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Me, Myself and CRAZY !!!

~~~ love me tender & lick me to death ~~~ confession of a desperate housewife

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Summer is coming

Its been too long since I am here...
here are the latest new:
I am now married
I am now a shiksa
I am now own a tiny little property
I now walk to and from work everyday
I now an Australia
I now have 2 nephews
All my dogs have died (sad), Wished I was there when the died

I am still a lucky human being that I have all these great people around me.
I realised not many can claim that

Cheers peeps

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Congratulations again for the marriage-you are lovely couple,the pictures were great.:) Wishing you happy and looooooooong life together.:)

Hi dani,

I was so busy I thought I was going crazy!!!!!
Anyway I have decompressed now.

How are you???

I'm good,thank you.:)I'm looking for a new job, but right now-it's raining here-I'm glad I don't have to go to work.:)

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