disc with Infinity Symbol.  


The Rooster benefits from the Prosperity Star and the presence of the golden deities, which brings improvements to wealth luck. Invite a deity into your home such as Kuan Yin or a
Wealth God in gold colour for divine assistance. As both your life force and spirit essence are strong, things go smoothly in your day-to-day life. Display a strong-looking Ox made of crystal or jade near your main door. Harmonize with the elements of the year by wearing a Jade Disc with Victory Banner in gold. Unfortunately the annual star brings illness, so be more careful when it comes to health. Carry the Namgyalma keychain for longevity luck and place the Acala disc & ball in the West corner of your home. Elderly Roosters should invite the Bejeweled Medicine Buddha into the home to ensure continued good health.


A mixed year for the Dog. While there is career and income luck, many of you may not be able to actualize the good luck. Your life force is stable but your spirit essence is weak. Dogs should carry protective amulets such as the Green Tara Pendant or
Grand Duke Amulet. You should perform some prayers for good blessings as you are in side conflict with the Tai Sui. Display the Heart Sutra Plaque in the living room and hang a Mantra Plaque above your front door. The Dog has the Small Luck Star, which brings small happy moments of good fortune. You should wear or display the Victorious Banner to help actualize your desires. Display the Fur Bearing Fish on your workdesk for harmony and the Power Qi Lin Talisman for career improvement. Carry the Wealth Crane Talisman to even out your luck through
the year.


The Boar could feel a lack of vitality in 2009, so should strengthen physically, mentally and emotionally to materialize the good luck due this year. Your life force is low making you tire easily. Tap into the luck of your Secret Friend the Tiger by displaying the figurine of a Tiger on your workdesk. Hang an image of Nine Phoenixes or 3 Sheep Climbing the 3 Peaks in your home.  As the annual star brings you career luck, display a
Ru Yi and a Power Qi Lin Talisman on your desk. Wear the Green Tara Mantra ring. As you suffer the Yearly Conflict Star, you should carry the Friendship Amulet. For enhancing income luck, use a Dragon Wallet and place the Wealth Crane Talisman within.


The Rat enjoys success luck, as the ruling animal of the year the Ox is your secret friend. Unfortunately, you are afflicted with the annual misfortune star and the low vitality star. Your spirit essence and life force are also low. It is thus important for all Rats to carry protective amulets against bad luck and spiritual afflictions. Wear the
Amitabha Mantra Ring and carry the Lo Shu 9 Talisman Amulet at all times. To bring forth good career luck, display the Wealth Spinner Toad Fountain in the Southeast. Place a Crystal Bull on your work desk or in your office along with the 9 Ranks Plaque. If possible, also carry the Victory Banner Amulet to help overcome obstacles. Rat people should display the 5-element Bell in the North to control the bad energy. Strengthen health luck by displaying a Herbal Wu Luo beside your bed, especially if you find yourself lacking in energy or falling sick frequently

Courtesy of http://www.wofs.com/index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=40&task=view&id=637


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I wonder about all the amulets and 3 star (I'm a tiger) but... thanks so much for sharing this. I always consider chinese astrology as the one I can trust.

Do you mind if I link it to my lj entry?

Don't know if you celebrate, but if you do, I wish you the happiest, successfull, joyous, lovelier and healthier year of the Earth Ox. :)


Absolutely, feel free to link the lj.
Yep, I celebrate chinese new year.
please feel free to link up.
I am born in the year of the dragon

aww, thanks! and I did link it. I hope you'll have awesome celebrations. I'm a tifer of Wood.

hehe-I liked it!Every horoscop I read for snakes is very good!:)

well...ox is snake best friend.
Last has been tough for you, but this year is a fantastic yr for you

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