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Nova's 10 weird things...

1.  that I write smut.
2.  that I am actually over 30 years old but most people thought I am 20.
3.  that I am a neat and clean freak and have A.D.D.
4.  that I sleep with the lights on or I'll have nightmares.
5.  that I am a coward; I am terribly afraid of supernatural things.
6.  that I love sex...very much...
7.  that I love the military...wished I joined them.
8.  that I am a pagan but I do believe in God.
9.  that my mother is a kidding.
10.that I believe in love and destiny.

NOW...who on earth am I going to TAG????
f0lll0w, ditte3, pingu_art, miracherry, tpeej

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ngomong2, tag tuh buat apaan yah???

nenek....maksudnya tug,,,kala main hide n seek...waktu cc nepok kamu kan bilang...KENA...ta itu sama..sekarang giliran aileen...bikin 10 list yang anehhh githu...

oh... kalo TAG yang ada di LJ apaan?

tag yang ada di lj ada mean that I tag you...on my list of 10 weird things.., you have to do it...list 10things...then tag(pilih) somebody else to do that what u asked?
hei monic is in livejournal now..this is fun

Hi Hi, not that " TOO " weird... at least you share some with me !!!!!!
SEE !!! I GOT the bloody password again... and it works fine !!!!

HIII welcome back!!! have you add me as friend???
please do..then we can keep up with each other!!!!!
UUHH I am so excited you are back...

I loooove your links !!!!
Not much time now....
Monday used to be..... are on now...I wanna guide you through the astrology /fengshui stuff on my link...the owner is awesome....its really really really good...if you know your exact time of can do it...
let me know when you have someth8ng in your I can reply in your page...

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